May 14, 2012:

Confessions of a Former DIY Goddess….


This should totally rock your Tuesday.

My latest HGTV Blog Post.

Keep your coffee away from your keyboard.

Don't say I didn't warn you. I've coined a few new terms.

Click HERE to Enjoy!

More #Brimfield/#RABRIMFIELD love later gators.

May 13, 2012:

Robert Allen Fabrics + Brimfield = OH MY!!!

Whirlwind Designer, Shopper, Cocktail Taster & Pulled Pork Sandwich Connoisseur - that was me Friday thru Saturday, returning home early Sunday morning. Forgive me typos and sentences that start, appear to stop abruptly or just never go anywhere.

So the backstory - I was thrilled to be invited to Brimfield as a guest of Robert Allen. The caveat was, I had to first get to NYC to meet at Robert Allen's studios to preview a new fabric line, The Neutrals. Um, NYC, new fabric line?? I don't know if I even bothered to read the rest of the details before I hit send with a Hell Ya I'll come! The third read thru saw the inclusion of taking the Fabric on the road to Brimfield - I may have whooped out loud!

Brimfield, for many who Canadians who are not in the Know is Antique Hunting Mecca. Fields filled with antiques as far as the eye could see, food trucks of epic proportion & in the middle of it all is the VIP Tent for Twittererererers to meet (finally) in person (neutral territory for those nervous to meet their online imaginary friend) which was the brainchild of Gretchen Aubuchon (Founder & EIC of Fashion and Decor) and Cynthia Bogart (EIC of The Daily Basics). This Tent of Fabulosity was sponsored by the likes of Style at Home (Media Sponsor) - our amazing Canadian magazine of Design Gorgeosity (The team from SAH braved a 10hr car ride each way all in the same van together!!!!), Benjamin Moore, Company C & Sashay's very own sponsor  Kathryn Markel Fine Arts and of course Robert Allen Neutrals.

While I could tease you for hours spent reconnecting with my blogger friends over cocktails made by the fabulous Warren Bobrow & my cheat day made all the better with my 1st taste of Dunkin Donuts ( I ate two) and then the Pulled Pork Sandwich ( I also ate two)...... but you want the Design Porn I know I know. Shut up Meredith Already right?


I walked in to the Robert Allen offices a little late ( considering I had taken a car to YYZ airport in TO, landed in Newark NJ, took a train to Penn Station in NYC and then walked 12 blocks to get to the showroom) and was immediately struck but this little section of fabrics hanging on the wall. It was hard to exchange hellos and pleasantries knowing that that this Holy Grail of fabrics was just behind the counter.

Neutrals like these make neutral a sexy thing.

Are you dying yet? These aren't even my favourites yet.


SERIOUSLY. Ikat ain't goin nowhere people. NO WHERE. I should probably tell you that I was further blown away when I got to the tent and saw fabrics that had somehow escaped my eye in NYC. I may have tried to have them accidentally end up in my luggage. Or not. You know. Allegedly.

Robert Allen told us the name of this fabric but it was all Wa Wa Wa Wa Wahhhh to me becuase as soon as I laid my eyes on it I started calling it Meredith. You agree right? Hey Peter... pssst if the line isn't released yet, you still have time to make it right and change the name. Please make sure you spell it right though  M E R E D I T H (People have a tendancy to switch the 2nd E and I around... mkay thanks!)

Faux- Hand Blocked prints for those who do not like the imperfections & bleeds  associated with. I can not wait to use this one. Already have plans for at least a dozen of them! I'm going to leave it at there and give you the part two of Brimfield tomorrahhhh.

This was Gretchen and I just before the 8am Tweet Chat for #Brimfield. Not bad eh? Stay tuned for more on tomorrow's blog!!

May 09, 2012:

Gorgeous Giveaway - My First!  Toile sur Rendezvous!

I was first introduced to Toile Sur Rendezvous through Celia in our office who is originally from Montreal. Toile is a showroom for designers to source bed, bath & table linens in Montreal. They also do custom and I mean custom. We've worked with them on a few bedroom projects including a nursery for not one but two babies that had some tricky custom features. We were so impressed with the promptness, attention to detail and the quality/professionalism - we decided to see what other services etc they offered. Custom headboards, table linens the list goes on. It's probably easier to ask them what they don't offer.

So needless to say, we were over the moon when they approached us about offering a giveaway. I'd love them to get on the radar so that they open a showroom in Toronto. They've been great to work with despite being in Montreal, samples haven't been a problem but I love being able to go and see and touch and feel when bedding is concerned.

I'm a designer first, blogger second, Prize Offerer/Giverer 3rd so forgive me if I'm not a well-oiled machine here. I also have a 2.5 yr old who is currently singing a Toopy & Binoo opera from his crib after a ridiculously long work day - and a Mother's Day Tea starting at 8am tomorrow! However, I love the giveaway prizes so much, I'm committed to sharing this now. 

Toile Sur Rendezvous has given us two beautiful hand towels for our giveaway. One terry & One Linen... but the embroidery... who isn't a sucker for quatrefoil. Made by Matouk, these babies have quite the lil price tag attached to them should you try and buy these at a retail establishment!!

How to enter:

You get an entry for each of the following:

Like Meredith Heron Design on FB - HERE

Like Toile Sur Rendezvous on FB

Subscribe to MHD Blog - the RSS feed on the right

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Follow MHD on Twitter (like duh you probably already do... lord knows I have quite the sense of humour) @meredithheron 

Follow TSR on Twitter @ToileSurRV

Tweet the Giveaway!

When you've finished these please hit the Leave a Comment button & let me know your entries on MHD's facebook page so I can round up all of your entries (Accounting not my strength, may have to have a minion tally it all up!)

I'll be drawing the winner Next Wednesday, May 16th so you have until midnight on the 15th to enter!!!

Here's what you are trying to win!


I've been quatrefoil obsessed for years. I'm guessing it would be a conflict of interest to say have my husband enter right? I know I know... sheesh I kid.

I've used this mirror as often as clients will let me in all colours. Notice the quatrefoil table we used in our #WinevaRoad project? These towels would look great in that bathroom... hmmm

Installed this paper back in 2006. Yes, long time Quatrefoil Lover, not a bandwagoner. #BoswellAve

Toile Sur Rendezvous also sells these Quatrefoil placemats, coasters etc from Matouk & Oomph is responsible for these delicious side tables. Hoping to use the black one in a project we're finishing off right now.

Thank you to Toile Sur Rendezvous - enter as often as you like, keep our intern Diana on her toes!!! (I kid, okay maybe not entirely joking... no no really I'm not a slave driver. Much.)

May 08, 2012:

The Design Process in Process

There are days where I swear that if I see another MOOD BOARD on the interwebs that is just pure make believe I'm going to throw my computer out the window. They are a means to an end but the organic see/touch/feel/experience always wins out with clients. ALWAYS. E-Design will never replace the real deal. Every.

Sometimes the organic isn't as pretty. It can be messy. It can be overwhelming. Sometimes it's plain ol' practical. What's cheap, readily available and can be ready to be installed in three weeks if not before. Well actually it has to be before.

Client's have deadlines and demands. Luxury service means you have to cater to them.

So here's our down and dirty - we need to make decisions today, order today and install the week before June 1st. You read that right.

And you wonder why I drink.

(um I wrote captions to all the pictures below to only have them disappear - I'm now downing a bottle & getting out my voodoo dolls)

But I love it. Wouldn't change it for the world. I'm built for this.

Our office is in a state of flux but Celia & Diana have it all under control.  Good thing, I'z a busy girl.

Love these. LOVE them. Must use somewhere.

Designing a Pittsburgh Penguins inspired room for a delightful young man. I've known him since he was knee high to a grasshopper. He's got fabulous taste too always has!

These are for a dining banquette same project - #Dupont!

These are options for the sexiest chairs ever.

Master Bedroom fabrics. I'd love the clients to go for the fabric on the right - the printed silk but I'm hedging my bet with a lot of options.

Did Imention a lot of options? Ya, I have them.

Living Room fabrics. A decidedly simple palette and a lack of pattern for me. I know. I'm shocked too. Works for these clients though.

OH and um just because it's so DAMN PRETTY. My current source of OHHHHMMMMMM.

May 07, 2012:

#Kingswood2.0 Reveal In Progress

Furniture & finishes are coming together for our Kingswood 2.0 clients. If you recall, Kingswood Road is in our portfolio. The new owners of the house hired us to help decorate it after the house's original owners (also our clients) were transferred to NYC & sold.

We had a mini reveal this past Thursday. Quick & Sassy - as I was hopping on a plane the next morning to head to Boston to meet our new client!! Yes, you read that correctly! More on that in the coming weeks. Over the moon excited about it. Client is fantastic, the house is what the term "Has Great Bones" was created to describe. Love when a house immediately has a welcoming "home" feel to it. Can't wait to help them personalize and make it their own.

Back to Kingswood.

Wanna lil taste?

Sexy lil' chairs.

Milo the cat was eyeing them already. Bad kitty.

Dining  - we've decided to add new head chairs to the mix. Stay tuned.

Love a good nailhead.

Client has had a mint green mixer for years. Ahead of her time.

Pewter collection.

Apparently the bottle on the right is filled with water from when the client's grandmother was a little girl. No one has been able to open the bottle.


More pretty.

I designed this vanity for the first client who lived here. Love.

Marble yum.

A lil Tambour action.

Matching mirror.

You know how I feel about marble mosaics. Loved designing the tile patterns in this house.

Wallpaper & grey. Can't go wrong. More fabulous coming in the next week including the most insane paisley wool ottoman evahhhh.

If you want help achieving a little or a lot of fabulous in your own home/office/restaurant/vacation home - get in touch! We'd love to help you make it a reality.