November 13, 2012:

Hunkering Down

My palm trees are still living as are my Boston Ferns. Sigh. These are in my planters outside. Part of me wants them to die already so I can do my winter urns but the other part of me can't be bothered. I'm officially on the fence about how crazy I want to go with Holiday decorating inside. Being on the DL list - our entire family has been mowed down by this nastiest of flu/cold bugs that seems to recirculate and strike each of us one by one and over and over again in the last week  - has made me sincerely wish that we had a fireplace in our house. There is just something about a fireplace that makes things feel right in the world. I mean I now FINALLY have heated seats and steering wheel in our new car, both I don't know how I've lived in Canada for 40 years without may I add... now I'm feeling the same way about a fireplace. 


This has to be one of my all time favourite fireplace vignettes. It would be perfect in my Victorian and would feel like it was original to the house. However, we have no chimney so electric fireplace is pretty much the only way we are going to get one. Sure there are ethanol options but I don't know if that will really give us any heat. Of course I'm open to being swayed if the look is right. I'm not into modern fireplaces on the whole especially not for my own house.

We know I'm obsessed with these mantels. This profile + Electric fireplace = ecstatic Meredith.

I'm happy to do something simple if I can embellish like this one... I just hate when they look like they are stand alones that stick out from the wall. MUST look integrated.

I love this combination. The wood mantel with the cast stone. Of course the dark walls are pretty amazing too.  This would look fabulous in our bedroom with our rich indigo walls.

It's really all about the insert isn't it? It needs to look as real as possible. We have gas in our house so I suppose we could opt for a gas fireplace too.... but they are damn expensive. 

I like the looks of both of these (though I'd paint the dark wood if it didn't come in white or an offwhite) electric fireplaces from Stylish Fireplaces. I'm sure they have the answer.. Well I hope they do. This is becoming an obsession of mine.

If you are looking to get all cozy up near a fireplace, get the latest issue of Style at Home - it's the Holiday Entertaining issue. I'm thrilled to announce that our #CarltonCondo project is featured in this issue. Shot by the fabulous Stacey Brandford and styled by the ever darling Jessica Waks I am over the moon excited for you to see it - my good friend designer Jonathan Legate also has his house featured in this issue. YIPPEEE!!!  I love working with the talented team from Style at Home!