November 08, 2012:

Philosophically Speaking

It's been quite a week hasn't it? Sadly, on Tuesday my brother called me to tell me that my Grampa Heron had died.  My Grama passed three months before Luke was born (the same thing happened with my father's paternal grama when I was born - I'm totally Mabel I'm told). Luke is totally my Grama. Like in a WHOAAAAAAAAA that's freaky kinda way.  It's amazing when you see someone else in a new little person especially when they've never met and you know that they couldn't possibly have been influenced by that person. He has her laugh and mischevious glint.

My Grampa was one of the last remaining World War II Veterans in the world. I mean let that sink in. There are VERY few left. Serving in the war was probably what he would have considered his greatest accomplishment. Kids, Grandkids, Great Grandkids were a very close second. I can't imagine how it shaped him. He talked about it pretty much every day that I knew him. My childhood was shaped by hearing these stories. He spared me the gruesome parts until I was old enough to ask about them and not be scarred for life. I watched Saving Private Ryan with a well-established Grampa Heron knowledge base.

I've always thought of Remembrance Day as his legacy, his victory parade anniversary. This year it will be bittersweet.

Even more ironic, my Gramps was a total political conservative. The irony of Obama being elected to a second term well, I can say this because we would totally have joked that that news alone was enough to give him a stroke. It's kinda crazy that I'm a bleeding heart liberal considering my paternal side's political leanings. I love conservatives and Republicans I have many friends and clients who are. I just love me my universal healthcare and the fact that I alone get to choose what happens to my body or what sort of medical interventions or treatments or preventions I can impose on myself. I was out recently for drinks with a colleague who probably makes me look conservative in comparison. I found it a completely foreign situation to be the more conservative of the two of us.  We had a delightful time, plan on collaborating together on a few projects in the future. It's really about connecting on more personal and direct levels. Here's hoping that the next four years champion collaboration and working together for the greater good not just the individual.

May we always remember the great sacrifice(s) others have made on our behalf.

I love you Gramps.