October 22, 2012:

#SpruceStreet Living & Dining

We are working on a new project in our hood. Victorian homes have such charm but they are also a challenge. Our task for this project is to open up the two rooms to expand the overall mainfloor space. Initially the client wanted us to blow away all the walls, but with twins, it means you need places to store/hide things so taking out all of the walls would not be practical in the long run.

What we are doing however, is switching the living and dining room spaces. The dining room will be used for more formal occasions vs. daily meals so going the extra distance to get there isn't exactly a hardship. The current dining room is the bigger of the two rooms so it makes sense to make that into the living space and taking down the walls that bind it.

We're going to close in the stairwell to the basement so that we can build in a TV. I am very excited about this design solution.

However, the true excitement comes from the cabinetry that we've designed for the dining room. I saw these bookcases from the Richmond Showhouse in the US designed by Bridget Beari and I was immediately smitten and wanted to incorporate a similar design into what we are calling the Dining Library for our Spruce Street project.


I mean HELLO LOVVVAHHHHHHHH right?? It's insane. I jump clapped when this came across my facebook feed one day. Holy SHITXSTICKS It is FABULOUS.


We also need to incorporate a bookcase/desk area into the living space for the client who works from home. It's a tricky proposition given that we don't have a wealth of room but we DO have a lot of height to work with. I like the way this bookcase has a desk in front of it, but in our case, to save space, we'll incorporate a drop down desk top that integrates into the bookcase itself. Perfect to house a laptop.


The clients have a family friend who wants to make the dining table for them. They wanted a natural table but I feared it would be too rustic until I saw this bad boy. Hello Inspiration. We are so after this..... It's polished and sophisticated all the while playfully modern. LOVE.