I'm back from LA - exhausted but so excited. SO MUCH HAPPENING!!!!

I will be back posting fabulousity en masse next week including the grand reveal of my house on the pages of Style at Home magazine.

In the mean time, indulge me if you will…

You see, I was asked to participate in a little contest with several other divine Canadian bloggers… Urban Barn, the Canadian Superstar Furniture Store reached out to myself and my fellow bloggers: Nyla, Christine, Kim, & Maria and asked us to design a chair for them.


We're of course competing for bragging rights, but ALSO get this, our chairs will be auctioned off and the monies will be donated to our chosen charities. I've selected the Arthritis Society of Canada. If you are not familiar with my twitter feed, you may not be aware that last year, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. This isn't the old, wear and tear on your joints arthritis, this is the full blown body attacking your joints kind. It was a shock to all of us - it literally came out of nowhere. Fortunately, I was immediately seen by a great team of doctors and was accepted into a new drug trial. It's medical advances like this that are made possible by charities like the Arthritis Society. Those of us who suffer - NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

So if you would be so kind, please vote for my chair! I want to make sure my charity is the big winner - for personal reasons!!

Here's my chair. I've actually used the reverse side of a fabric which is already incredibly durable but by reversing it, it takes on a smokey blue tone vs a cream one that looked dingy to me. It's a versatile floral. Contemporary Chinoiserie - will work with both masculine and feminine spaces. I'm going to dangle a further carrot for your votes…. (yes those are polished nailheads on the front!!)

I went on to the Urban Barn website and I have designed you your very own room using my chair. I am not asking to be paid other than in votes. Tell you friends, your friends' friends… I want my charity to be the big winner here… and you will too if you make this chair your own! Everything shown here is directly from their website… pulled together with either sexy black or charcoal walls if you want big drama, pale cream or pale blue walls if you want to go for more of a classic contemporary or if light is an issue.

On a budget no less. Vote Vote Vote!!!

Thank you!!! (Ps Patty - this chair would look amazing in your condo!! Just sayin…)

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February 28, 2012


Got to LA on Sunday, still here but I have a glass of wine and a laptop and an actual wifi connection that seems to be sticking around so I thought I would whip together a little glimpse of LA Blogger Style. My fabulous roomie Katie Rosenfeld of boglestreet.com & I are hanging out in our room, drinking wine, pesudo napping (she's now packing).

So the little bit of news I have… this blog, this very one that you are reading right now just won Best New Design Blog and has been inducted into the Design Bloggers Conference Hall of Fame.

To quote The Zoe - I DIE.

This blog isn't even a year old. This time last year, I was talking about making it happen and had set the wheels in motion to get it off the ground.

Winning, I had to give a little speech. I wasn't prepared to do so. Not like THAT has ever stopped me before.

As a Canadian, I am so proud to have achieved this. So many of the blogs are American so I feel a little extra special to have received this award and we all know that I am still fighting to get parity with shipping/pricing etc between our two countries within the industry so it's special to me.

So many individuals have supported this blog and me personally in this endeavour including my fabulous husband Asa and team at MHD. Anne & Celia are great at encouraging me with post ideas, achievements and well they like my snark. I mean they have to live with me… so it's kinda important non? HA! I kid. My lil man Luke who also encourages and supports his Momma's blog writitng at times - it's the only way he'll let me stay downstairs after he's gone to bed. He understands that it's important that Momma work on this. Gawd he is really the best. I cried when the tres adorbs Kelley Moore interviewed me after winning. She asked me what I am most proud of - Luke - lost it on camera. I think that means I'm officially a mom well not just any mom, MY MOM. My goodness. I really hope my mascara didn't run.

I am a very lucky and blessed woman to be surrounded by so many wonderful friends - including my bestie Gina who has encouraged me to speak up, speak out and be proud but to always think with my pocketbook. I have learned so much from her and am so fortunate to call her my sister. So, now that my reputation as a right biotch is blown to hell and back… Sap that I am…

Thank you for reading;, for laughing with and/or at me; for supporting the work that I do and celebrating my passions with me; for challenging me to work at being a better designer and blogger always. I am grateful and humbled.

And now I have to go to the Ivy and hope to stare agawk at some famous person and paparazzi.

Because I'm in Hollywood y'all…..


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February 23, 2012

I know, you may have heard my eyes roll once or twice about trend colours… this year's being Tangerine Tango. Many months ago, just about the time the colour of the year was declared, Benjamin Moore in the US approached me about featuring one of my projects in their magazine Nuance…

Here's a little sneak of what they featured. I ADORE how the put this together by the way. Best use of Tangerine Tango I've seen thus far and not just because my fabulous room (which was completed over 2 years ago ahem shameless tooting of one's own horn here) was included in it!

I'm headed to Design Bloggers Conference in LA this Sunday. I'm back next week. I'm going to be a tweeting machine so please follow me there.. @meredithheron or you can always stalk my instagram which is also @meredithheron oh and of course the telepathic network which is woowho @meredithheron too I think well you have to actually just THINK @meredithheron for the TPN.

I really do marvel at good graphic design. Just love it, I suppose in many ways it's a hobby of mine though my husband will still say it's work. Sigh. Know of any hobbies that are looking for people to take them up?

Here's how we are using orange (because I believe in calling a spade a spade here) right now. Hermes Orange tufted leather dining banquettes for our #SnugBistro project. The flooring is going in as we speak. Weathered Grey Ash… YUM.

Just to round out the colour palette a bit… here's a lil sneak peek of the April Issue of Style at Home magazine. This picture was taken almost a year ago and I have been trying to NOT say anything about this for fear of it being a dream that I wasn't going to come true. From the moment I decided to leave teaching 10 years ago, having my work published in a magazine has pretty much been my #1 professional goal. April 2012 The Colour Issue (kismet) - goal achieved. Here I am with my greatest acheivement though. He's a year older and so much bigger. I am so blessed.

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February 22, 2012

I can't resist sharing a few pics from our shoot on Wednesday. I am beyond thrilled with the results and am furiously working on the article info to accompany the shoot.

::Parental Time Out to assure child that he does not, in fact, need Cookie Monster::

My mandate for this shoot was a little unusual as I mentioned yesterday. The magazine asked that I incorporate British Trends into the space.

I'm religiously opposed to Keep Calm & Carry Anything Signs (except for virtual voodoo dolls & ice picks which you will know I favour heavily for emergencies, asshats & the like).

I can occasionally accept Union Jacks but they need to be subtle and make sense in the space vs. SCREAM at you like a stadium full of rabid soccer/football fans.

There are many other british design influences to be had. British Colonialism in India, period furniture, toiles, chintz, bone china, cut crystal… I can go on. We've incorporated a wide variety - which has the following appeal: Layered, collected interiors that are built over time. Evens the design playing field when you go for this eclectic approach.

We also achieved a much richer space by shopping from the client's own collectibles as well as mixing in new to the client antiques and new pieces made to look old. Are you still following me? Okay I'll shut up now & post the pics.

You saw the bundles of flowers I picked up from the market yesterday… well voila here we are. So love how they turned out.

The filigree work is so pretty. The orchids really suit the vase. I've always struggled to figure out what works in it best. Now I know.

Pillow scheme. The green pillow has an awning stripe (very British) on the one side. We've paired it with an antique persian that has been scraped and overdyed and made into a pillow. This feels like a modern twist on a tapestry or needlepoint pillow. The silk stripes are bold & playful which is what I always think of when I'm looking at British fabrics/designers. Designers Guild, Osborne & Little, Nina Campbell etc. Also, as much as it pained me, I had to work at NOT matching my pillows. HARD.

The other side of the sofa.

Dorothy Drapery isn't exactly British, we took a little liberty here. The chintz on the seat however, much more toward the Isles. Paisley for sure has Brit flavour..

Queen Anne chair. Burlap. Nailheads & then paired it with a hand block print. Oh so British.


Will give you all the deets when it's on it's way to the presses!

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February 21, 2012

We are doing a photoshoot today for a magazine. We're styling one of our projects to suit a Trendspotting Twist that they've asked us to incorporate. We're game.

Our challenge is to Anglophile the space.

It's a challenge considering our initial design for the space lends itself more to a Beachside Art Deco inspired cottage.

I've posted some sneak peeks of the space before… can't wait to see what we come up with for an after though..

I'm also aiming to try and do it without using a single Union Jack. Impressive non? Actually it's my twist on a trend.. think 1940's Beachside Cottage transported to say Blackpool on the Sea circa 1940's….

We'll also be adding a little Downton Abbey.

Maybe I should finally watch an episode. I see from my twitter and facebook feeds that it's all the rage.

A little concept sketch to get us started…

We found this Queen Anne Chair, burlap & nailheads… fun.

Silver Filigree, cut crystal & fine bone china…

FORSYTHIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it's already in the flower markets.

Will do some low arrangements as well using a mix of flowers - blues/purples/fuchsia/green. Think shabby chic flower arranging or as some person who is trying to push “Anyone Can Arrange Flowers..” a new term… UN-ARRANGED Florals. ::slaps knees:: I kill me.

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February 20, 2012

Sluggish Blogger here. Not going to pretend otherwise. I have a voodoo collection for overly cheery people I mean, I'm relentlessly cheerful and optimistic most days but there's a fine line between that and Stepford Wife/Husband territory ya know? My mom used to wake me up as a kid with this sing songy voice… “Meredith, Rise & Shine, Time to Get Up..”

Throat Punch.

That's what I fantasized about doing to her every time I heard that song sung to me. It got to the point that I could hear her coming down the hall and I would start to imagine a giant hole opening up in the flooring to swallow her before she got to my room. I eventually confessed that this disgustingly cheerful way of rousing me was a fate worse than death and she immediately changed her tune to a simple, “Meredith, it's time to get up.” It was in fact, a relationship saver I truly believe.

I have to confess now that there is a similar Song that is sung in Social Media circles and blogs that reminds me of my mother's insanely cheerful morning greeting. I'm sure, that like my mother's own intent, all is meant to be positive & uplifting. There are just times where it grates on my last nerve and makes me invision taking the occasional ice pick to my eye. Never let it be said that I am wishy washy or lack imagination…

I'm just being honest or true to my “authentic” self. Gawd that's another phrase that sends me round the bend. It's become as over-used as eclectic and ironically, it's often used to describe the most contrived of people/places/things/etc. Whooaaa who pi**ed in my Cornflakes you are wondering? See what happens when I get an extra day off?? Totally dangerous right? No, it's not meant to be bitchy for bitchy's sake, think of it as the Social Media equivalent to Brown (p)Leather Parson Chairs…. that's all. Purging my online soul if you will… Right up there with Collaboration but only on a need to know, when I deem to share it with you basis. That's speshal too.

So maybe, after this purging, things will be like my teenage years when I could wake up without the homicidal fantasies, get my groove on peacefully all the while enjoying breakfast with my mom. Oh did I mention that I preferred to not have any conversation until I had eaten my breakfast and mourned not still being in my warm cozy bed? Ya, I was a complex teenager but then who wasn't right??

Here's some not quite Teenage Decor Porn to kick off the rest of the week - which is going to end pretty fabulously with Moi headed to Sunny (but not Stepfordy) California…...

This is my today. Well seeing as I'm writing this Sunday night, technically it's my tomorrow. The cupcakes are wishful thinking really. They are the last thing I need. Pretty though. Praying that a zebra chair I have my eye on for a photo shoot we are doing on Wednesday for a great magazine here in Canada is available though we have a plan B. The Tory Burch Cuffs. We don't need words to convey the lust. Threads… well I'll keep that to myself for now. Love the colour combo though.

These fabrics are insane. I adore. I must use them. Do you have a design project upcoming or one that you've been flirting wtih the idea of? Call me. We'll use one or two or all of them if you are game. Such pretty and impactful choices would totally make a room. Now see, my teenage self is gone replaced by the more mature self who is totally and utterly desperate for those cupckes now. Fabric & icing… the way to always soothe this savage beast!! Have a terrific week!

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February 16, 2012

Lots on the go, LA is a week away and I will be off enjoying friends, the Design Bloggers Conference and the sights for certain. I do believe my friend Katie has us all lined up to visit The Ivy, Villa Blanca of RHOBH fame (if you have to look that up, consider yourself lucky) and the best Mexican not found in an actual restaurant.

In addition to my designer hat, I've got a few photoshoots to get ready for (these are perfectionist's nightmares come to life), shopping and packing to do and finishing off a few projects that we've been working on for some time now. The last 10% of any project can honestly take the longest.

We're also getting closer to crazy time at the restaurant we are working on. Demolition is mostly done, now it's time to put Humpty back together again…

A little concept love… I love tufted leather. Especially when it's Hermes Orange.

There are amazing faux wood laminates out there. We are looking at using them here. Seriously, I'd challenged you to spot the difference.

Our Douglas Ave project + West Elm's Souk rug = FABULOUS!!! We're getting it ready for a photo shoot next week as it's about to #GETPUBLISHED! Hooray!!! We're actually doing a bit of a theme shoot. More on that next week. Thank you so much to Neil G at West Elm who scored me this rug as soon as it hit the Canadian Border!

It's Family Day Long Weekend here in Canada. I'm kinda embarrassed that it's called that.. seems so Stepfordian. I'm guessing there is going to be a lot of THIS in my weekend plans.

but this guy is worth it.

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February 15, 2012

Some days I can take it. Others I can't. Currently, our PVR has me apoplectic. It's not letting us record the shows we want and is requiring more brain power than is healthy to expend on it. Let's just say it's become a complicated game of Tetrus.

What does that have to do with a Design Blog you ask… other than PVRs needing a better design both aesthetically & functionally? Um well moving right along… (In an ironic twist, we had to Vote SURVIVOR off the island to resolve the schedule conflict…)

I've been asked to participate in a fabulous piece for a magazine about yours truly. A photo shoot is involved - GLAMAZILLAS LOOK OUT - and my office is the backdrop. Cue the Psycho Shower Theme Music.

My office?

Umm we just moved. We're not exactly done. Did they read this blog where I say I need a deadline and pressure to make things happen in my own backyard? I KNEW this blog would eventually come back to haunt me (wink).

Okay so we have not only selected the gorgeous Tanzania wallpaper from Thibaut, it's ARRIVED AND the installer has been booked.

I also have this sofa. It's not my forever I love you sofa, it's for sale to a good home but for now it has to work.

Pillow scheme will change.

The desk is going brass, I love these lamps but I'm not sure if they are working for me. I love the idea of mixing blue in with the black/cream/green. Do we leave the bookcase grey or paint it black?

Carpets. I need carpets. Black/cream graphic or do I go traditional or pseudo traditional or contemporary? Ali G, I literally am waiting breathlessly for your email to arrive upon reading this…

But what's driving me bonkers is.. what to do with the drapery. I need two pairs. Do I do this simple cream embroidered paisley that we used at our #CarltonStreet Condo Project? Or do I go bold and outlandish? I'm not afraid of being bold but should I also show a restrained side - there's something to be said for elegant and sophisticated… non? What would you want to see - something you could immediately relate to or something that would have you push your limits? Floral? Asian? Geometric (no chevrons, fretwork, plaid or Sephora Stripes as black & cream stripes have recently been called please). The idea of painting my own has been tossed around but even then, I worry that bold contrast will be too much with the paper…. I'd love feedback because the PVR situation has exhausted my last nerve at this point!! Muagghhhhh

Too similar to the pattern/scale on the sofa right? Ya I thought so too. ARRGGGHHH Can someone get me Luli Sanchez on the phone with yardage available and ready to ship?

Oh and a reminder of what the paper is going to look like in my office…

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February 14, 2012

Inspirations are an ongoing topic here on Sashay. Whenever I'm interviewed or asked to discuss my work, the topic of inspiration always comes up. I think that one of the many mysteries or marvels in the world is how creativity comes to be. Often it's catching a glimpse here and there of something, anything but other times one has to go looking for inspiration.

I'm currently working on a top secret, ultra hush hush project. Not saying what it is is practically killing me. I'm not good with keeping secrets. I mean I'm REALLY terrible but I'm also superstitious. I promise though, I won't keep this to myself for much longer.. just a bit.

However, because I am terrible at keeping secrets, I'm letting you in on some of my inspirations. I've collected these for some time but it's amazing to be able to gel them all together. I will say that I'm looking at pattern, texture and colour combinations. This is seriously like crack for me. I live for this stuff. I lie awake at night dreaming up combinations, I can't walk outside without being inundated with inspiration. I am so fortunate to be able to spend my days absorbing all of this and then creating rooms, spaces, objects that reflect what moved me.

Classic Triad colour scheme of red, blue & yellow. However, when you say red, blue & yellow it sounds so… Kindergarten. If you say Bayberry, Peacock & Mustard it starts to get better immediately yes? I adore the variation on these hues in the agate in the top left corner. How the blue fades to periwinkle. These variations make me go weak in the knees.

I'm a redhead. I look great in greens & blues. I'm drawn to them. They are always my favourite accent when I wear a neutral. The same extends to my decorating. It's my way of being close to water always I think. Soothes me.

This is my current scheme in my own home. You'll be getting a very good glimpse of this soon enough. I have loved this palette for years… it's perfection to me.

Just an idea…

That got a bit bigger…

And then there's this… Stay Tuned!!!

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February 13, 2012

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em? Yes, that's what's going on here. I am staunchly against Valentine's Day. Express it, show it, live it all year long is my belief. Don't get sucked into commercialism. My son however, has discovered holiday magic and loves any and all of them. He especially loves the giving aspect of them, so I'm fully exploiting this and using it to make my lil guy into a gentleman.

For those of you who don't know my background, I'm actually an elementary school teacher… taught for 7 Lonnnnnnnnnnng years before running screaming from the classroom into design full time. This year marks the 10th Anniversary of my Exodus. I was known immediately as the Artsy Teacher. The custodians HATED me and fought to NOT have my classroom as part of their assignments. I don't blame them, it was a creative war zone. The output was constant and the children flourished.

I'm a big believer in throwing people into the deep end when it comes to trying new things or learning. I do this with interns in my office all the time and I've begun to do so with my son. If you set the bar high, people will achieve more than if you low ball it for them. Always keep reaching. This can be true for even silly little valentines… If you saw my Martha Stewart moment yesterday, you will see that I had a full on Martha Style meltdown of domesticity here today. Oy Vey. I was drinking the koolaid. It's passed now. I'm angling for a foot rub from my husband as I type this. He's not biting… yet. (Truth be told, I get a lot of foot rubs. He's the best.)

I had a surplus of envelopes. I probably should have held on to them for a rainy day. You know the day, when you run around frantically looking for an envelope to put the one cheque a year you write into? Ya that. Oh well, I decided to make these our cards. I gave Luke red/pink/fuchsia/magenta markers and told him to have at it.

For his teachers & a few special friends, I broke out the glue. Kid knows how to use it & how. I helped him with the heart shape and then gave him the sparkles. Huge points for the mom there. Lil tip - sparkles are actually great on marble counters. The marble acts like a magnet. Clean up much easier there than say a wood table for some reason. #Containment

I used the left over glitter cellophane to make little heart confetti to go in each of the Cards aka Envelopes. Folding cellophane is definitely a high skill 15 yr old + kinda deal. Tricky stuff. Kinda need an attention span too.. so maybe make that 28+ (not to be an ageist dramatic licence). Remember that little trick about cutting only have the heart out along the fold? Ya I forgot about it til my 3rd or 4th try… LoSAHhhh!

You get these! (Bear with me, I promise this DIY Crafty stuff won't be a regulary occurrence I'll go back to posting pretty decor soon enough just need to document this to hold against him when he's a teenager).

Put them in here and voila! Sparkle Heart Confetti!! Now before you go thinking I'm a bad mom who just gave kids a mess making kit.. I put like 6 big hearts & 3-4 lil ones in each envelope… One throw of confetti at the most. My staff were horrified when I said I made heart confetti for the kids… ha ha ha not my classroom to clean up after any more either….. #EVIL #LOVEIT! Hell can now thaw out.

There… I ALMOST wished it to you. Almost.

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February 12, 2012

I know. Your Worlds Are Offically Rocked.

It happens occasionally.

Okay, it's a rare bird sighting to see me cooking or baking in the kitchen. It kinda shocked me too.

Here's the story behind such a crazy turn of events: You see last year, I totally forgot Valentine's Day. I don't like the holiday, rarely acknowledge it. I used to as a teacher but only for Art Projects. I loved to do art projects when I was a teacher because it let me indulge my creative side. It was my sanity. This year marks the tenth anniversary of my quitting teaching for good. Anyway, when Luke arrived at the office after going to nursery school in the morning, he was bogged down but Valentine after Valentine. I only discovered the class list that had been sent home when I rifled through his bag to see all of the Valentine loot he brought back. GUILT TRIP. It has lasted an entire year.

Luke has just started going to school for most of the day so I managed to get the class list early last week. I was on it. To make up for it, I'm going to make the class some cookies. I considered doing something more elaborate but I didn't want to set the bar too high for myself… can't have the teachers thinking that a) I bought them or b)that I'm a culinary goddess. Too much pressure, cookies it is.

I decided I would document the event.. who knows if it will ever happen again!

Mise en Place. This was the first time I got all my ducks in a row before I began. Totally made a difference. I should also add that the soundtrack for this little baking included, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Beatles & The Human League. I highly recommend.

The Virgo in me approves of this picture.

Love this.

The mixture in the bottom left is milk, eggs & pure vanilla - we get ours from Mexico, a lovely little market that we frequent all the time in Zihautanejo - the smell is heavenly.

Cranberries. This is my being a mom. I really really really want chocolate chips to be in this mixture. I adore Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. Not a fan of Oatmeal & raisins together.

Now to chill for 2hrs.

The secret to my success. I put the mise en place on a sheet tray and as I finished up with something I put it back on the tray. Mess containment. My husband was impressed. I usually finish baking and the kitchen looks like a Tornado blew through and hubs has to check the carnage for my body (truth be told, I'm collapsed on the sofa overwhelmed by my own mess). Not this time. I AM SUPERWOMAN!!!!! (the cookies aren't half bad either but STILL wish there was chocolate chips in them).

Luke helped. He, like his mother, is not a fan of getting his hands dirty. I had to do the rolling, he placed the balls on the trays. Have you ever tried to explain rows & columns to a 2 year old? Not bad eh?

Not bad, not bad at all.

And you thought my Mise En Place & my tidy organizational skills were me channeling Martha. Hold on to your red & white polkadotted hearts….

What's that in the back? Oh ya.. ALL of Luke's Valentine's Day cards finished & ready to go. TWO DAYS BEFORE VALENTINE'S DAY. I AM SUPER WOMAN!!!!

All wrapped up & ready to go. Also, I made enough cookies to have some at home. I figure that if I get food poisoning between now & Tuesday, I won't deliver the cookies & make the kids sick. More on my Valentine's Day artwork & kids' DIY aka Momma Does a Lot of (make that Most of) It….

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February 10, 2012

Thursday night was date night chez the Heron-Weinsteins so not a tremendous amount of time to put together a blog. Oh to have the time to blog all the things I want to say… ::GONNA NEED TO WIN A LOTTERY TO MAKE THAT BABY HAPPEN::

In addition to remembering that I can actually take cold medicine again, not being pregnant or nursing for the first time in um… well forever it seems, Thursday ended better than it started. ALSO I got word that THIS is happening in my office.

Thibaut Thibaut Thibaut is going to adorn my walls. This is their Tanzania Black on Cream. I first saw it in the House & Garden UK booth at Decorex in the UK back in September on Blogtour11 and I've been smitten HARD since. There will be copper and of course my beloved gold too….

Our Marigold Chair is finally finished. So thrilled with how it turned out. Locally made, the chair starts at $2000.00 plus fabric.

and the backside… Can't wait to photograph these for our portfolio!

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February 09, 2012



I'm also clearly yelling as I type this… Oy Vey.

Amazing how pregnancy warps your brain though. I just realized that I can totally take cold meds. I was pregnant and couldn't. Then I was nursing and couldn't. Um WTH? Why am I suffering needlessly?? ::frantically searches through desk for sinutab:: SUCCESS!!!!

To distract you while I go and blow my nose aka practice blowing a Tuba…

I'm cooking up (HA) big things in Ottawa for our #BeccstoneProject. These look reallllllllly pretty together non? Wish me luck as I pitch this kitchen to some brands who I would LOVE to work with on this.. nudge nudge wink wink.

I think the Brizo Tresa bridge faucet would be perfect non? Polished Nickel as well. This picture is actually from a showhouse in Indiana, by Agnes Hannah Friel. Now to settle on some appliances. Thoughts? This Sinutab can kick in ANY TIME NOW… Accccchhhheeeewwwwwwwww

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February 07, 2012

Computer woes, yet ANOTHER plague thanks to Nursery School children & a darling little boy who is upping the anti on the bedtime guilt trips are cramping my blog style today. Also, we ate the last of the Toblerone last night so I'm in Chocolate Mourning. As a rule, I don't really like chocolate. ::GASP:: did I really just say that out loud you are wondering? Yup. Prefer caramel and vanilla but I make an exception for Toblerones or the PC - President's Choice brand version of them (just as yummy).

We had a great meeting today on our new restaurant project. Serious decisions made. Hermes Orange is totally involved which we are going to use in a decidedly classic way. Can't wait to share.

Also stressing me out right now - Valentine's Day. I loathe Valentine's Day (see above re: not being a huge chocolate fan). I think it is trite, commercialized and over done. I think I've mentioned this once or twice before. I got the dreaded list today from Luke's teacher - the “Totally Up To You” Class list for those who are inclined to make/buy Valentine's Cards for the class. I forgot all about it last year and then discovered the list had been sent in Luke's bag about a week after Valentine's Day. #BadMommyMoment I felt bad when Luke had come home with all of these cards, even worse when I discovered there was a list. So now, racked with left over guilt, I'm determined to ease my conscience… we made these tonight.

Talented non?

After posting this on Twitter, Luke got his first Art Commission. When I told him that Brandon whom he met in NYC last fall wanted a Luke original using orange - Luke said “Okay, Brandon is nice Momma.”

Working on sketches for our new Ottawa project. This is going to be a dramatic before and after lemme tell ya.

This picture is giving me lots of ideas for #BeccstoneCres… Image

This Hermes picture is totally inspiring our restaurant project… leather, bleached oak, brass, tufting… intrigued?

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February 06, 2012

So many fabrics, so many options to utilize them. I find that putting stories together helps clients to make decisions. Sometimes it can be confusing but mostly, it helps for clients to envision how they will all work together.

Our Browning Avenue client loves contrast. Our mandate is to paint the walls an off white. Being a narrow semi-detached house, we are also charged with doing what we can to make the main floor seem bigger than it is. The trick to doing this.. well hiring a designer for one - wouldn't want to overlook that lil gem. You will have to stay tuned to see how we make it happen BUT I will say that it is going to be dramatic.

Here are a few of the palettes we are presenting to our client:



Green Leaf.

So which one is your favourite? Keen to see how we plan to use them? More on that later in the week.

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February 06, 2012

Coq Au Vin, Royal Conservatory Music Class, Great Friends, Apple Genius Bar, Rhino Virus, Chocolate Raspberry Ganache, Merengues, Delicious Wine from Canada & South Africa…

for starters.

God Bless Baristas who can spell my name right.

Original Art by Luke E. Weinstein. #ProudMomma

Taking a Memo.

Momma had Daddy's Coq Au Vin but Baby was all about the Tortellini this weekend.

Surprisingly good for a Canadian red wine. Yes, I'm a huge wine snob and rarely enjoy Canadian reds. This Meritage a total exception. Of course our guests brought a South African Syrah blend that has me weak in the knees still but Kudos to Inniskillen for surprising me!

#BeccstoneProject. Living Room. The shading in the corner wasn't intentional, my Tria Letraset Markers are quite the disappointment. Barely used them but they have almost all dried up. Definitely NOT on my recommend list. I'm now looking for new rendering markers. Anyone recommendations??

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February 02, 2012

We are heading out of town again for a new project. We do a lot of projects outside of Toronto, love the chance to get away and see the sites! Our mandate is a kitchen overall but as you can well imagine, this is going to spread out to the other main living areas in the house. In fact, I find that it's often easier to start there and work back to the kitchen, even if we are starting with the kitchen. Does that make sense? Come on, keep up, my brain is going in a zillion different directions, at least humour me and play along. I kid, I kid. Okay not really. HA!!

What I am saying in my usual cheeky way, is that you have to start with the big picture and then work back to the finer details. Like when you go on vacation. You have to commit to at least a country. You may then narrow down to a state/province, further refine to cities & towns etc before deciding which museum you are heading to. It's no different when designing your house. Sometimes, you have a starting off point or a must work with that becomes bossy pants, supreme leader of all but other times, people blow everything away and say make it purty.

So, I'm starting with the Great Room to figure out how to make it all work.

And for me, it comes down to a single fabric. I'm a fabric-trollope (was going to type whore but then I realized that you may not want to talk fabric whores on a design blog. Oh wait, I've gone and said and look here were are talking about it on a design blog. Funny that). I really do love finding a fabric that speaks to the entire project. Check out the fabric on the sofa pillows.

Damn. It's got it all.


Don't be fooled by all the greige. There will be colour. I'm just being strategic about where I'm putting it. Those pillows really tell it all don't they? Lots of budget friendly choices here so that we can put our funds into the kitchen. It's grown up without being too fussy pants you can't put your feet on the table right? I mean not that one SHOULD put their feet on the table (sorry Mom) but if they were to do so, they would feel comfortable trying it out in this space non?

Earlier this week I shared with you our pillow plans for our Kingswood 2.0 project. Today I found the PERFECT carpet to go with. Weak in the knees it is made for this project. Fingers crossed it looks as good as I hope it will in the space. This client just emailed me. We sent over quotes for the aforementioned pillows which are DIVINE. A few fabrics have minimums which makes the costs go up a wee bit… wee being a tad understatement. Here's what she sent back to me:

“We may may install a sticker on the front door that reads.. In case of fire, please rescue the throw cushions, the pets can find their own way out!”

I'm so getting that made up.

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February 01, 2012

I'm often asked where do I come up with design ideas. Truth be told I have zillions floating around at any time just waiting to be actioned on. Often ideas come from ideas presented and rejected by other clients. Other times, clients will see previous work and ask for something similar. I've had a few recent meetings where the clients referenced previous projects to me & simply said ” I love that, I want that feeling.” One client has had trouble finding anything in magazines that she loves, but every time a picture of one of our projects comes up she says “LOVE THAT.” It's unusual for us to actually use our own projects as inspiration but a wonderful compliment all the same.

We have gotten many many requests for a headboard similar to the Boswell Ave bed in our portfolio. One client is very smitten with this tufted headboard with upholstered base so we are putting a plan together that will include this. We're torn between linen or a silky velvet.

I initially put Barbara Barry's Poetical fabric on the table for drapery however, there are many windows to this space and we'd need upwards of about 40 yards of fabric. We are now looking at bedding in Poetical, but maybe go with roman blinds to repeat the pattern up on to the windows. However, I do quite love the idea of romans in a silk… I'm even looking at balloon shades but that's probably pushing the 80's too much ( I love it but I'm currently fighting the brass/gold war so I may need to choose my battles). We initially looked at darker accents, but now I'm thinking blush and maybe a lil robin's egg…. silvery sage. Soft. Romantic. True Sophisticate.

Loving this carpet… the burled wood chest is gorgeous but I'd love to see a dark burled walnut chest classic lines but with a cream lacquer drawer front. Brass or Polished Nickel hardware for the pulls…

Here's a lil sketch of what I'm feeling… are you feeling it too? Notice the walls? Ya, that's grey grasscloth. I die.

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verb (intr), informal

1.To move or walk in a showy way; parade.

2. To strut or flounce in a showy manner.

Once upon a time we had a Design Forum on our website. A member (who exactly, escapes me) coined the term “Sashay” to describe the excitement that was experienced every time a client/forum member received a package or had a “Reveal” from Meredith Heron Design. I love the visual I get whenever I hear it spoken or see it written..

Here’s hoping every day includes time for a little Sashay!


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