July 30, 2012:

#25Liberty - Sneak Peek

After arriving back from Key West at somewhere in the neighbourhood of late & oh my god 1am is late with a 3yr old... we had a load in/installation day on Friday at our 25 Liberty restaurant project aka the former Snug Bistro (name didn't stick and I much prefer the new and improved name).

Installation days that require us moving furniture in and around are the easiest kind of day post travel because they require little in the way of actual brain power. TOTALLY a good thing as I had no reserves on the smarts front. There is an abundance of smart though in terms of the design though... so thrilled with the results which are unfolding!

Oh and an aside - Due to the ridiculously late hour + a shitz load of gear + a sleeping baby who woke up grumpy given the late hour and the being carted across a country = we left our Duty Free purchases on the plane. Air Canada I'm totally expecting you to step up and return our purchases. They had our name on the bag AND they were right above our seats. I get that Air Canada isn't responsible for them, but I think this is a pretty common forgotten item and should EASILY be returned to us... ahem... DO THE RIGHT THING MOMMA NEEDS HER GIN!

Pretty snazzy cheque holder.... The logo/branding work done by the fabulous Asa Weinstein

I love these chairs.

These barstools caused quite the stir on Instagram! Pretty sexy non?

Dunes and Duchess sconces... they really add a wonderfully sophisticated but hand made quality to the space.

The antique mirror is for the back bar but I love how this shot looks.

Lounge chairs.... 


I die.

Bistro chairs for the patio. C'est magnifique!!!!

July 27, 2012:

#KeyWest Project…. the Befores

I was consoled by the fact that the contractor on this project doesn't seem to think that the house needs to be condemned and that they can salvage most of it. There is just a small amount of rot so it looks a lot worse than it actually is.

The idea is to transform this 1883 Conch Cottage into a refined Haven that combines both a love of cottage & country. Key West meets upscale modern country. Relaxed but not shabby. Refined without being stuffy.

If you want to follow the journey of this project, or if you are a brand and are interested in getting in on the ground floor and collaborating with us (read that as we've spec'd nothing thus far and are open to suggestions!!) please follow the #KeyWestMHD hashtag on twitter - @meredithheron if you are living in the dark ages or just happened upon this blog. You can also check out my sneak peeks on instagram at again meredithheron or here on Pinterest... 

Again this is not a demolition site per se but there is a lot of demo. The concrete porch is gonzo... will be replaced with wood. Painted wood. Yummay. 

Welcome to the living room. The stairs are going to be removed and instead of wrapping they will just head straight down. The back wall there will be opened up entirely so the stairs will arrive in the dining room. If we use it as a dining room. There is debate on that.

I'm not sure where this is truth be told. I will investigate. Maybe a bedroom. Yes I think it is a bedroom on the main floor.

This is the future kitchen. I'd love to keep the ceiling as exposed as we could so the peak is there. Bead board everything and paint it out. DONE!

More of the kitchen.

Upstairs is a rabbit's warren truth be told. We're opening it up entirely into one suite.

As soon as I saw this, I thought wow Sequel to Blair Witch Project Location Scout??? I mean WHO let's teenagers do this to a room? I mean if you are so inclined to let your child spatter paint their bedroom, can you at least call me to discuss an approved palette? Shizballs people spatter painting can be cool if you use the right colours. Teenaged Angst as a palette, aka RED PAINT = BLOOD BATH.

More upstairs. I love me some painted wood floors. 

The back of the house. Here's where planning permission was sought heavily. We're extending with a covered porch and a massive deck. Will be amazing. Using Ipe wood. God I love Ipe. Like LOVE. I've also suggested a wee lap pool. Aren't I amazing at spending money. Poof just like that.

July 25, 2012:

This should be Kitchen of the Year….

and it is ROCKING MY SOCKS OFF. No offense to House Beautiful but their KOTY left me snoring on the sofa. Come on HG dig deeper for next year and surprise us. A sink in a colour is not enough. Have I mentioned yet that I'm seriously an UN-FAN of Jonny Adler's partnering with Kohler? 

As you are well aware from my history of blogging - I DO NOT COOK. I can. I just don't. I hate cooking. However, I love a gorgeous kitchen. I love eating and gorgeous kitchens.

This one.... seriously it's SHUT THE FRONT DOOR AMAZING.

Have I built it up enough yet? Because seriously I couldn't wait to show my husband it when he woke from his nap. I may have pulled a muscle leaping up from the sofa on which I was trying out my sloth impression to show him this kitchen. It's not pretty when I suddenly go from extreme sedintary position into something of a deranged tazmanian devil cartoon. Keep that lil gem of a vision with you for the rest of the day....

You know I'm a sucker for framed windows as dividers. In a kitchen???? Bloody Briliant.

On both sides of a dining room for an L shaped Kitchen? Are you shitzing me???? I AM DYING HERE!

I'm assuming this is laundry off of the kitchen dining area.... chic. VERY VERY Chic.

Love the hardware.

WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Virgo alert Virgo alert. LOVE.

This was the picture that I in truth, almost sprained an ankle trying to get from the couch to my husband to show him. And you wonder why I'm not a fan of exercise. It could seriously harm me!

Butler's Pantry turned cooking hallway. I like this. A lot.

Damn, who knew I was secretly a Sleeping with the Enemy knife storer...?

A tea drawer? This is BLOODY BRILLIANT!

I think that looks like a composite countertop. I will forgive them for that and pretend it is soapstone or a honed black stone of some unknown origin.

Simply farking beautiful. TOTAL inspiration for Key West.

Whole Damn Kitchen is via

July 25, 2012:

Greetings from Key West!

I've surfaced after being a rather lax blogger the last few days. Travel, heat, 3yr old, clients, site visits, eating & a wee bit o' shopping (very minor nothing to get all hot & bothered about) have pretty much consumed my days & nights the last few days.

Here's a little taste of what we've been up to!

Pretty Awesome Before Shot.

A client who prepares inspiration boards old school. I like it. I love the fact that she had a bevy of Canadian Magazines to use as inspiration.

We agree that this bathroom design is exceptionally nifty.

Our client has a fantastic Free Trade/Sustainable Product store that features artisans from all over. More on that tomorrow.

Me & the crazy kid. I ate at a vegetarian restaurant last night. I KNOW. SHOCKING. More so - I really enjoyed it.

So much art in Key West.

Love this.

Our palette for the house.

No words. Just love.

Client loves this floor and table. She wants me to go picking with her - she's a big salvage gal. Can we say HEAVEN?

Also from Canadian House and Home - great way to hide a tv. This Conch cottage also has a lot of peaks and bead board. Think Upscale Cottage meets Refined Country.

July 19, 2012:

My Secret Plottings

I go in spurts with Pinterest. I'm plotting a bunch of new projects at the moment so I'm trying to build an arsenal of ideas for them and of course for blogs to support them.

We are moving ahead on a whole lotta bathrooms at the moment, including three of our own so we are actively looking for fabulous fixtures, tile, lighting and so forth. Definitely reach out and be in touch if you have something you think I need to see!! Would love to work together with brands who are looking for bold, brazen, luxurious and the like!

I'm also beginning to plan Luke's I'm Growing Up Room. We are in the process of designing a custom bed, creative storage ideas and of course create a space that will encourage him to develop his creativity and appreciation for things that interest him.

We're heading to Key West tomorrow to start a new project there. Very excited. We're going to try and feature this in a bit of a different way - stay tuned fingers crossed it goes as planned. HA! Of course, I'm worrying about what to pack, will the Nexus machines actually scan all of our irises - the machines NEVER work and I always have to use the Global Entry but I can't do that with Luke.  I am committed to NOT having to line up. We're Trusted Friends USA!!! LET US IN!!!

So here's a snapshot of what is going through my mind's eye. I love how these just group together naturally!

If you search Kids' Rooms, Boy's Rooms etc on Pinterest  - may I warn you there is a HELLAVALOTTA FUGLY. I mean people, you need to really sets your sights beyond staged faux wood furniture from catalogues. OH MY GOD. Had to bleach my eyes...

Anyone want to put in a lap pool in my backyard? Take pitty on a redhead with swollen joints on occasion.... yes I will use my rheumatoid arthritis to bargain for a free lap pool I'm not ashamed to admit it. I'd share!

This is soothing.

We have a black wall in our office. I think I need some black walls in my house.

Meredith Heron Design does a lot of branding work for our commercial clients. This is one of the services we provide in addition to our regular interior design. Looking for lots of unusual ideas for our newest project! More on that next week!!!

These just sorta happened together. Pretty. A bit trendy but just on the right side of avoid being toothpastey. Ya know? Mint - it's a slippery slope. I prefer Jade.