February 28, 2012:

Lights Camera… Action - Design Bloggers Conference Style


Got to LA on Sunday, still here but I have a glass of wine and a laptop and an actual wifi connection that seems to be sticking around so I thought I would whip together a little glimpse of LA Blogger Style. My fabulous roomie Katie Rosenfeld of boglestreet.com & I are hanging out in our room, drinking wine, pesudo napping (she's now packing).

So the little bit of news I have... this blog, this very one that you are reading right now just won Best New Design Blog and has been inducted into the Design Bloggers Conference Hall of Fame.

To quote The Zoe - I DIE.

This blog isn't even a year old. This time last year, I was talking about making it happen and had set the wheels in motion to get it off the ground.

Winning, I had to give a little speech. I wasn't prepared to do so. Not like THAT has ever stopped me before.

As a Canadian, I am so proud to have achieved this. So many of the blogs are American so I feel a little extra special to have received this award and we all know that I am still fighting to get parity with shipping/pricing etc between our two countries within the industry so it's special to me.

So many individuals have supported this blog and me personally in this endeavour including my fabulous husband Asa and team at MHD. Anne & Celia are great at encouraging me with post ideas, achievements and well they like my snark. I mean they have to live with me... so it's kinda important non? HA! I kid. My lil man Luke who also encourages and supports his Momma's blog writitng  at times - it's the only way he'll let me stay downstairs after he's gone to bed. He understands that it's important that Momma work on this. Gawd he is really the best. I cried when the tres adorbs Kelley Moore interviewed me after winning. She asked me what I am most proud of - Luke - lost it on camera. I think that means I'm officially a mom well not just any mom, MY MOM. My goodness. I really hope my mascara didn't run.

I am a very lucky and blessed woman to be surrounded by so many wonderful friends - including my bestie Gina who has encouraged me to speak up, speak out and be proud but to always think with my pocketbook. I have learned so much from her and am so fortunate to call her my sister. So, now that my reputation as a right biotch is blown to hell and back... Sap that I am...

Thank you for reading;, for  laughing with and/or at me; for supporting the work that I do and celebrating my passions with me; for challenging me to work at being a better designer and blogger always. I am grateful and humbled.

And now I have to go to the Ivy and hope to stare agawk at some famous person and paparazzi.

Because I'm in Hollywood y'all.....