November 02, 2012:

Pink & Blue - New Inspiration

I have to admit, with all that is going on on the Eastern Seaboard, I feel guilty blogging. Donations to the Red Cross are one way to be involved but there are also artists who are donating 100% of monies collected or profits in some cases to Disaster Relief. Check out 20x200 Jen Beckman's site I know that as of last night, she'd raised over $4000. Here's the LINK. 

Donations help the Red Cross provide shelter, food, emotional support and other assistance to those affected by disasters like Hurricane Sandy. To donate, people can visit, call 1-800-RED-CROSS, or text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

If you are looking for a little distraction however, here is the post that I'd put together for today....

We are starting a new project (BEYOND BEYOND excited) that we've dubbed #Brooklin and are KooKoo for Cocopuffs over the fact that the clients LOVE colour. VIVID CHROMA is the direction we are heading in on this one.

I'm playing around with ideas, starting with fabrics yet again. Here's a taste of what I'm compiling. I almost jump clapped in the car (while driving, bad Meredith) when I came up with a brilliant idea. What's interesting to me is what item/room/objet I focus on first. I become obsessed with some concept clearly to the point of distraction. I will share more about that soon. 


BAM. I think the bigger problem on this project is going to be narrowing down which fabrics we are going to use. SO MANY TO LOVE! I love the graphic geometrics and textures.


This says LIVING & DINING room to me.  I'm not a damask person usually but the violet/blue silk one has me practically weeping tears of joy. I'm a wee bit dramatic I know but it's true. I often feel about fabrics the same sort of emotion that I reserve for handbags and boots.


So many possibilities with these...


These could work too...  I'm going to get the actual fabrics this week and start to play with them. Anything catch your eye? Just wait til I show you some of the more unusual ideas I'm cooking up!