December 21, 2012:


If you are reading this, then the world didn't end. It also means that it's my friend Robin's birthday - Happy Birthday Robbie I hope you have a fabulous year ahead. 

I'll be blogging next week when I have a moment to breathe. I just agreed to do a photo shoot on Christmas Eve at my house. Because I didn't want you to leave 2012 thinking I'd lost my edge.

Crazy is in full effect.

I'm also working on my countdown blogs to 2013 and the Trends WE MUST MAKE DIE. Please hit the Join the Conversation Button to let me know what trends you want to see take their last breath!!!

In other amazing news - my friend Wendy has written the sweetest of pieces about yours truly over on her blog please check it out HERE! Thank you so much Wendy I sincerely appreciate all of your support in 2012!!!!

Have a great weekend!!

Spike the Eggnog!!!!

Style at Home January 2013 - Photography by Donna Griffiths