November 12, 2012:

Inspiration Du Jour

Sick Child. As in puke down my top, in my hair, on my arms AND on my computer sick child. I spent a lot of time on pinterest and surfing the web while the lil man was huddled up to me. Had to be touching me. It was endearing beyond words and surprisingly not as icky as I would have imagined pre-child. I was mostly immune except for one brief moment where my hair trigger of a gag reflux and a bucket went mano a mano. We survived.

My Pinterest Folders are Flush people with gems and the really good ones I locked away on my private board. Ha ha ha ha ha I cackled maniacally. PRIVATE BOARDS HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED!!!!  I've always used Evernote to hide the really good shizzle now I don't have to. However, I was flipping through both Evernote and Pinterest and decided to share with you what is floating my fabulous boat right now.

We are designing a cupcake shoppe here in Toronto at the moment. Like it's going to open in the next two weeks moment. We've been working on this for a LONNNNNG time the right stars needed to align, they did and our client ended up finding a baker who needed to  sell her business and our client swooped in and scooped it up. The great thing about this is that we only need to embellish. Umm HELLLLLO!!! Cupcakes are insanely good I should add. I've felt the need to do a lengthy quality control based study of this to you know properly understand the brand and all. I'm torn however between an all white exterior or navy and white and maybe a bit of black with some greenery. I will marinate on this for like a few hours before we have to um open.

Ms AtlanticPacific has done a marvellous job mixing the black with the blue here. ::Runs to Buy Navy Tights:: The key is the alternating. This way it looks intentional and not like you got dressed in the dark and grabbed the wrong pair.

Hello Ms $11,000.00 US chandelier. Yup that's what it costs. I've already checked. They keep emailing me back to see if I want to buy it.  I have to be honest, it is beautiful. The only way I would pay $11,000.00 for this is if I suddenly found myself $50 MILLION dollars richer. Oh speaking of that - wait til you see a blog post I have coming. You will DIE or at least feel slightly murderous. It's a doozy.

Lonny hit the online stands this Saturday and immediately my pinterest was flooded with images from the new issue. Black bedroom, no big, it's been done before. However, it's inspired me to present something to a client that will knock their socks off and I'm beyond excited to share it with them then you. I say that because I know they read the blog so I am not giving away any hints on this just yet. I do want to say however, that I love that about magazines/online decor porn. One glimpse of an image and BAM ideas fly into my head.

I stumbled upon pic after pic site after site of TTH. I was like who the hell is TTH? Then I saw the name Taylor Tomasi Hill and I couldn't fire up the Google fast enough. Fashion Editor for US Marie Claire I couldn't help but feel the pull of our redheaded sisterhood. Girl does serious justice to the redhead cause but she may need to eat a sandwich or two. I own a very similar blouse to this. I love magenta on redheads.

Remember the Vatican images I bombarded with you from my trip to Rome? THIS was exactly what I had in mind for my living room. I'm arranging to have the picture printed as we speak. I also need to repaint said living room and add full panel moulding details. Think I could get that all done before say um Christmas??