November 25, 2012:

Bite Me Whaaaattttt???

Bakery that is. 

We are currently helping put together the finishing touches on Bite Me Bakery's first brick & mortar location on St Clair Street here in Toronto. BMB is irreverant, cheeky and the names alone of some of their cupcakes will cause you to blush and while the owner Dayna's approach is often a little provocative no one can argue that her cupcakes aren't the best little cupcakes they've ever tasted. Bite Me actually refers to the Bite Size the cupcakes themselves are. They are sinfully good but being bite size you feel way less guilt about the indulgence. Why yes, I'm speaking from personal experience on this one.

Dayna first approached me about designing her new bakery spot for her some months back but the right location didn't materialize. As luck would have it, my husband Asa saw an ad in one of our trade rags advertising a cupcake bakery that was looking for an owner to assume location/chattels. Before Jeanne could blink and nod her head voila, Dayna had taken over the location. Did I mention that this all went down literally within the last two weeks? Girl after my own style.

So we are personalizing it to Dayna's Brand and adding in some unexpected notes all the while working with the pieces that she now owns. Here's a little taste of what we are cooking up - LITERALLY.

Used this as further inspiration to consolidate so many ideas.

I saw this dress by Oscar De La Renta in the early fall. I wish I had the need to wear it somewhere. We've used this to inspire the drapery and table skirt we are having made.

I'm totally over black chandeliers HOWEVER when you pair it up against a magenta ceiling it doesn't look so... well back chandelierish. I'm still trying to decide on black shades or not.

We ombre'd the millwork. Again I was a little concerned it would look a touch cartoony but it doesn't at all. So much fun! Cheeky.

Trying to convince the client that she needs something like this in the space.

Here's a little teaser on how it is shaping up. Bite Me Bakery opens this coming weekend. They are at the corner of St Clair and Glenholme on the north side  (1034) beside Boom Restaurant! Stop by and say hello to Dayna and the girls and just TRY to leave without a dozen or two or three of her cupcakes!!!