November 08, 2012:


So I think we've established that I'm wholly obsessed with all things blue. This now extends to filters that I'm applying to photographs. I love a great grouping or collection. Italigos, sea urchins, shells you name it I'm entirely gungho and now that I've discovered The Camera Bag App... look out. There is no end to what I may do with the power this APP gives me.

Here are a few of our Rome/Florence shots that I've filtered using Cyan. I'm thinking of framing them all out something like this.

This grouping was for a showhouse and the room is designed by Eileen K Boyd. A lovely woman and exceptionally talented designer, I've been a fan for years. I'm actually using this photo as inspiration for our #Brooklin project. More on that another time. The paneling on the wall, totally looking to do this to my own living room. That is also a post for another day.

I love how this updates the expected black and white or sepia toned Italy pics. I've used filters to make them look aged too so they'll have a classic feel. Goodbye Art Wall hello formal collection!