November 26, 2012:

Patterned Obsessed

So we had a stupdendous meeting with our #Brooklin clients on Friday. I believe the motto of the meeting was "We're Game..." and game they were.

Not ones to shy away from pattern and/or colour we will be doing it up in spades in both.

It's not every day a client doesn't blink when you suggest that you wallpaper an entire great room & kitchen in a zebra wallpaper. I mean usually there's at least a clearing of the throat. The husband held up the paper against one of our bookcases and they both enthusiastically agreed to it.

A different zebra wallpaper was chosen for the powder room. Again, no blinking, no clearing though I did wonder if I needed to leave the client alone for a moment with said paper as there was much much love.

I don't really have to worry about suggesting animal prints or anything animal for that matter to this couple. To a designer like me who likewise lusts after all things animal print.... why yes that is me doing a touchdown dance in the endzone. Of course, I'm likely to pull something and end up in traction.

This is the paper we decided on for the back of the house. Isn't it divine?

This is the paper we decided on for the powder room. Of course, I will also incorporate some of my favourite horizontal stripes paint wise in the house. Both of the kids' rooms will get some form of striping as will the curved wall in the stairwell from the first to second floor. Oh and I haven't even touched on colour yet. ::jump claps like a cheerleader::