July 25, 2012:

This should be Kitchen of the Year….

and it is ROCKING MY SOCKS OFF. No offense to House Beautiful but their KOTY left me snoring on the sofa. Come on HG dig deeper for next year and surprise us. A sink in a colour is not enough. Have I mentioned yet that I'm seriously an UN-FAN of Jonny Adler's partnering with Kohler? 

As you are well aware from my history of blogging - I DO NOT COOK. I can. I just don't. I hate cooking. However, I love a gorgeous kitchen. I love eating and gorgeous kitchens.

This one.... seriously it's SHUT THE FRONT DOOR AMAZING.

Have I built it up enough yet? Because seriously I couldn't wait to show my husband it when he woke from his nap. I may have pulled a muscle leaping up from the sofa on which I was trying out my sloth impression to show him this kitchen. It's not pretty when I suddenly go from extreme sedintary position into something of a deranged tazmanian devil cartoon. Keep that lil gem of a vision with you for the rest of the day....

You know I'm a sucker for framed windows as dividers. In a kitchen???? Bloody Briliant.

On both sides of a dining room for an L shaped Kitchen? Are you shitzing me???? I AM DYING HERE!

I'm assuming this is laundry off of the kitchen dining area.... chic. VERY VERY Chic.

Love the hardware.

WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Virgo alert Virgo alert. LOVE.

This was the picture that I in truth, almost sprained an ankle trying to get from the couch to my husband to show him. And you wonder why I'm not a fan of exercise. It could seriously harm me!

Butler's Pantry turned cooking hallway. I like this. A lot.

Damn, who knew I was secretly a Sleeping with the Enemy knife storer...?

A tea drawer? This is BLOODY BRILLIANT!

I think that looks like a composite countertop. I will forgive them for that and pretend it is soapstone or a honed black stone of some unknown origin.

Simply farking beautiful. TOTAL inspiration for Key West.

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