July 16, 2014:

Getting Her All Spiffy - Unveiling our #Madison Project

If you were on Instagram in the last 24 hours you would see that I unleashed a torrent of photos from our #Madison project. She goes on the market this weekend and we were styling her up today for photos that will go in both our portfolio and on the MLS listing. I hate when Real Estate agents have their people photograph a house. Fish Eye lens be damned!!! Magazine quality is far more attractive.

We have staged it - god how I hate staging. I am a designer. The King Bed takes up 1/4 of the Master Bedroom but we don't have budget to furnish the rest of the room. Sigh. Amazing when you put furniture in a room you actually see how massive it is.

I ate lunch at the island in the kitchen today. This house feels good - like a home despite not having anyone live in it. A lot of love, care, thought, energy and money were put into it and it more than just shows it - you can feel it.


This was what I walked into today. It's the first time the entire floor has been uncovered. It literally takes your breath away.


Barstools arrived after I took this. Such a great vibe it has.

You're probably expecting big reveals of rooms but instead I'm showing you flower close ups. I do REALLY good flowers though... and when you don't have furniture and fabrics well you get flowers.


This is my Meta picture. My Dior book. Dior Sunglasses on the table. I brought the wrong purse though. That would have been epic.


I love how this worked out.


We couldn't find a table that would fit as a centre hall table so this is my back up plan. I kinda love it.


July 16, 2014:

It’s About to Get Crazy - Staging, Styling, Photoshooting OH MY

Our #Madison project is oh so close to being done as in it's going on the market this weekend! We've already received one call at the office about the address of it - um you no give me your name your number you no get the address to snoop in person.... It's going to be listed over $2Mill so if you are in the market for that kind of property I'd love to give you a tour of it myself! SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY PLEASE! Unless I know you and then you're totally in luck. Heck, even if you want to hire me to design your house and want to interview me at the house - that's totally cool too we'd love to meet you there.

We're going to stage a few of the rooms and we've chosen the best of the worst when it comes to staging. We pulled a bunch of accessories today and plan to load it all in on Thursday and then start shooting it. We've also got an install at our #Hurndale project - a master bedroom on Friday. We need to shoot that too. :: I LOVE PHOTOSHOOTS!!!::

Speaking of Photoshoots, my shoot with Chloe Magazine has gone Live - if you can't get your hands on the magazine itself, you can enjoy it HERE. Luke is very excited to be in another magazine - I think his nursery school thinks him a mini celeb at this point. So with all of this and that going on I've not had much time with my computer but I have found myself playing around a lot on instagram. SO MUCH inspiration there - I've been getting lots of amazing ideas from people I follow and the suggested followers - it's like playing Design Roulette I swear!!

Not instagram but I saw this sink console the other day and I want to use it on our next project with the builder of #Madison.

I want this on a pillow. 

I need to find out who the mfg is of this bed. I died.

Love this room by KristinKelli from Texas. That slipper chair. Need for my back room though I suspect it is probably too deep for the room but a girl can dream!

This sofa from the Double K again - sweet jesus.

Love this Gem from @MVPetals

July 15, 2014:

Design that Terrifies Yet Still Excites….

I am a big believer in pushing boundaries as you may have gathered. I push myself the most but I am also one to push clients when I feel they need to get beyond their comfort zone. The best things await you just outside of your comfort zone I truly believe. Sure it's often hard to overcome the inertia of being in your comfort zone, but once you've crossed the line it gets a bit easier especially when the effort pays off.

I often propose ideas that are a little bit off, a little bit ugly and entirely weird. We are currently trying to finalize our choices and selections for #Cactus and I'm fully invested in the idea of adding in a bit of ugly and kitsch because it feels like it is the right thing to do. Why is it the right thing to do - well Palm Springs has NEVER EVER taken itself seriously. It's always been a haven for decadence. Manufactured getaway for the stars who were already larger than life. We were once approached by a client to use Clam Chairs for her living room. We thought her entirely daft initially because we can remember taking out hideous versions of these from the 80's that were just done so badly that setting fire to them seemed like a compassionate gesture.

I've watched Kelly Wearstler bring back some things from the 70's that I truly believed needed to stay where they were - a sad, distant memory but what I think is most brilliant about her is how she pushes the boundaries, uses ugly to her advantage and then gradually gets you to consider ugly as being en vogue. This is not a criticism, it's just that sometimes you need an extreme to achieve moderation. Big, puffy, black garbage bag esque furniture will never be my thing, but I fully appreciate adding in the ugly to juxtapose more refined pieces in a space to keep it from becoming too homogenous or pedestrian and predictable.

We have a space we refer to as the Den that is just off the kitchen in #Cactus. It was probably the eat in kitchen in the house once upon a time. There's a fireplace - very of the period and we were going to put a sofa and chair in there but we've rethought this idea. My new plan - Ugly Chairs. In Leopard.

It just feels right doesn't it? Liz Taylor pouring one too many vodkas dripping in jewels right yes?? A bit messy but still a goddess. This is my new vision for the space.

Ugly but not SO ugly. The leopard is a fave - forget the zebra on the chairs that is just bad but the leopard is FUN non? A bold abstract painting on the fireplace or something more Twombly esque????

Totally not for Cactus - I'm clearly obsessed with this green chesterfield. I am loving the ugly moss stools too. They are truly fugly but I kinda love them. The artwork is fabulous too. I am really enjoying the darker greens - not so emerald but heading toward moss. Especially paired with a baby blue or tiffany blue and white. It's crisp and not earthy. I hate earthy. You may have gathered that. I love green though. ::rethinks grey leather sofa yet again:: No no I love the grey. Sigh. Maybe I should add green pillows??? See this is a hazard of the job. Working on a client project begets working on my own.

See these are the same leopard print - Milo Baughman chairs mind you by Dominique from Comfy Cozy Couture. They are sort of fabulously in your face but neutral none the less. I think on the Clam chairs it would totally rock non?

July 14, 2014:

Desperate Designer in Search Of…

New projects that will let me use these...

It's funny how as a designer, you spend the first few years trying to assert yourself and your style - when you don't really have one. That takes time to evolve. I remember trying to pigeon hole myself into a particular look in order to give myself some cred or a boost or I'm not sure what. Ironically, it's totally the opposite of where I am now. I don't even fully believe that I have one style per se - but I do have an aesthetic that is revealing itself to me more and more. I am however, insistent on pushing it further to see where it goes and what it teaches me about design in general and how I want to shape/influence it.

So with that, these are pieces of art that amuse or thrill me. I want to design rooms around these pieces - they aren't even budget breakers.It's my daily bucket list of items or looks that intrigue, delight, challenge you name it. If you resonate with any or all  by all means get in touch!



These botanicals are HUGE. In an all white kitchen or parchment coloured country room... divine.

I have a thing for eggs. And blue and green together.

I couldn't choose so I did a combination.

I don't recall who this room is by - I did a quick search to no avail. I would change out the earthier tones myself and ditch the floral to go with the art I'm suggesting. I love the green against the white walls. Love.

Sometimes I feel tonal. No colour needed. It's rare.

I've been dying to use this set forever. They are quite large and impressive in person.

And I'm putting this together for our #Cactus project in Palm Springs. Delish.

July 10, 2014:

Sneak Peek Alert!!!

My moonlighting as a fashion model has hit the stands!!! Chloe Magazine's Summer issue is on the stands now and if you've stalked my instagram or facebook or twitter you will have seen a few shots.

What you haven't seen is the one that has a sneaky peek of my bathroom in it. Yes my not quite but mostly finished bathroom. The shoot was supposed to be in places other than my home - except for one shot or so I thought. It turned out to be throughout my house which wasn't really ready for a close up but hey, take a talented photographer, stylist, make up artist and a designer who can improvise with set design on the fly - VOILA!

What it actually taught me is this - when you have created good bones in your design, frills or the lack thereof don't really matter because it's solid on it's own and as it turns out, worthy of a magazine. Modelling in a fashion magazine as you are about to turn 42, has a bit of a similar twist to it. When you are confident in yourself and know yourself it's hard not to have the good shine through. The little imperfections we often fixate on or worry about fade away and you just are who you were meant to always be. It takes a team but only works if the foundation is there for them to build on and bring out. 

So modelling and designing actually have a lot in common.

Thanks again to the amazing team at Chloe - it's a spectacular issue and not just because I'm in it.

The chandelier is from Crystorama's Broche collection and you can see my American Standard vanity - I HAVE A VANITY PEOPLE!!! My spectacular faucet is the Vero from Delta Faucet in the spectacular Champagne Bronze aka CZ. You'll have to buy the magazine to get all the details on my wardrobe - let me tell you some of the dresses are SUPER cheap!!! The jewelry - nottasomuch!!