August 31, 2012:

We’re Growing!

Meredith Heron Design is fortunate to get a plethora of resumes sent to us regularly. Sometimes we are looking actively, other times we're considering it and of course other times we are not even remotely considering adding to our team.

We are currently entertaining growing our team.

Purchasing Team

We are looking for a team player who enjoys collaborating on both the creative and technical aspects of design. You need to worship spreadsheets and org charts. Rigidity is not a good thing and a sense of humour is a MUST.  If your strengths are in organization, logistics, numbers, computer systems and of course winning friends and influencing people please send your resume to His name is pronounced EH-sa. Not ASS-a. Just a heads up.

Design Intern

We currently are looking for a design intern who wants to know the glory that is Schlepping. Self-starters with a background in design or art history are welcome but we are also happy to meet with candidates who have a strong organizational or logistics/quoting background. Again, spreadsheet obsession is very desirable as is a fast learning. This is not a paid position currently. A minimum of 2 days a week are required and must be consistent half days are also negotiable. Consistent & reliable essential. If you are interested please email and put DESIGN INTERN in the subject line.

Only successful candidates will be contacted - thank you in advance for your interest in working with Meredith Heron Design Inc.



Have a Fantastic Long Weekend!!!!!