October 16, 2012:

Last Full Day In Rome

Every time I think I'll have lots of time to blog while I'm away I fail horribly, miserably in fact. Just too darn tired.

Today is our last day in this spectacular heaven on earth. It's also my last day to try and track down the boots of my dreams here. I only hope that walking all over the city doesn't cause my feet/legs to swell making my quest all the more difficult. I'm positive that bootmakers are sadists who refuse to consider that the majority of the world does not have calves 12" or smaller in diameter. Bastards they are the lot of them.

I'm looking forward to getting home and back to work though. I know I'm a bit nuts right?

Spent a bit of time hanging with Moses.

Then there's this old place.

But time with this guy (not to mention my husband and bestie) has/have been the best of all.