August 06, 2012:

#Boston - Accenting the Fabulous

Starting off with a Side Note: Blogging is made all the harder while watching the Olympics. Even MORE so when they are showing diving accidents. I'm currently typing while trying not to watch divers hit the boards. Tricky business.

So let's focus on the pretty. Our budget is quickly being spent in Boston - it's a huge house. We are trying to pick and choose our way through what we need, what we want and what we need to defer. It's a delicate balance because if you only make purchases based on what you need, the house will take a long time to feel finished. If you only go with what you love and want, you run the risk of not having what you need let alone a place to display or put the darn things. Coffee table books are rather useless unless you have said coffee table. We also don't want to waste money on placeholders that are nice enough to not really upgrade and well we don't want to make side tables out of moving boxes either right?

Beginning with the end in mind, I think it is important to establish what the finished look we are striving for will be. It's hard when you are creating an entirely new room in a new home from scratch. Those finishing touches often need to be decided once the big players are in. I'm thinking ahead on this one. We have a furniture layout in mind that I shared with you last week but that won't be right away. We'll have babies learning to walk so we are okay with less furniture as our short term solution. I'm obsessed with this chair and variations thereof...

We have niches on either side of what will be the piano nook in the living room. Three per side. I want to find one large item that we can repeat in each. Simple. Graphic. We may find the right shape and then spray paint or refinish. Think oversized Jasperware. The chair is from my fave Thibaut. It's perfect as shown. Art work is Meredtih Pardue who is represented by Kathryn Markel Fine Arts - one of our advertisers - just click on the link on our advertisers button. I think the room needs some geometry and of course some bone. Client doesn't love birds so I hope she is okay with bone. 

Here is the shop drawing for the fireplace mantel and overmantel design. ARE YOU DYING YET??? #Approved #happening. OH SWEET JESUS YES!

The foyer is really in two parts. The first part when you enter immediately is only 9ft and has a lot of windows. We need to adorn these. These are some of the fabrics we are suggesting that are new vs. ones we are using elsewhere which we will of course consider. I'm also suggesting the magenta tussah silk we are using as pillows elsewhere but banded with a greek key trim in navy & white. Fromans of course. The walls in this area are a deep glossy navy. Then as you walk in further the foyer opens up into a two storey space with the most amazing wainscoting/paneling and a double curved staircase - very Scarlett O'Hara and her twin sister. We are accenting in this area with black gloss custom parson table consoles, magenta X-based stools and the most spectacular of blue chandeliers. But what to do on the windows...

Artwork is Jeri Eisenberg sold through Kathryn Markel Fine Arts - clicky clicky. I love it. I may need to own it myself. I have a lot of I'm turning 40 birthday gift ideas if you are passing the hat. Ahem.

August 03, 2012:

#Boston Project Updates & Quandaries

Our Boston project is coming along amazingly well. We are over the moon excited about it. I've spent much of the day trying to tie together those items that we just haven't quite nailed yet. I have hand cramps from over-mousing and a neck kink to match. There may be something to be said for my husband's insistence that I get up and move around a bit each hour. I'm not conceding defeat mind you, I'm trying to squeeze this blog post in before I have to dash out, pick up Luke from his school, rush home in time to meet my stepdaughter who is sitting while we go and get our Emo all on at Florence and the Machine tonight.

Are you exhausted and suffering from sympathy neck crooks yet?

Good thing I am rocking out to Joan Jett and the Blackhearts reliving my ten year old self right now as I type. 

God I really need to start doing vlogs. Your lives would be entirely complete.

So what do you want to see more another Coffee Table-gate? Dining Chair-a-palooza or The great Breakfast Room score but Lighting Quandary?

I think I'm going to go with the scores first... maybe leave you hanging on the rest.


Family Room. The fabric scheme is a done deal. That toile is drapery. A whole lotta drapery too. I've narrowed down rug choices to these bad boys from Weaver and Loom. Whatcha think?


Breakfast Room. Rich turquoise walls. Crazy curved dining banquette in an equally wild turquoise and lime ikat fabric. White round dining table - pedestal base but not a Saarinen. We scored these vintage chippendale chairs. Thinking a fabulous green vinyl for them but we're still figuring out the light for over the table. Table is 60" round by the way. It's a huge round room.

Love to hear your thoughts.... lawd knows our office is filled with opinions on the matter.


August 01, 2012:

It’s August… which means

I have less than 22 days until I turn 40.

I know you are shocked, I barely look like I'm 26. I understand. Genetics. Um okay maybe it was a decision a la Catherine Deneuve to choose my face over my backside & I've kept a little bit of fat on the cheekbones to protect against looking all prunelike.

That's my story and I dare you to try and burst that bubble today. Go on try me. 

As per way of a follow up on from my blog q&a yesterday, I resent the email I had previously sent to the person or persons who had NOT YET ANSWERED IT, just on the offchance they didn't receive it. Should I fail to hear back from them in a timely fashion, I may just out them here on the blog. It's the turning 40, I'll claim to be out of my mind temporarily. I mean more than I already am. If that's even possible but again humour me.

Oh and another little PSA while I'm at it...

Dear Tradesperson, Store Representative, Line Rep,

I know it's the beginning of August and if you are in North America, this means you would probably prefer to be ANYWHERE but sitting there answering my phone call or my email. I too would much rather be drinking a Gin and Tonic, wearing a fabulous frock, wide brimmed hat (to maintain my flawless 26 year old looking complexion of course) sitting next to a body of water of some sort manmade or otherwise. I realize that my contacting you with the express purpose of trying to give you my money is potentially causing you stress or undue hardship so I sincerely apologize. It's unfair of me to support your business, keep you gainfully employed and such when clearly you would much rather be doing something other than assisting me to make the giving you money all that faster.  I mean, YES, we do have your catalogues but for some reason every time we try to order anything from them, we are delighted to find out that that line has been discontinued. It's happened at leat 20 times in the last 6 years so we thought we could save you from laughing at our staff as you mock them for not knowing your inventory through osmosis and call before we placed the order.

Our bad.

Love Me xoxo

Ps... if you want to get me a 40th birthday present (August 24th is the big day)... I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO infatuated with this


It's Kate Spade... of course.


July 31, 2012:

Questions I Have….

I find Tuesdays the hardest day of the week to blog. I usually have a blog or two going in to Monday but a busy start to the work week often makes it harder to have material at the ready for Tuesday.

What's your go to day to read blogs? Are you a daily dose kinda person or do you save them up and read a few at a time?

I wrote a blog last week to promptly find the entire thing on another blog with new words (sorta) this week. Is this a common thing? I mean is there some sort of etiquette if you see a great space you want to blog about on one blog vs when you post it? I'm personally thinking that if I saw a topic/space on one blog and was of the mind to post about it myself asap, then the kosher thing to do would be to say "Hey I saw this Here and was so amazed I was compelled to write about it myself..." You know, instead of pretending that you found it all on your own and are the first to share it with the world .... but maybe it's just my mother in me tsk tsk tsking about this.

I asked a question on twitter today about what the etiquette is regarding returning emails - specifically how long does an email go unreturned before the person not returning it is in twatwaffle territory... I'd love to get more feedback on this. I feel guilty if I don't return an email within a 12 hr window. I owed someone one since Friday last week and I swear I woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat but I'm blind as a bat and couldn't find my phone or I would have been tempted to return the email in the middle of the night. I know lame. See earlier comment re: my mother. Have I mentioned before that my mom is an etiquette dictator and has been since um well my birth if not before? I actually think she started to dictate rules of etiquette to me while I was still in the womb. I often channel her where manners/etiquette are concerned. I see it as a sign of affection others - not so much. C'est La Vie.

I forgot my last question but just remembered it - sharing of trade information. We get a lot of inquiries as you can imagine especially after our projects are published & then find their way to the web. Am I wrong to be annoyed by these? Intellectual property vs trade courtesy? I mean if we don't know you or interact with you in a social media capacity is it rude to say "we don't share our trade information" or is it just plain ol' rude (see above)? I don't want to be rude, but I don't have the time to continually give freebies away. It wears on you. Or do I smile and share the info and consider it a deposit in the karma bank account? I honestly can't decide. There are times where you just ain't got any more left to give ya know???

Sneak peek of the #CollingwoodSkiChalet project - THAT KITCHEN!!!!!!


I love love love how this turned out!

Sure there are things that weren't followed to the letter of my law but the essence is there. (I'm hoping the floors are reading more orangey red than they are)

I love the X details in the cabinetry. They make me happy. LeAnne we are so going to need to do this in your 2013 renovation!!

July 30, 2012:

L’il Prepster…

The time has come for Luke to lose the crib and move on to a regular bed. Of course, it won't just be any bed, I've got big plans for that... surprised? I figured you would be. I have a vision in my mind, but I haven't been able to find the fabric that I envision just yet. Don't get me wrong, I've found A LOT of fantabulous options but there is one nagging at me in my head that I can't quite shake... 

Luke is a total prepster. Anything else looks kinda ridick on him truth be told. It must be the blonde hair and blue eyes, it just suits him. I asked him what he wanted in a big boy bed, he asked for a pink bed and a new dress. I kid you not. Then he went back to building something with his lego. I say something because he's taken to inventing his own words and well I smile and nod a lot.

Here's what I've got so far.... We already own an antique bachelor's chest for him. We're going to have to pimp out his closet into something actually usable. Right now, it's jammed full of so much I don't know what, you have to shut the door in one motion for fear of everything crashing out. Don't judge. I only aspire to be organized and neat like a virgo.

Fabrics - Threadcount, Schumacher & Robert Allen... LOVE!

We live in a narrow Victorian with an equally as narrow staircase. A chair that folds is literally the ony thing that will get up the stairs. Love these Butterfly chairs. I'm thinking of getting another one for our den so technically we'd have a matching pair that we could use as extra seating for our fabulous outdoor space that I'm plotting for next year. I know the season isn't over quite yet, but fark I'm slow at moving ahead with my own projects. Hell, we have a bathroom renovation that I really need to focus on but don't have the time. I've got clothes that need to be altered and drycleaning that needs to be taken in... I've been collecting it for um 18 months. I wish I was joking or exaggerating. In fact, I may be underestimating... ::blush::