October 31, 2012:

Obsessed with this Palette

You may have gathered by now that I'm not really a yellow or orange kinda gal. They don't fire me up. Occasionally as an injection into another scheme but rarely on their own. Red I like when paired with a cool compliment but if you mix it with other warm colours - I find it garish. I find a lot of colours passe or have a huge hate on for them. Isn't it great how passionate people are about colour? I once had someone flip OUT because I didn't embrace Tangerine Tango as the colour of the year. You'd swear I'd just kicked a puppy or something. SHEESH.

My logic is pretty straightforward. If you like sunny spaces, painting a room yellow isn't going to achieve it. I mean come on, even the sun is only a spot amidst a sea of blue. Mustard yellow - great as a condiment but paint it on your walls and you'll look jaundiced. It's a hard colour for anyone to look good wearing let along have it reflect back on their face.

I stole these from my friend Robbie. I'm determined to use this in an upcoming project. They take me to my happy place. Given the weather, the clean up & things of a political nature, I think it's time to just appreciate stop and smell the roses or flower of your choice. Better yet, if you are so inclined, send a few of these to my office just 'cause. I'm going to need them on account of a three year old who decided this morning to boycott anything Halloween.