October 19, 2012:

Getting Back on the Blogging Horse

Wowsas a vacation can really wreak havoc on one's blogging!! But I'm back baby I'm back!!!

I don't even know where to begin except to say that MAN I had a great time in Florence and Rome. You may have noticed I took a pic or two over on instagram...

I also undertook a Herculian effort to find a pair of cognac brown riding boots that would fit my calves.  It turned out to be a full 10 day challenge which saw me trying on boots in every store there was to be had in Rome. It finally ended in my absolute last chance store in Campo Fiore. The last day alone, I must have hunted for close to 8 hours. It was insane. But my efforts did pay off!



I've waited what feels a lifetime to own this purse. I first saw it in a croco by Nancy Gonzalvez in Bergdorfs about five years ago. It was a small fortune that would only be paid by selling an organ or two on the black market. Had my husband left me alone for a few more minutes, I would have talked myself into the purchase. He arrived in the nick of time and thwarted my whipping out my AMEX. It has haunted me since and then in Florence, I walked into a store and there it was, this time in Patent.

Did you hear the angels singing? Ya, I did. I also heard my friend Sue's voice saying, "Don't leave a purchase behind in Italy, you will regret it." So I whipped out the card and bought it. Happy 40th Birthday to Me!!! (I'm milking it for the rest of the year, my birthday that is...) It's breathtaking this bag. I am a content and happy woman. For now.


Oh and if you are in Canada, check out the latest issue of Canadian Family!! My family and my Christmakah decor are featured in the latest issue!! The uber talented Angus Ferguson shot our house last November and I'm absolutely beyond ecstatic with how it turned out. Thank you again to Jen Reynolds and her entire team. Top Notch!!