November 19, 2012:

It’s Always Something…

This was the title of the Gala we attended on Saturday night in support of Gilda's Club - Gilda Radner's Charity Organization to support people & their families doing battle with Cancer. It was a Variety night of entertainers. We were entertained. Though, I should mention that the Sony Centre in Toronto needs to hire me to revamp their interiors which look like what you would expect to find say in a shopping mall north of um Timmins Ontario (google Timmins or Northern Ontario Shopping Malls). NOT PLEASANT.

Who knew the ironic twist attending this Gala would provide us with come Sunday.

I got an email at noon on Sunday from a client who happens to be a tenant in the same building as ours at work. They also live behind the building so they routinely pop over to the office to do work when necessary. The email was to call her ASAP as there had been a break in. Turns out, the lock to the building had been drilled out and professional CRIMINAL THIEVES had broken in, got into our suite FIRST up on the THIRD floor (can you say inside job?) and stolen all of our computers. Our client was alerted to something afoul when they smashed the office glass across the hall from hers and the client came to see what was up. The CRIMINALS fled and our client called the police who were there in a flash.

So I'm headed in to clean up the joint, file the necessary paperwork and curse ANYONE who is trying to buy a 27" iMac or FIVE for cheap on ebay/kijiji/craigslist. The police have all the serial numbers which can't be scrubbed so if you are thinking you are looking at the Steal of a Century online for Christmas purchases you actually ARE. If you and or the perps are caught, we won't be compassionate and let you go with a slap on the wrist. I'm so mad right now, I'm thinking life imprisonment on an ice flow in the Arctic sounds totally justified.

I get that it's just stuff but here's the thing, get a job - a real one. I worked for each and every one of those computers and our office. I didn't receive a helping hand. No trust fund, no overly generous relatives. I didn't marry for money. Banks are a joke. I earned them. I gave up time with my child or my family/friends to make them possible. You are a coward and a lazy ass. 

Hate to start the week off on such a sour note. I still intend to have a kick ass one and look forward to hearing from Toronto's finest that they nailed the asshats who did this. Never mess with a redhead. Promise xo.