​MHD Brownstone is alive and well with MHD folk calling it home. Not going to lie - the unpacking odyssey is pretty daunting at this point especially given that our office still kinda needs to be painted and I have plasterers up on the top floor finishing the gallery. Thankfully we have a great terrace with a cover on the roof/pergola so the bins can stay out there for now…

It’s been a slog not going to lie - some furniture can’t go into it’s spot because there are other things in it temporarily and one of my sentimental pieces - the hutch/cabinet that was behind my desk in the old office can’t get up the stairs even in two pieces to Asa’s office which is the only room in the house that is tall enough for it. It’s just a wee bit too big….

Having said all of that, I’m sitting in my new office, writing this post on my computer which is on my desk and working which was so easy and straightforward which reflecting back on other times and other computers I have had - this was definitely the easiest of computer moves ever. We left our old phone system at the old office and we have a fancy new one - I don’t think it’s quite working yet but hey good times. EMAIL me if you need me.

​It feels like we did a lot here yet we didn’t really - it just took way longer than we thought it would and when the first trades slid from the week we needed them to start until the next week well it just spiralled and everyone was tripping all over themselves. Some missteps on our part in a few areas - trying to do too many things and expecting others to have caught it - not blaming but sometimes deferring can wreak havoc on your process. Where we really lucked out is that our White Glove Delivery Service - Dejong - offered to help us with our move and they really worked their schedule to suit our chaotic out of control one. I can’t thank Jeff and his team enough. They were amazing. I’m not surprised by this - we use them exclusively because they are the best and our clients are so lucky to have such a great team backing us up always.

You may recall that when we first bought the house the plan was to raise the doorways. I couldn’t justify paying $7000 for 5 doors and by then we’d already ordered the casing so we pivoted and went to making over doors. The panels are almost all installed now and ready for paint. AMAZING. So much better.

​Asa’s office is one of the few spaces that got a rich deep hue. The kitchen and the sample room are our other two options (I know black for a sample room seems like an odd choice but I think it will actually help nail things better than a white room would.

​My office is ridiculously pretty and just what I had hoped for. The plaster moulding adds height. The ceiling feels darker than the walls and is currently a velvet finish which I’m kind of loving though I’m still considering a venetian plaster polished into a gloss. Gonna live with it for a bit and see how I feel about it. That’s the beauty of owning - I can mull.

​The gallery looks amazing it is so bright and airy up there and our Triglyph Plaster Cornice is spectacular. We are so thrilled with it. We’ll be using it again for our #StGeorge project in the neighbourhood. Living in Canada we have so much winter vs summer humidity issues - plaster is always the better choice.

​They are cleaning up to leave us and I’m so so happy. It means MORE mopping and cleaning and vacuuming and windex-ing but again, it’s kind of like when your baby pukes/poops on you - it’s aggravating at times but for the most part you are immune to it.

Opening Photo: Petros Koublis one of my favourite photographers and literally this photo should be in my office which is at the moment entirely comprised of these hues.

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Meredith Heron Design


verb (intr), informal

1.To move or walk in a showy way; parade.

2. To strut or flounce in a showy manner.

Once upon a time we had a Design Forum on our website. A member (who exactly, escapes me) coined the term “Sashay” to describe the excitement that was experienced every time a client/forum member received a package or had a “Reveal” from Meredith Heron Design. I love the visual I get whenever I hear it spoken or see it written..

Here’s hoping every day includes time for a little Sashay!


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