​I know I know it’s been 9 months and by now no one I know is reading blogs, they are transmitted via Instagram stories and such but on the off chance that someone IS reading a blog here and there well I had this compulsion to write one. I know that I rarely look at blogs because the overall content lacks or fails to inspire but that may be all the reason to start writing one again… who knows.

I do know that given what I’m seeing on insta-stories and social media in general, I myself would like to step back to a more cerebral time. I have SO much to tell you.

We are working on dream projects and I mean DREAM projects across the map. I’ve definitely re-thought some of my past goals/dreams and have made serious progress toward new ones or re-upping those that were forgotten. Where to begin? For starters, we bought a Brownstone! It’s on our dream street - Bedford in the heart of Designer’s Walk so literally right behind our current office. It’s 7 half stories with the most incredible outdoor space - which sold me on it to be frank. SO freaking exciting and stressful and overwhelming but I think I’m handling it in stride. I mean that is if you overlook the bronchitis (post client trip out to Winnipeg), the flea bites I picked up thanks to clients’ backyard that backs on to a forest and the ensuing allergic reaction to said bites that resulted in my entire body being covered in hives for a WEEK! This last bit necessitated that I skip alcohol for the last week or so which I don’t recommend when you are trying to design your new office, have that work done, packing and moving your current office to move into what is now a bit of a construction site. All in all - I have maintained my cheery disposition though I may exude a rather foggy reaction or no reaction at all in some cases. This shouldn’t alarm people, I’m just trying to process a lot on top of a steady stream of benadryl (I’ve stopped for the last three days which is exciting - the hangover was NASTY though).

So plan wise - it’s amazing. Of course we’ve never been in the space or should I say Lived in it (worked) so I am hesitant to pull the trigger on a few things without knowing what this exactly will entail. I am trying to make smart choices that will enable us to move forward without having to back track so it may not be super glam and pretty right away but we’re trying to focus on the things that you do once and then you can phase things to allow for the pretty to happen easily. So I should really get to the plan bit because if you want to read a blog you also want the incentive of the design porn. If you happen to have been on twitter last night and this morning insert obvious Ted Cruz Porn joke here.


As with most Brownstones there is a Stoop. Numerous stairs that we share with a neighbour. We have a lovely wrought iron arch and a plethora of hydrangeas which is great. There’s a little patio there that we share with the neighbour but this needs some serious addressing next spring. I mean DAYYYYUM it is going to get an overhaul. I’d also love to paint the exterior brick as well and change the windows but because we are adjoined on each side, I’m thinking I may have to get at least one neighbour to drink that KoolAid…. so my plan is to dazzle the front patio area so that they have faith that I’m the person they should drink kool aid from.

​The foyer per se is a postage stamp but we’re making a few logistical changes to facilitate transforming it into a Jewel Box of an entrance. The metal door and world’s ugliest hardware needs to go and I’d like to have a window at least so that A) we get more light in and B) you can see if someone is there. I can imagine that it will become annoying having to “ANSWER” the door for deliveries - I’m sure we can train the various people to just come on in but I feel it will be easier to achieve this with some kind of a window. I’ve been obsessed with two long vertical windows in doors for some time - not sure why but this is my choice in a black gloss of course with a killer knocker and door hardware. We also need a new exterior light but that’s for a different discussion.

The photo of the moulding and mirrors I took years ago at Highpoint at the Baker showroom and it’s been on my MUST DO LIST ever since. This foyer is the perfect spot for it. On the flip side of where we will put that mirrored panel we have the entrance to the kitchen and our plan is to close it off with a wall and a door that mirrors the mirrored panel. Bam. Perfect. Of course there is limestone tile in the foyer and kitchen that I loathe that needs to come out but if that comes out the kitchen comes out and that is a slippery slope and definitely not a must be done to start with.

​What would be the formal living room in this house is going to become our staff’s office. We are doing custom millwork for the desks and storage and we decided that we are going to hide everything vs having open shelving. The millwork is to be in a lacquered gloss in a pale Iris colour. Each person will have a picture wall sconce over their work space and a finished millwork back on which to hang art.

​We’ve found a great plaster fluted moulding that served as our jumping off point for the design of the millwork. We’ve repeated it on the drawers themselves and then juxtaposed this fluting with flat front inset doors and drawers for the storage areas. It allows us to define the desk areas as different than the storage but it all works together. We have some funky ceiling lines toward the back of the house but we’ll use paint and moulding to disguise.

Lots more in the works. I’ll just have to dangle this here for now and hook you into checking back for a follow up!!!

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verb (intr), informal

1.To move or walk in a showy way; parade.

2. To strut or flounce in a showy manner.

Once upon a time we had a Design Forum on our website. A member (who exactly, escapes me) coined the term “Sashay” to describe the excitement that was experienced every time a client/forum member received a package or had a “Reveal” from Meredith Heron Design. I love the visual I get whenever I hear it spoken or see it written..

Here’s hoping every day includes time for a little Sashay!


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