July 18, 2012:

Deferring Summer Vacation & Focusing on Investing in Your Home…

I put together the following article on HGTV.ca and I have to say it's one of my favourite yet. I'm sharing some of my favourite local Canadian artists and of course quieting advocating for the term Stay-Cation to die a quiet but much needed death. Maybe it's just that we're all online and connected so much that buzz words wear themselves out faster.... I don't know but some of my favourites have had to be retired due to abuse..





Industrial Chic - can we just talk about this for a second... Industrial Chic when it happens naturally is an amazing thing but given the restaurant scene in Toronto it is being horribly tortured and overused. Worse still, it's become a scapegoat. "Hey, we were cheap and couldn't afford to do it right so we dove into a dumpster got this piece of junk and hung a cheap chandelier from Home Depot made of plastic over it and voila it's Industrial Chic.

No, it's crap just crap.



But come back or read on!!!

Totally off topic but I wanted to throw out a little support for a lovely lady - check out Jen's blog Here.

Found this picture. My sweet boy with my Lil Red - that was his name. Poor cat moved in with our neighbour (cat's choice) and passed away late winter this year due to a heart defect. Anyone who ever visited our Red Heron Essentials Design Studio and met this guy knows what a charmer he was. He couldn't compete with the blonde gingery baby boy though. I wish he was around still, I think they would be the best of friends.

We're working on being 100% diaper free. Momma has her gin stock on hand.

Here's L the other night with my wonderfully talented friend Alison. He was charming the pants off of her. Well she was wearing a dress but you get the picture. Check out Alison's website Here.

Here's our plan for our #BalsamRd project in the Beach. I know this blog post is a bit all over the place but between drama on the Tour De France, Drama from the Crib due to needing a bandaid even though he didn't need a bandaid.. life's a bit crazy right now but at least it's cooler! ISH.

July 17, 2012:

From Surfing to Pinning = When Inspiration Strikes

How's that for an obscure title?

I've been playing around with a concept for the fireplace design for our #Boston project. It's a 20ft ceiling. Not your average fireplace, over mantel and the like. Ideas that we had had didn't pan out given the entrance to the family room off of the living room - let's just say it was more complex than we'd hoped it would be and we had to play around with a few different ideas to get where we are today.

The over mantel was the big problem because it needs to stand out but not so much that it overwhelms.

I was looking for inspiration on you guessed it, Pinterest when I came across this pin..

I saw this image of a ceiling designed by Michael Abrams on my friend Nancy Marcus' Pinterest. Of course, I'd pinned the same image some 27 weeks earlier but as soon as I saw it, VOILA. I was inspired so this became....

THIS. My husband and business partner is a talented man and made this happen after much   nattering from yours truly. I know me natter? Can you imagine such a thing?

THIS Georgian mantel is what we are specifying. This makes me immensely happy. It's the little things you know? Like sticking your head inside a freezer and pretending you have AC.

July 16, 2012:

Dear Internet Surfing Design Consumer

Hello There Internet User....  or is it User of the Internet?

The following is a rant. It's hot, Mercury is in retrograde and I have hit the proverbial wall. I know I shouldn't let these things bother me and instead enjoy the footrub that my husband is providing me, but alas.... indulge me a little bit.

You may have found your way to our website via Houzz.com or Pinterest or even a blog you frequent. I know how that Internet Rabbit Hole can be. I see that you are admiring one of our projects on one of these sites and we sincerely thank you for your admiration and even your interest.

However, as of today, Meredith Heron Design will no longer be responding to inquiries about specific items or aspects of our designs. Now I'm sure you think that we should be a) flattered b) chomping at the bit for a potential sale given the downturn in the US economy but I can assure you that while we are indeed the former we are currently focusing on clients who have retained our services to entertain the latter.

Recently, we received two inquiries about a dining room we have featured on Houzz.com. One was interested in the dining chairs we used. Assuming that we walked into a store and low and behold the world's most beautiful and customized chairs were there for the taking, the person was so bold to ask as to where we bought the and when we responded with - Meredith custom designed them for the client - the Inquirer responded back with "But who is the manufacturer."


In the interest of transparency, I was fully annoyed by this response. My suppliers, trades and resources are hard fought, well-earned and entirely MINE. They are tools of my trade and part of my intellectual property. My annoyance, thanks to Mercury in Retrograde, has not dissipated.

Now, the Inquirer who was more than just persistent, then asked if we could quote sending a chair to her to try out - in a muslin as she was looking to purchase 10 of the chairs. Now, this is a pretty simple request but having exchanged at least three emails with my office at this point, we said sure we would be glad to.

Now to get this quote together my office had to A) contact our upholsterer to verify any price increases as the chairs were made for us almost 3 years ago now B) Contact our Custom Broker to inquire about duty/shipping costs to the US C) contact our delivery/shipping companies to get quotes to ship to the US. All in, this took approximately 4 hours worth of studio time from my staff to procure. I know that people think that we have a master price book for all things that we just need to flip open and turn to but no. Think of all the OTHER things someone could spend four hours doing... let that sink in.

Fast Forward, quote sent out at just under $1000 per chair and we get a simple response back a Thanks but we actually found chairs.

WE ARE AN INTERIOR DESIGN FIRM NOT A STORE  LET ALONE A DRIVE THRU. ( A Redhead who is technically a Virgo -Aug 24- but who is also mostly LEO and Mercury - Ruling Sign of Virgos - is in RETROGRADE. )

So to be clear, thank you for admiring our work we sincerely appreciate it because we work VERY HARD for our clients to create the beautiful spaces they desire. We look forward to being retained by you so that you too can enjoy our work in your own home. 

With Love, Sprinkles & Hearts Over all of the i's in this blog post,

Me xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

"Go on, ask me where I got this and that for one of my design projects. You know how it thrills me....."

That chandelier - I'm not telling. You can't have it, it's vintage.

To prove that I'm not entirely heartless, the faucet can be yours ... it's the Solna by Brizo. I love it. Everything else though - custom designed by yours truly. I really can't help myself.

July 15, 2012:

Summer Lovin in Chloe Magazine

The latest issue of Chloe Magazine is on the shelves! The gorgeous Erica Durance is on the cover and what a cover it is!!! Very fortunate to be included inside - the BIG reveal to our Rooftop Patio is unveiled!

If you can't pick up a copy of Chloe in Canada at Indigo/Chapters (it's in the fashion section beside Vogue) or at Barnes and Noble then check out the online version HERE.

I got the royal VIP treatment - Hair Makeup & Wardrobe....

The shoes were remarkably comfortable. Looking pretty good on our sexy Trex decking non? Our #Boston client has already spoken up for the fuchsia rug from Weaver & Loom.

Our West Elm tables (there are actually 2 we've paired together there). Everyone loves these.

This has become our lunch spot. Elephant Ceramics are also from West Elm.

This was the image I gave the Chloe Team for my makeup look. We copied the eye totally!!!! More rooftop gorgeous in the magazine so check it out!!

July 13, 2012:

New Projects = New Presentations

Heading out for Summerlicious Thursday evening & have a conference call set up for first thing Friday morning followed by a presentation so I'm squeezing in a little Blog Love before the end of the day on Thursday. Actually, I'm racing like a madwoman to upload the pictures for the blog before His Royal Highness my son successor to Napolean arrives to the office. We're all madly trying to finish up because that kid somehow managed to acquire a HUGE personality. CAN. YOU. IMAGINE?

So two residential projects here in the city. One a fabulous gut of a two storey condo facing the lake. The other a gorgeous family hang out space for a big ol' house in the Beach that needs a LOT of Meredith-Love.

Here is what we are putting forward to tempt/tease/WOW them...

Okay the five pics before this are all the options for the blue portion of the room with the accent being orange. I know, a bit of a departure for me. Also, going with a modern vibe to the space. I know I know SHOX you are.

A VERY quick sketch.... the room is to be reflected matching chairs on the opposite side = too lazy to draw them all out.

Proposed Furniture. This meeting doesn't happen until Tuesday. Our #HarbourSq project meeting is on today. I will share all of the presented items and of course the feedback on Monday! Have a great weekend!!!