November 20, 2012:

#CarltonStreet Project - Style at Home Magazine

::pops cork::

It's finally here our Carlton Condo project on the pages of Style at Home!!! YOU MUST buy a copy for yourselves and of course a few for family and friends. If you are in the US you can buy the issue online but heck you might as well subscribe because IN this issue of Style at Home they have a little teaser of PROJECT KITCHEN GORGEOUS!!! It's going to be in the January issue (I've probably said this now a half dozen times but I'm just so damn excited to see #PKG in print!) which goes on sale Dec. 10th. So subscribe.

We had a shoot last week of one of our projects which will be making it to newstands March 2013 so a pretty short turnaround which we are thrilled to bits about as well.

So you wanna have a lil taste of #Carlton?? The styling which you can see in the Style at Home feature was done by Jessica Waks who was absolutely delightful to work with. She pulled together some amazing things! These shots are not from the shoot but they will give you a flavour of what the condo is about!

We mixed and matched chairs on either side of the console table when you first walk into the living space. We took down the wall between the kitchen and the main living/dining room which created a long "what the heck do you do with it space" - yes that is a technical term. So we put fabulous artwork atop a lovely console table and then to create some tension mixed up the chairs for fun. This is one of my all time favourite vignettes we've ever done.

The article in the magazine goes in to quite the detail about the managing of the VERY DIFFERENT tastes of the husband and wife duo. I was a referree at times. This backsplash though was an easy choice. It's pretty amazing.

It's a pretty big space. I love old condos for this very reason. They are generous on living space. I love how airy this feels despite being a north facing condo. 

We used a media cabinet with high gloss laminate zebrano from Ikea as our chic console here. We didn't bother installing the legs and used a cleat to hang them on the wall. I love to play spot the Ikea! Great on budget.

Those club chairs are secretly recliners aka Marriage Savers. We also faked you out with the drapery. We added the cream embroidered paisley fabric to the silk panels to make it look like we had double the drapery. First time I've ever done so. Love how it turned out.

These stools are the bombdiggity!!!! Found them on clearance at Elte. They are sex on legs if you don't mind me saying. I threw the furs on them to make them more wintery. We shot this in August and were going for a holiday feel but not Christmasy. I love to use furs on pieces to add an instant cozy feel.

Now you have to check out the rest in Style at Home!!! Run People Don't Walk!

This is the issue you want people. Now start buying.