October 12, 2012:

Roma Roma the Sequel

Ciao Ciao my people.

Rome continues to be awe-inspiring and leg muscle cramping. We are walking until we literally collapse each day so it's taking up most if not all of my brain power come the end of the day. Also, if I haven't mentioned, sleeping has been a challenge because of the never ending traffic, street cleaning and garbage collecting that happens pretty much at the very moment I've fallen asleep. Oh and last night, it poured rain so  all that noise was drowned out (THANK THE GODS) only to have some asshat hit the buzzer to our flat in the wee hours which yet again, jolted me awake.

So it's like I'm back with a newborn again sleep deprivation wise. Not ideal but fortunately, ROME makes up for that.

My pictures are flooding the gates at instagram if you want to follow along @meredithheron over there. I think I've crashed their servers a few times.

We are heading to Trastavere today and the Jewish Ghetto. Tomorrow Florence. I think. The Forum and the Colliseum come Monday. Or something like that. See, I can't even keep it straight and it was all plotted out during breakfast. Oh jeez it's almost lunch over here.

Best bathrooms of the trip so far go to the St Regis Rome. Holy Hannah Marble Greatness.

Oh and I should advise you if you are in Canada our Christmas spread is now on the stands in this month's Canadian Family issue. We shot it last fall with Angus Ferguson who Luke is now obsessed with. So thrilled with how it turned out despite the fact that we're talking Christmas in October while I'm in hot Italy. HA!!! Will share pics when I'm back!!!