May 08, 2012:

The Design Process in Process

There are days where I swear that if I see another MOOD BOARD on the interwebs that is just pure make believe I'm going to throw my computer out the window. They are a means to an end but the organic see/touch/feel/experience always wins out with clients. ALWAYS. E-Design will never replace the real deal. Every.

Sometimes the organic isn't as pretty. It can be messy. It can be overwhelming. Sometimes it's plain ol' practical. What's cheap, readily available and can be ready to be installed in three weeks if not before. Well actually it has to be before.

Client's have deadlines and demands. Luxury service means you have to cater to them.

So here's our down and dirty - we need to make decisions today, order today and install the week before June 1st. You read that right.

And you wonder why I drink.

(um I wrote captions to all the pictures below to only have them disappear - I'm now downing a bottle & getting out my voodoo dolls)

But I love it. Wouldn't change it for the world. I'm built for this.

Our office is in a state of flux but Celia & Diana have it all under control.  Good thing, I'z a busy girl.

Love these. LOVE them. Must use somewhere.

Designing a Pittsburgh Penguins inspired room for a delightful young man. I've known him since he was knee high to a grasshopper. He's got fabulous taste too always has!

These are for a dining banquette same project - #Dupont!

These are options for the sexiest chairs ever.

Master Bedroom fabrics. I'd love the clients to go for the fabric on the right - the printed silk but I'm hedging my bet with a lot of options.

Did Imention a lot of options? Ya, I have them.

Living Room fabrics. A decidedly simple palette and a lack of pattern for me. I know. I'm shocked too. Works for these clients though.

OH and um just because it's so DAMN PRETTY. My current source of OHHHHMMMMMM.

May 07, 2012:

#Kingswood2.0 Reveal In Progress

Furniture & finishes are coming together for our Kingswood 2.0 clients. If you recall, Kingswood Road is in our portfolio. The new owners of the house hired us to help decorate it after the house's original owners (also our clients) were transferred to NYC & sold.

We had a mini reveal this past Thursday. Quick & Sassy - as I was hopping on a plane the next morning to head to Boston to meet our new client!! Yes, you read that correctly! More on that in the coming weeks. Over the moon excited about it. Client is fantastic, the house is what the term "Has Great Bones" was created to describe. Love when a house immediately has a welcoming "home" feel to it. Can't wait to help them personalize and make it their own.

Back to Kingswood.

Wanna lil taste?

Sexy lil' chairs.

Milo the cat was eyeing them already. Bad kitty.

Dining  - we've decided to add new head chairs to the mix. Stay tuned.

Love a good nailhead.

Client has had a mint green mixer for years. Ahead of her time.

Pewter collection.

Apparently the bottle on the right is filled with water from when the client's grandmother was a little girl. No one has been able to open the bottle.


More pretty.

I designed this vanity for the first client who lived here. Love.

Marble yum.

A lil Tambour action.

Matching mirror.

You know how I feel about marble mosaics. Loved designing the tile patterns in this house.

Wallpaper & grey. Can't go wrong. More fabulous coming in the next week including the most insane paisley wool ottoman evahhhh.

If you want help achieving a little or a lot of fabulous in your own home/office/restaurant/vacation home - get in touch! We'd love to help you make it a reality.

May 06, 2012:

Garden Extravaganza!

So I know that I rocked your world with my foray into the world of cookery - be prepared as I shake the foundation of all you believe in when I dazzle you with my green thumb.

I'm Martha Freaking Stewart living undercover here in Toronto. It's okay to be a bit jealous - I mean I totally get it.


Sorry, a tamari almond seemed to go awry as I tried to pass myself off (rather unsuccessfully) as Martha.


The only green thing about my thumb would be it's proximity to the green cardigan I'm wearing and my Kate Spade bag I carried whilst purchasing my plant materials.

So here's the deal. I can make pretty fabulous floral arrangments. Urns and containers are also included in this, so I can fake a green thumb pretty damn good. If it goes in the ground though, ya well let's just say it's a good thing you can't be arrested for plant murder because I'd be serving 600 years by now.


There's no reason to look like a schlep or person who doesn't find dirt under their finger nails and obsessive MUST remove immediately kinda deal. Also, Crocs are a no no.  I wore leopard ballet flats.

We have Bearded Irises. Sentimental - they were everywhere on Ward's Island the night of my first date with my husband. YES, he made us a picnic dinner which we ate on the beach + wine. #pickedagoodone

Maiden Ferns... this is a new addition for me this year. Ivy, may get some Potato Vine when it's out (still a bit early here)

We have 2 Planters & 3 Cast Iron Urns on Pedestals. It's a lot. I opted for a giant Boston Fern for the middle urn.

The other two urns + the planters all got the same treatment - Palms, Hydrangeas, Ferns & Trailing Ivy. Wanted a Key West Tropical feel for the place!

These flank the stairs up to the porch/house. The stairs/porch wood work all needs a revamp. Still looks a bit ghetto. That will change hopefully asap.

New colour scheme coming to the wood work plus decorative pineapples and embellishments!

We also need the entire front yard graded, grey pea gravel & pavers put in, boxwood hedge & a retaining wall before um July. Any Takers??

May 02, 2012:

Office Sneak Peeks

Blog-0-sphere meet Diana.

Diana meet the Blog-o-sphere.

MHD took on a most delightful intern this spring and her name is Diana. She's been VERY hard at work helping us make our office (the outer area not my sanctuary) into what it rightfully should be. It's still in progress but I thought I would share a little indulgence into what is shaping up.

The hardest part about being an actual WORKING designer (not just playing one on TV or blogging about it whilst eating bon bons in my pjs with The View on in the background) is maintaining a beautiful working space while actually you know working. Fabric samples and paper seem to multiple between eye blinks. Suppliers showing you new fabulous wares leaves you wondering why the hell you agreed to so many fabric sample books/libraries. I mean it truly is a hoarders dream this being a designer.

So when you find that special team who can help you walk the walk and talk the talk, you jump on it like white on rice. If someone would kindly explain to me the origins of that statement I would greatly appeciate it. If it is somehow a bad thing to say, um well just be greatful I chose that one to inadvertently offend and not something else. Please send your negative mail via errr Bali perhaps?


This is Diana. I can't remember if this is the day she wore silk chiffon to the office all pretty like or not. She's learned since that layerng is essential at MHD. You never know what you will be asked to do and um knowledge of the inner workings of power tools and Pax units a plus!

Nothing like flowers in a space to make the room feel better. 

This Bust spoke to me and found a way into my arms, was lugged around and is now in the office. J'adore. Diana is tackling painting the table next.... it will be creamy white in it's new life.

We've added new cabinetry. Shorter than our existing units as there is a bulkhead. Now before you think me a cruel Miranda-esque boss (I see you Sandy there and I'm pursing my lips accordingly), we hired the Ikea assemblers to put those bad boys together. They also took apart our old Expedits and we sold them on Kijiji in under an hour I think. Apparently there is a huge market for old Expedits.

The chairs from our event last night were designed to live in the new office space. This is going to be a working space. The Barbara Barry shade is actually a return. It has a flaw. I'm thinking we may get another one though to hang over this table... love it.

We are trying out some new shades. They were inexpensive. I have other ones in mind but they will be for new lights. I may have a lighting sale on here one of these days. I hoard lights. And chairs. And fabric. And... oh shizz I could go on for a while here.

May 02, 2012:

Taste of Success - A Resounding Success!!

1000 Apologies. Our ISP totally dropped the ball migrating lord knows what to who knows where and our site went MIA & blogging was not possible. Fortunately, they got their Shiz together thanks to Shelley harassing them on Twitter to get our site back on line! Thanks Shell!!!

In the mean time, we were busy loading in our table fabulosity for last night's Taste of Success aka Kosher Iron Chef! The event was a huge success, sold out - their first year even!

We worked with the uber talented Michelle Kosoy from Kosoy + Bouchard which is how & why we were in the event for starters.

I just wanted to take the time to express our heartfelt thanks to the following sponsors who made our table possible. You will see, the results were spectacular!

Maxwell Fabrics (their fabrics almost stole the show from Michelle's gorgeous porcelain!)

Dale Design Group (upholsterers extraordinaire, braved our tight timelines and did gorgeous work to chairs that needed some TLC!)

Starlight Drapery (impeccable seamstress always)

442 Woodworking (sprayed our chairs - which I'm sure they were thrilled to FINALLY have out of their studio...ahem)

Huge thanks to Anne, Celia & Diana from MHD who made it feel almost effortless!

Match made in heaven.

Zee Table.

So much Awesome.

Why yes, that's Lalique.

Heirloom Ivory.

People could not stop raving about the tablecloth we designed (fabric donated by Maxwell Fabrics )

Kosher Blueberries. I kid you not. Blackberries (so we learned) are not Kosher. Apparently the bugs that may be found in blackberries.... ew too much right?

Anemones. I can't say their name but gosh they're purty.

That's us!