November 22, 2012:

Bursting Design Bubbles vs Thinking Outside of the Box

We went to site with our contractor today to take a look at our #LongBranch project. The clients *think* they would like to eventually put a 2nd storey addition on but would prefer to renovate the main floor of the house which is techinally a sidesplit first. Our contractor delivered the bad news that in order to support the structure above, he doesn't feel we could phase it.

Shiznits. That's a poopy answer. Talk about raining on our parade.

However, looking at the house itself, there are other options that would make this phasing possible but it just doesn't involve building the entire house up. Now I can see the possibilities as can our contractor but our client, is more hesitant though she seems to be leaning to wanting to get on board our new party train. UPDATE: Cient emailed. We are going to fully investigate all options and the prices associated with each. Dun Dun DUnnnnhhhhhhhh!!!

The balance as the designer though is to open the client's mind up to all the amazing possibilities that can be all the while not making it seem like they are settling because they aren't they are just revising their initial expectations. NOT a downgrade. The client asked the contractor if I was selling her a line of BS at one point (did I mention that we are friends and this was totally in jest?). Design is always a sales job so I often have to remind others that I work for good not evil. It's times like these that knowing what your client wants/needs from a functional basis is important. Add on top of it what they hope to gain experientially from the changes and it's much easier to find solutions. Well usually. Planting a money tree never hurts either.

Here is the current floor plan. That foyer is TIGHT. The house is dark. There are long lists on both sides good and bad so we won't dwell on that but instead focus on  how best to open up the house and make it warm and inviting and family friendly.

This is the layout the client likes best. Ticks all the boxes. We are going to flip the kitchen to the dining room so that we can have a window in the kitchen as well as capitalize on the width of the house vs the current layout which doesn't give us much room to do anything. The living room will get used more if it is open to the ktichen too. 

Now because this is more of a renovation project, I'm not starting with fabrics on this one though I do have an idea on where I'd like to take that portion of the space. Instead I'm starting with THIS baby. It's a Capital Range and it's in COBALT blue. YES. COBALT BLUE!!!. I think this may be the first time I've designed a kitchen around a stove before.

Over on Pinterest I've started a #LongBranch Board (click to be connected to it). Feel free to follow along and see what gets pinned to this board. I'm occasionally repinning from the client's board but only the ideas I love!! ha ha ha This kitchen is from Urrutia Design I love the barstools. The layout is similar to what we will have to work with in this kitchen. Of course there will be much nicer pendants and backsplash....

If you are about to head into the kitchen to get Thanksgiving ready I'd love to hear your thoughts on what makes the perfect kitchen. To all of our US friends & readers we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Here in Canada we had our fill a month ago and are eagerly looking forward to Christmas at this point. Of course as soon as that is over we'll be complaining about the cold. FOR. LIKE. EVER. It's a Canada thing.