April 26, 2012:

Blogging & Dashing

Technically this really isn't much of a post. We've got major installs happening & I'm here there and everywhere today.

Check out this fabulous pairing HERE.

Oh and you can see more of the project below in the most recent issue of Canadian Home Trends magazine!!

#DouglasAve - turned out pretty amazing!!

April 24, 2012:

Best Friend Decor

My best friend and I met online. I shiz you not. In of ALL places, design forum. We were immediately attracted to each other's keen wit, intelligence and that certain je ne sais quoi... I made and continue to make the funniest of facial expressions and odd finger gestures as I type to her. My husband threatens to video me doing this all the time because I look like a total nerd. He relishes this I think.

Anyway, my bestie has VERY definite opinions about decor, specifically her own, that I continually have to work to overcome.

She lives in a 70's style abode.

She's very determined to pay homage to this period of architecture though I've slowly infiltrated the house with my own aesthetic and spin on the 70's. For the most part, I will say she listens to me. But I've also gotten VERY good and making specific and deliberate choices that I know she will love and obsess over. It's a bit daunting though when she gives me free reign. I seriously do not want to fark it up.

So now she's decided it has come to the time to change her dining room light fixture. The dining room suite was a bit of battle between Bestie & Her Hubs. I only won in so far as, the dark brown leather parson chairs were nixed. I would have done something more glamorous and sexy myself but I think we hadn't even met in person yet and there was this whole "taking advice from a stranger on the internet" business. I mean it's commonplace now but then.... whooooa nelly.

So here's what we are working with:

Here's the current room. The furniture is mission. Resisting urge to poke fun of that with predictable pun.

I know that this is kinda like her existing light but inverted. But it's retro. She LOVES retro. Did I mention that we negotiated for like ever on the wall colour? It's Ralph Lauren Riviera Terrace. Trust me. It's a colour. Well to her it's sublime. What I would give to wallpaper that dining room in a grasscloth. I designed and had side tables made and then upholstered in a teal grasscloth for her living room.

I was stalking Brad Clifford's facebook yesterday because he was posting light fixtures of my dreams and off in the distance I saw this fixture. It's like the Jean de Merry one that I've coveted for at least five years if not more. This baby will NOT require donating one of my kidney's to a black market organ racket. If she doesn't love it, I'm so going to own it. Who cares we can share. MUST HAVE.

The spider light. I passed up an original one of these for $300 last summer. I was a dolt. I just couldn't justify my already out of control light fixture collection (hoarding) with yet another one. Damn. Well at least they have this one. I'd ditch the reflectors on the bulbs. Sweet Mother of God. J'adore.

And now we wait. I vetoed a chandelier that I have used for a few projects previously  faux bamboo drum shade. These have more vavavoom don't you think? Room needs an area carpet and some wallpaper too... maybe even a banquette?

Thank you so much to Style at Home for including me in their Designers' Secrets Special Issue on  newsstands NOW!

Definitely standing out from the crowd... Bold Bold Bold!!

Also - I totally missed sharing my most recent blog for HGTV.ca which you can check out here!!! Now the house in question - you've seen sneak peeks of my Anti Staging (house SOLD with many offers!! Clients very pleased!) but I'm also giving you a behind the scenes look at another house I staged for sale. Click HERE for the link!

Technically I'm writing this on a Sunday so it's more of a moody Sunday. Blame the carb hangover, potty training a defiant 2yr old & Hobbits, I'm looking at pretty pictures in an attempt to stay sane. Oh and there's a hockey game on the tv instead of my beloved Good Wife. So let's pretend instead that life is as glam as this board shall we?

Totally deserves a Gimlet non?

We're starting a new Salon Project. There won't be espresso, clean lined, ultra modern Toronto Hair Salon in this project.

Definitely want to add splash of Key West to the space... Key West meets Paris meets NYC with a hit of say Marrakesh? I may be traveling this week lots of interesting new projects taking shape. Hope your week is a fabulous one.

April 19, 2012:

What I’m Designing Now

First off - I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who shared yesterday's blog post. The response was overwhelming and I'm so glad we could get a dialogue started vs being relegated to whispering around a watercooler as someone suggested to me. I think that in this day and age when more and more people are calling for transparency, it's important that it goes both ways. If designers are expected to be transparent about billings & so forth, it's only fair that they be transparent about what hinders communication or the speedbumps we encounter running a business. Because it is a business and we are paid for it. Let's keep the dialogue going though - it's how real change and progress is made! 

Moving On.

I often find that there is this inexplicable ebb and flow to our Design Business.  Rarely are we engaged in both residential and commercial projects at the same time.  Without any actual explanation, if we are working on a major residential project odds are we aren't working on a major commercial project at the same time. I leave it up to the Design Gods to sort out but appreciate their working on my behalf to allow me to multi-task to the best of my ability.

Case in point. We've just finished up a very substantial residential project. Well it's 94% done. A few more things here and there and then it will be done. We've already had it scouted by one DIVINE magazine. Fingers crossed. (No need to beat around the bush, I'm a full on #GetPublished Trollope). As that was finishing up, we began our #SnugBistro project in earnest. Snug is set to launch in the next 3-4 weeks.

We're currently working on a few small kitchen projects one is residential the other is part of a larger office project that we are doing. We have some living rooms #BrowningAve & #Kingswood2.0  that are about to be installed and are in talks with several other commercial projects. Now the other day, I threw out to the Gods that I would love to design a Women's Boutique and I'm pleased to say that I did get a lil nibble on this. I would also like to throw out there that I'd LOVE to do a summer home/farmhouse restoration or mountain home in the next little bit.... you never know? I'm seriously dying to do a rustic modern farmhouse/family home. It's all done in my head I just need somewhere to install it all.

Redhead may be traveling though... we've got some amazing discussions and opportunities coming forward - Can we say #RedheadRoadtrip??

Bakeries, Hair Salons also on the agenda. Can not wait to knock your socks off with what we are plotting!

Ask and ye shall receive I have long since believed - that or threaten to go all Tonya Harding and voila Zac Posen happens!!

So there you have it.

To that end - here's my weekly snapshot of what is passing through my brain at the moment.


Thank you to The fabulous M at Waiting on Martha for her amazing Zac Posen contest that I LOST (still bitter) and to Camille for playing all nice and stuff and winning (still bitter) but most especially to everyone at Zac Posen who felt my suffering and decided to send me a lil somethin somethin to ease my pain (CAMILLE YOU STILL HAVE MY BAG - but I'm letting you borrow it mkay... for now).