October 31, 2012:

Lil Updates

We've been chipping away at little office updates when we aren't busy with client projects, power outages and the plague. Finally got rid of the world's ugliest wall sconces. I mean who the hell thinks that green frosted glass is a good idea for a wall sconce?

Speaking of which, our lighting library grew by a significant amount today with a new rep of what seemed like an endless array of lines. You want lights, really, really great lights call me. Oh better yet email me, my voice sounds like raw gravel right now. If you are going to skimp on your budget, don't skimp on lighting. Slipcovered sofas in a white cotton from Ikea will look more like sofas from Montauk if you pair the with amazing lighting. Gotta know when to splurge and lighting is for sure the place to spend your dollars.

Changed up a vignette in our entrance. Indigo paired with magenta is clearly my weakness right now.

Zee wall sconces.

This is the tidiest this board has been in forever. To be honest, I'm not sure how I want it used. Inspiration? Vision Board? Or do you make it into something functional? If so how and how to keep it looking tidy and professional. Please feel free to discuss this.

Gone is the ugly front door and it's all glass and modern. Going to add some branding to the door too. You know, in my spare time. Makes us keep our meeting table clean. Mostly. HA!

Here's a close up of the new sconces.

Totally off topic. We're waiting on the lantern for our front porch so we went old school for Halloween. Only a few kids almost set themselves on fire. Kids are totally drawn to flame I've discovered.  I need more hurricanes to practice safe candle burning. Clearly.

This guy. LOVES handing out candy to trick or treaters. HATES putting on a costume to go trick or treating. We achieve a compromise though. He put on his Lion Hat that clients gave us and went to the neighbours' and trick or treated there. Truth, he got more stash than walking up our entire street and back by going to the neighbours. Efficient kid. 

It's NOVEMBER PEOPLE. And before you ask I don't DO Movember. AT. ALL. That is all.