October 29, 2012:

In Between Phases - What are These?

We've spent a lot of time recently thinking about how to time a project in the sense of the duration. All too often, it is tempting to be at the mercy of others when it comes to timing. The more time I spend in this business, the more I'm inclined to want to have more say over this. We're still waiting on nighttables for our #Boston project that were supposed to be ready the end of September. Then we heard October, then someone mentioned November. I'm guessing that if we get before December we're lucky. Sadly, many many many many furniture suppliers are absolutely willing and able to lie about these things. Even worse, the salesperson assigned to our account is pretty condescending and schmarmy about it.

But then there are suppliers who bust their bustables to getter done. One such supplier has been our #Boston workroom - Storibook Designs & Sarah O'Neil owner extraordinaire. Not only has Sarah met our deadlines, she has exceeded our expectations in regards to beautiful fabrications and stellar installations. Now we'd finished the major part of the project install back in September but there were fabrics that were delayed, additional treatments added to the scope, alterations that we hadn't expected and so forth. (We've also got art, area carpets and the formal dining room among a few other rooms that we're phasing in). Having such a terrific and reliable trade in the Boston area makes it all the easier to rely on someone to help us with each subsequent phase.

Good design is without question only possible when you have a good team in place. The proof is in the pudding - Sarah sent me these pictures. She even composed them all pretty and designery.

Custom crib skirt. SO DAMN CUTE!

We bought a glider from a big retailer. We had Sarah make a custom slipcover for it. Yummay. Guest Bedroom - we opted for ready made drapery that was hemmed to the right size. Extra fabric from Amanda Nisbet - now throw pillows for the Master Bedroom.

I had wanted a different blue ribbon on these. I'm officially a moron. These are perfect. PERFECT!

Look familiar? That's the fabric that I hand-blocked. PRETTY DAMN FINE if I say so myself!!!