October 24, 2012:

The Art of Styling

Hats off to professional stylists out there. I mean the ones that work in the trenches day in and day out schlepping for the glory of that perfect shot. I am continously amazed at the genius that unfolds when a pro steps up to the plate and transforms what I think is damn good work of my own into something to behold.

We have a project that was shot in the summer that is about to hit the stands of a major magazine and I find myself daily going back to revisit the photos that made the spread. They are SO SO SO PRETTY it is killing me to not share. Great things come to those who wait.

Now even when we don't have a magazine shoot lined up, styling for our own shoots is just as much work if not more but the pay off is oh so worth it. Seriously, it's like Crack to me. I can't get enough. I'm always sad when we narrow the shots down to like 6. I want MORE MORE MORE.

We are working on some upcoming shoots including one super top secret one so I'm quickly scanning through all of my saved photos for Styling shots that have inspired me. Here are a few of my favourites. 


That chest is just simply divine.

Hack off a limb and you've got an instant floral arrangement. LOVE. I'm not getting tired of black walls. This surprises me.


Hate the table but who cares. This is styling perfection. I love beyond love layering artwork. The magnolia branches are genius. I need to get some of these bad boys for an upcoming shoot but they will sadly be out of season.


Blue and White porcelain would be a must have in my styling stockpiles. They just add that certain pop when you need them, add instant richness and depth. Good Lord, if I were a stylist, I'd probably have to house a library of book props too.