October 22, 2012:

Sprucing up the Home with Pattern Play…

It's amazing how social media brings people together. Our #Spruce Street clients live in our neighbourhood but oddly enough, we met on Twitter. Even stranger still, our palette inspiration came from when the client saw me tweet out a picture via instagram of another project we are working on and loved a few of the fabrics. VOILA a new palette was born.

Now to further illustrate how things in the world of Social Media move at the speed of light, same client & I struck up a conversation on twitter and the next thing you know, she's 10 mins from my office and is coming by to review plans and timelines. Our team threw their printers into overdrive, fabrics were assembled and voila we put together a design presentation in under 8 minutes and the client ever so decisive made her choices and gave her approvals in under an hour of meeting time.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Wanna see what we are cooking up?


Such a playful but subtle mix of pattern and colour. Muted shades that have texture and classic yet playful motifs. I want the house to feel formal when it needs to but still be family friendly. We are working with the client's existing sofa which is a hazy browny grey. It's almost plum in some lights. I love mutable shades.


The embroidered fabric on the left is part of the new Naturals Collection by Robert Allen. I love the intertwined vines. The shimmery velvet is for the dining chairs and then there is that dining table. GOOD SWEET LORD. We want to go with a sparkly chandelier and there's one we have our eyes on that has a slight bluish cast to the crystals. I break into a sweat just thinking about the fabulosity.


I'm obsessed with the idea of using this in the living room. Having such high ceilings we need a light fixture to anchor the space and make it feel cozier. I love the juxtaposiiton of this vs all the millwork that is going to befall us. Throw in the fabrics and I'm one beyond excited designer. Jump claps for everyone.