April 30, 2013:

More of More… #HPMKT Continues

Blown Away. I mean I knew it was going to be good but how good was still a bit of a shock. I can't believe I've been in this business for over 15 years and I've never gone before now. You've heard about my flailing, my poor attempts at keeping my excitement to myself... well let me tell you about my woes in my toes.

People have told me about wearing the proper footwear but I don't think that they truly exist to withstand all the walking. Sure there are buses to take you from one corner to the next literally across the street but within the buildings themselves you are hiking on foot. Fortunately, sitting on furniture is encouraged. Heck, Asa and our friend & designer Jonathan Legate discovered the world's best Bloody Mary's in a table linen shop which fortunately had a big overstuffed sofa in the window display that Courtney and I collapsed into.

We kicked off the whirlwind High Point visit with a private dinner with Traditional Home, Zinc Door held in the Global Views showroom. The displays were spectacular, the guest list very prestigious and well we had the world's BEST lasagne - Portobello Mushroom and Gruyere lasagne. I'm still drooling at the mere thought of it. The swag bags were about 40lbs each and were a lifesaver - Luke thought that each item was a special gift for him so he was blown away at his parent's generosity when we got home. Ahh the innocence of childhood... Phew!!!

You want me to shut up now and show you the goods right?

The cocktails were delish but so were these chairs.... LOTS AND LOTS OF FLORALS!! I'm happy as a clam with the patterns and prints that were abundant at #hpmkt

Very swanky.


Our fabulous hosts.

Seriously the showroom you could spend a week in and not see everything.

VERY proud owner of a pair of Jonathan Adler mugs from Zinc Door.

Dransfield & Ross - Painterly fabrics were EVERYWHERE to my great pleasure. Pattern was in abundance minimalism was hard to come by!!!

Abandoned Belgian Farmhouse was still being clung to by the knock offs. The updated look is what I call Big Sur. Bleached and Cerused woods but with a polished look to them. They are approaching a Ralph Lauren inspired casual beachy chic. This is from Studio A which is a Global Views company.

Y'all know I've been proclaiming Golds return for what, three years now? Well the market is definitely in agreement now. I also think that Canadians embraced gold a lot sooner/faster than their cousins to the south.

Hammered metals are everywhere much to my great delight. I really love a mix of metals. So much choice out there.

My new patio furniture. GAAAAAHHHH so so chic. I kinda don't want to share who this is by is that wrong? There are clues to be had... I didn't photoshop it out but I was tempted...

I found lighting for days. I do find their showrooms overwhelming though especially if you have to look up a lot. Currey and Co are always a delight. Bethanne and Clive outdid themselves!


Lotsa furry.

My love of Indigo is definitely catching on. I found SO MUCH everywhere in every possible configuration.

Embroidery was EVERYWHERE. Embellishment has returned in full force. I feel that's a good sign in terms of overall market recovery. When people want to adorn themselves and their homes the market is in an upswing. Minimalism is BAD for our industry. 

So much pretty. I have a client who's bedroom these would be perfect for!

Then there was John Strauss' booth designed by Carisa Bell and featuring MY RUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW the coloured hides have landed as in they are at my office. I CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE!!!

April 29, 2013:

Design Porn the Sequel - Chelsea House

Are you coping? I mean I know I've shared an abudance of design porn at you and I've got weeks' worth of it to come. Can you seriously imagine what sort of photo storage I will need if I'm ever at #hpmkt for more than two and half days? I think icloud best invest in additional storage just for my phone.

So I toured you through like three rooms of a massive showroom that is Chelsea House yesterday thanks to Creative Director and designer extraordinaire Lisa Kahn. Today I'm going to continue on - please be warned, there may be drooling near your keyboard so practice safe computing as you read on....

Lanterns. They have the most amazing lanterns. ::jump claps:: (I saw this picture and went holy hell there is still so much to show from this showroom)

GINGHAMMMMMMMMMM oh can you just imagine this with a check wallpaper and matching fabric??? I love love love love love.

Sweet Lil Fox.

See earlier comments yesterday about my mirror obsession.

The perfect mauve.


HOW MUCH FUN WOULD THIS BE IN A KID'S ROOM? Yes I'm shouting I can't help myself. It was all I could do to contain myself and keep my arms from flailing in euphoria as I walked through the showroom to avoid breaking everything. 

I may make this face a lot to let the excitement ooze out whilst keeping my arms/hands inside the proverbial car when I'm in a very exciting showroom.


So perfect it comes in silver too.

::merely comatose::

For the love of all things HOLY. HOW AM I NOT ONE OF THOSE STYLE SPOTTERS? I mean I could easily film my own reality show/design revival show walking around #hpmkt. I am an impassioned design freak. I tried to hug and kiss this entire room. I'm certain Lisa thought me crazy. The walls were the most perfect shade of navy. I may have tried to lick them.

I mean GHOFOIEHOFDKkfljlskoekjtkhaosiboeiljoreiuroahgboupoiigohtojoaioght Right?

ARE YOU SHIZZING ME? K - #Boston we need this pair for your master bedroom.

ANNNNNNDDDDDD  I'm Dead again. In all seriousness this is what Designer heaven looks like in my world. There were about two dozens more pictures but suffice it to say, you want more hire me and I'll gladly put it all in your house.

April 28, 2013:

More #HPMKT Fabulosity

I could write blog posts for months based on my VERY brief visit to #Hpmkt. I can't imagine what would have happened if I'd been there for a full week.

We found ourselves landing in some unexpected showrooms that we popped into on a whim and were blown away by what we discovered. Now I knew that I had to stop in and visit my dear friend Lisa Kahn at Chelsea House where she is their new Creative Director. We visited Lisa and her husband Philip last summer at their house in Naples Florida and were treated to seeing her design plans for many of the items that are now on display/for sale at the Chelsea House showroom. I love watching the process of inspiration to the final product and we were not remotely disappointed. In fact, if I had to give one showroom the overall Winner Award, it would be Chelsea House. The depth of the line and the overall buy-ability if that's a word hands down went to them. I would walk into a room and find at least a dozen items I could use for projects. This is huge for me in that I had such a short window of time in North Carolina - big bang for my buck that showroom is. I cannot wait to start buying for our projects!!!!

My Gorgeous Friend!!!

Never met a pagoda etagere in gold that I didn't love.... That green wallcolour is the perfect shade of green. It's totally Kate Spade green for the walls.

Um you had me at hello.

This is Lisa's room - she had an influence on the whole showroom but this was mostly her line in this room. The room really did catch her essence. Calm and welcoming - inviting and soothing with  touches of whimsy and warmth. It was like getting a big ol' hug from Lisa. She has a smile that dazzles and dances. So proud to be her friend and hell I get to own a piece of her!!!!!

Lisa loves Celtic Knots and they are everywhere in her collection. As a lover of the same, this just pleases me to no end!!

Just when I thought I was over crystal based lamps - BOOM the lines and proportion on this one are exquisite. The shade shape and ratio to the base are perfect. It's funny, I often pass on lamps outright without a second thought and when I see this lamp I know why. When you design the shade and base in perfecto proportion it's magic. It's captivating - despite the materials used it's just so damn compelling and must be used - ahem #Brooklin??

At this point, it was getting embarrassing and I feared sounding insincere but I kept walking around the room saying - "Oh my god I love it, this is amazing, this is fantastic..." but it was true. Had Lisa not been touring me around, had I not known it was her collection I would have been jumping around the room like a kid on Christmas morning trying to hug each piece. I mean security would have been called. Can you tell that I love my job just a bit???

I find floor lamps often underwhelming or the opposite, entirely overwhelming and not in a "clutch your pearls I must own it" kinda way... this lamp yet again dazzles. The base is in the shape of a Quatrefoil. I haven't met a quatrefoil I didn't love either.

Demi Lune console table - yum. The objets brilliant and so so needed.

Lisa and I sneaking into the mirror in the back - these obelisks can come with or without the base. Sigh.

I have a lamp hoarding problem. Oh and mirrors and chairs too. Okay maybe fabric as well. Sigh part deux.

Sweet Jesus.

Always on the hunt for the perfect console lamps. They are tricky to do well. They have to be the right proportion yet again. So many people mess up the console lamp. My face often contorts when I cross paths with them on instagram or blogs. These are sublime.

I was fist pumping by the time I got to this table.

And then I got to this one, my knees buckled and I lost consciousness for a moment. VERY favourably priced.

And then a choir of angels started to sing. Objets that look like they are vintage or happened upon are so very hard to find unless you spend a significant amount of time hunting around for them. Being able to open a catalogue online and have them at my fingertips. Well this designer died and went to heaven. (I know you so had me pegged for hell right? - I can appreciate why you'd think that).


Mat Basalt. Resurrected and Dead again. I know I'm on picture 18 here in this blogpost but I kid you not, I am not even halfway through the showroom yet. I was going to try and make it all in one post but who am I kidding. To do it justice, I could literally do a week of blog posts on just this showroom alone.

April 25, 2013:

I’mmmm Baccccckkkkkkkkkk (Apparently I’ve Said This Before)

You know when your blog autofills your title when you type I'm.... then you've said this before but it's true. My blog-hiatus is over. It wasn't intentional, I didn't have a reliable wifi signal in New Orleans and had ZERO time in North Carolina at #hpmkt.

That being said, my runner up title was going to be ::BOOM:: My Mind is Offically Blown! which pretty much sums up my trips. I made an actual conscious choice on my way down to NOLA via Atlanta to work on "Being in the Moment" and to be open to trying new things, seeking out new relationships and developing those that have only been casual up until now. I also made a rather radical decision (For Me) to NOT do the wifi on the plane and just read and chilled out.

Both choices it would seem, were inspired. I'm going to dedicate my blog next week to both experiences. I had so much fun, so much inspiration and spent time with truly fabulous people I'm lucky to call friends & colleagues. 

I returned yesterday to my sweet boy who is EVEN cuter than one could imagine and smarter. I had an installation with our #Spruce clients today and I'm just oh so excited about all that we've achieved and we are oh so close to being finished. Our custom made dining table is being delivered on Tuesday - SQUEEEEE!!!!!

It's always a JOY to shop your client's own collections and such a blessing (not just to the budget). The design is always better when you are able to utilize the personal touches/momentos collected by the owner. So much art and treasures to be found at our #Spruce street project. I was thrilled to be able to curate.

The way the light is cast through the front windows into the dining room - which by the way is OFF THE FARKING CHARTS.

We were waiting for a huge new piece to arrive - it's 6ft long and about 18" tall so I had to tape it out and then build around it. It's not entirely finished I'm too short to finish it off and definitely not limber enough.

The key to an art wall - honestly - do not measure it out to within an inch of it's life - wing it and for heaven's sake do not use the same frame. Always look amateaur hour. It needs to feel collected even if it is all brand new.

Our client tweeted me this pic last night after the big piece arrived. It's actually 4 pictures of hers that she compiled for a photography assignment and then recompiled them for this composition to fit the space. I'd originally wanted it to be one giant photo above the sofa, but the vastness of their art collection dictated that we needed to do an art wall vs one significant piece. Such a pleasure to give on that one!!!

Oh and the only thing outshadowing the art going up - the Antique Mirror Wall going up in the dining room. DAYUMMMMMMM. Our glass suppliers outdid themselves - don't believe me?

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM - I mean have you ever???!!!!!!! 

April 18, 2013:

Hanging Brains

Are you familiar with this term? The amazingly talented Amanda Stone Talley introduced me to this term. Go forth and google it's kinda not safe for work. Anyway, I had the pleasure along with a few of my darling KBIS co-presenters to have a private tour and visit with Amanda and her Creative Director Randy Jackson at her Gallery and home here in New Orleans last night. A few glasses of champagne and a glimpse into her process and her home and well we are beyond smitten. I am a huge fan of her art so this was such a treat for me. I loved seeing her studio and hearing about her process. There were a LOT of laughs and it was just such a great experience so glad I got to share it with some special ladies.

Randy you are officially an honourary Canadian citizen. Kate you too because you made it all happen. So much love, so much great energy just going out into the world.

I LOVE NEW ORLEANS!!!!!! Seriously the people here are freakishly nice. So genuine. So helpful. We have had TWO offers today to drive us somewhere including the shopkeeper at Malachite. I mean I'm not sure what is in the drinking water but I just want to give New Orleans a giant hug.

I'd like to give the Marriott Renaissance however, a giant throat punch for their lousy internet connection as I try and post pictures of this incredible experience to my blog. Grrrrrrrr. So for now - head over to my instagram - meredithheron to see the amazing Amanda and Randy and her artwork. I mean it is seriously OFF THE CHARTS. I'll update this as soon as I can get a stable internet connection.