September 07, 2012:

Chez Moi - Exterior 2.0

Oh yes, it's back to that again. I am determined to make over my exterior and follow through on all items this time.

Let's see if I can getterdone.

I'm thrilled to be partnering with Para Paints on the Colour Revamp. I was not happy with my last attempts and this time, it will be different!!!!!

If you are in Toronto and head to Cabbagetown this weekend you may see that I'm hosting a yard sale of epic Design Proportions. Lighting, pillows, fabrics, Christmas Decorations for days, electronics, clothing, purses etc. Please disregard the current status of the exterior. It rained all week so I couldn't paint or have painted.



So we already have a similar screen/fence which is a charcoal but could use a facelift. I love the classic lines on the white house but we've got Victorian Orange Brick. I would kill to paint it an almost black/navy but that's not gonna happen any time soon. So black glossy on the door. Fieldstone Windows and Doors will be eventually changing out our door for a new one (next fiscal cycle) but for now I'm getting my Brass on with new hardware from them.

Sadly it can't be done before the weekend for our big Yard Sale Extravaganza but maybe I'll do the porch myself... amazing what you are willing to do when you have a deadline looming. The rain can stop any time now.


Eenie Meanie Miney Mo which crestings should I Cho? Okay Cho isn't really going to catch on... choose it is. This is for the bay window roof line. Needs to be pimped up.


I think I've narrowed my lantern choices down to these bad boys. I'm toying with spraying them a colour. What colour you ask... ??? Well I'm open to suggestions......


September 05, 2012:

Full Steam Ahead…..

So in addition to my exterior revamp which I'll talk more about tomorrow -  I'm also committed to an entire bathroom overhaul Chez Meredith.

So much so, I'm also in the works of putting together a lovely little Web Series on this for you to enjoy.

We are beyond excited to be working with some of our favourite suppliers to make this happen. I am also actively contemplating becoming  a tub person in addition to my previous life as a Shower Lover. This is major stuff for me. It's like changing my own DNA I swear to god.

Do you have a product that you would love to see featured and enjoyed in said bathroom? We'd love to hear from you if you are. 

Update: I need to hear from you like today! Apparently we are trying to make this happen in the next month. HOLY SHIZZLESTICKS.



Here's the floor plan - it's TEENY TINY. I would kill for a new tub. I want a GOOD toilet and I need a small but really practical and functional sink/vanity. 

Here's my inspiration board. I am looking at using a New Ravenna mosaic or similar on the floor. I want to do a border I think. Timing may make this vision into something else but I'm entirely committed to making this happen.
I'm trying to choose between Brizo and Delta faucets because I want to do brass or a warm metal. I love the idea of a rain shower head and I want to be able to have a separate hand held shower. That's ideal for the little guy and it really makes a huge difference in terms of cleaning out the bubble bath residue in the tub. This week it's Spiderman Bubble Bath.

These are some of the options from Delta. I'm in LOVE with the Vero which is in the bottom right. Wondering about mixing and matching that. I mean I'm ALL for eclectic right??

It's the world's ugliest bathroom. Just wait until I show you. Cute baby notwithstanding!!!!

September 05, 2012:

Pillow Angina & Other Decisions that Need to Be Made

I spent much of yesterday trying to work out the right pillow plan given quantity and price restrictions imposed by our client. I say imposed only in jest, she knows that I have an affinity for pillows and would just keep adding them in given my druthers.

But all joking aside, it was stressing me out. There's a fine balance between looking bloggy (you KNOW what I mean) and on the low side of the High/Low pillow continuum. I mean sometimes, I can make a $10 pillow look like it's easily worth ten times as much but other times there is no saving that sinking ship. I find that one of the MUSTS in working in a high/low pillow scheme is that you have to without question vary the fabrics themselves. You can not have a high end look with all cotton pillows. Impossible. You need to at least mix and match some linen or tussah silk or velvet into that sweet mix if Divine Pillow Combinations are to be achieved.

I think I've worked out a counter-proposal to our client's counter offer to my 71st offer.

In other #Boston news....

We've got this happening........


Speaking of curve balls. We couldn't live with the island. The contrast between the island and the rest of the cabinetry is negligible so we're changing it. Not Quite Dead Trout on the left vs Pewter on the right. Trout is the winner.


Shower Marble Yumminess


View from Bedroom en route to ensuite via dressing room


Even as a jobsite, the beauty is clearly evident non??? You can imagine how dark this was to start with. 


Baby Girl's room. So so so pretty. This room is amazeballs. Just you wait to see what we've got planned.


September 04, 2012:

Seasonal Switch

I think the problem with spending 20 odd years in school which happens to start in September is that forevermore you are programmed to feel that that first day of school is the start of a new year. I know people who are in a host of different professions who regard September as the start of the new year. I however, see the beginning of September as even bigger than that. It's the anniversary of my leaving the teaching world. So I see it as a renewal or a milestone of all that I have achieved. I tend to look back at the start of each September which maybe is a new year kinda thing to do for some.... who knows.

Today is the 1oth anniversary of my leaving teaching. It's been the most amazing ten years. I am grateful beyond words. A lot of hard work and refusal to give up has gone on behind the scenes. I've got stories worthy of their own dramatic television series. Aaron Sorkin - call me.

To all those who have supported, cheered, challenged and encouraged me with their tireless love and support I thank you.

Now back to work.



I've got a pillow porn addiction that needs fueling.


August 31, 2012:

We’re Growing!

Meredith Heron Design is fortunate to get a plethora of resumes sent to us regularly. Sometimes we are looking actively, other times we're considering it and of course other times we are not even remotely considering adding to our team.

We are currently entertaining growing our team.

Purchasing Team

We are looking for a team player who enjoys collaborating on both the creative and technical aspects of design. You need to worship spreadsheets and org charts. Rigidity is not a good thing and a sense of humour is a MUST.  If your strengths are in organization, logistics, numbers, computer systems and of course winning friends and influencing people please send your resume to His name is pronounced EH-sa. Not ASS-a. Just a heads up.

Design Intern

We currently are looking for a design intern who wants to know the glory that is Schlepping. Self-starters with a background in design or art history are welcome but we are also happy to meet with candidates who have a strong organizational or logistics/quoting background. Again, spreadsheet obsession is very desirable as is a fast learning. This is not a paid position currently. A minimum of 2 days a week are required and must be consistent half days are also negotiable. Consistent & reliable essential. If you are interested please email and put DESIGN INTERN in the subject line.

Only successful candidates will be contacted - thank you in advance for your interest in working with Meredith Heron Design Inc.



Have a Fantastic Long Weekend!!!!!