July 22, 2014:

This Week’s Consumed By…

We're doing some re-selects and of course I find things I want more than I previously specified that are well more money but so much more glam that I can't resist. Well not everything is that is for sure. We're moving into the ordering phase for #Cactus which means a few things A) we need to be prepared to find out things that we love aren't available or will be back ordered which forces us to make hard choices B) We will for sure find new stuff that we hadn't considered that we love and adore and can't afford C) We drink a lot.

So i'm going to share a few of my obsessions - which I'm told is such a blogger thing to say - but I've said it forever and a day being raised on Square Pegs which was Clueless and Mean Girls before there was Clueless and Mean Girls. So Gag me with a Spoon ya know?


Totally NOT design related on one hand but I'm blown away by the fabric itself and I love the one shoulder. I am a big one shoulder dress/top kinda gal. I was blessed with great clavicles. Not so fussed about the pleating though. Girls with hips this doesn't flatter.

Gah. I need.

I would love to do a coastal kitchen and put a pair of these over the island.

Marble and a grey linen shade? Hello. Perfect for our #AlexandraBlvd project

Saw this chair at #hpmkt this past spring and I'm still loving. I wish they did a COM version but they are exquisite.

The entire office is stool obsessed on a daily basis. This is our new fave.

This just landed in my inbox today. HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THINGS HOLY AND BEAUTIFUL. My best friend needs this chair in her life. GAH. I die. It's the WB Chair by John Ford. Sweet Hannah. I don't even like modern furniture as a rule but this has hit Deity status. It's exquisite non? If you are interested in more it's available through Design Lush HERE.

July 21, 2014:

Installing, Presenting, Reselects & Vacating….

I got into the office bright and early this morning but after our Monday morning meeting I'm feeling rushed and a bit stressed. I hate Monday morning meetings I've never ever liked them even when I was a teacher. I know that some people love them and the lists that are generated from them and the action plans but I think I suffer from Oppositional Defiance Disorder to a certain degree. I simply hate being told what to do and when to do it. It's actually my least favourite thing about being a business owner after accounting. I find it tedious and a creative buzz kill. It's a necessary evil for sure but it totally stresses me out.

We have an installation late morning early afternoon and then we've got to finalize a few projects so that we can hit our deadlines and that will mean some sketching coming your way. That's always enjoyable for me. I love that to do!

Install and photo shoot on Weds and then another install on Thursday and then I am off for ten days. I may blog, I may not. We shall see. I may actually try and recharge a bit.

I know, I'm probably kidding myself. I am feeling like I need this break though which is unusual. I usually dread vacations but I'm actually looking forward to this one.        

I'm trying to track this light fixture down if anyone knows. I don't want to harass the person who posted it on Instagram but I really am rather desperate for info if you know....

This picture from Domaine Home that was first published by Elle Decor Espana and designed by Sandra Behaumou and photographed by Montse Garriga is everything. It is making me wonder if doing my new sofa from Wesley Hall in leather was the right choice. That shade of ink is EVERYTHING. The velvet delish. J'adore.

July 17, 2014:

More Teasers…

A VERY Busy last couple of days - have I mentioned how much photoshoots physically hurt? Cocktails taste much better after them too so it's a win overall.

Feeling like a proud Momma on this one. #Madison is being listed today and I am going to have to hand it off to someone who has a few million and hopefully a little more to hire MHD to really see this project through and do justice to it. It's been a tremendous team effort - we all deserve a pat on the back - I can't wait for the next one!!!!!


July 16, 2014:

Getting Her All Spiffy - Unveiling our #Madison Project

If you were on Instagram in the last 24 hours you would see that I unleashed a torrent of photos from our #Madison project. She goes on the market this weekend and we were styling her up today for photos that will go in both our portfolio and on the MLS listing. I hate when Real Estate agents have their people photograph a house. Fish Eye lens be damned!!! Magazine quality is far more attractive.

We have staged it - god how I hate staging. I am a designer. The King Bed takes up 1/4 of the Master Bedroom but we don't have budget to furnish the rest of the room. Sigh. Amazing when you put furniture in a room you actually see how massive it is.

I ate lunch at the island in the kitchen today. This house feels good - like a home despite not having anyone live in it. A lot of love, care, thought, energy and money were put into it and it more than just shows it - you can feel it.


This was what I walked into today. It's the first time the entire floor has been uncovered. It literally takes your breath away.


Barstools arrived after I took this. Such a great vibe it has.

You're probably expecting big reveals of rooms but instead I'm showing you flower close ups. I do REALLY good flowers though... and when you don't have furniture and fabrics well you get flowers.


This is my Meta picture. My Dior book. Dior Sunglasses on the table. I brought the wrong purse though. That would have been epic.


I love how this worked out.


We couldn't find a table that would fit as a centre hall table so this is my back up plan. I kinda love it.


July 16, 2014:

It’s About to Get Crazy - Staging, Styling, Photoshooting OH MY

Our #Madison project is oh so close to being done as in it's going on the market this weekend! We've already received one call at the office about the address of it - um you no give me your name your number you no get the address to snoop in person.... It's going to be listed over $2Mill so if you are in the market for that kind of property I'd love to give you a tour of it myself! SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY PLEASE! Unless I know you and then you're totally in luck. Heck, even if you want to hire me to design your house and want to interview me at the house - that's totally cool too we'd love to meet you there.

We're going to stage a few of the rooms and we've chosen the best of the worst when it comes to staging. We pulled a bunch of accessories today and plan to load it all in on Thursday and then start shooting it. We've also got an install at our #Hurndale project - a master bedroom on Friday. We need to shoot that too. :: I LOVE PHOTOSHOOTS!!!::

Speaking of Photoshoots, my shoot with Chloe Magazine has gone Live - if you can't get your hands on the magazine itself, you can enjoy it HERE. Luke is very excited to be in another magazine - I think his nursery school thinks him a mini celeb at this point. So with all of this and that going on I've not had much time with my computer but I have found myself playing around a lot on instagram. SO MUCH inspiration there - I've been getting lots of amazing ideas from people I follow and the suggested followers - it's like playing Design Roulette I swear!!

Not instagram but I saw this sink console the other day and I want to use it on our next project with the builder of #Madison.

I want this on a pillow. 

I need to find out who the mfg is of this bed. I died.

Love this room by KristinKelli from Texas. That slipper chair. Need for my back room though I suspect it is probably too deep for the room but a girl can dream!

This sofa from the Double K again - sweet jesus.

Love this Gem from @MVPetals