November 16, 2012:


What a week. I mean I'm relieved it's over I have to say. Being sick SUCKS BALLS BIG TIME. I mean I felt I was possessed by the Phlegm equivalent of Linda Blair. Sweet Baby Jesus. Last night was the first time in two weeks I slept straight through. No baby waking up, no waking up to find myself drowning. Seriously, there were a few times I thought I was a goner this last week. Death by Phlegm. I also didn't snore like a chainsaw and had to be nudged gently by my husband. That was TOTALLY my reality all this week. Glamorous and Sexy non?

So we had a HUGE photoshoot yesterday that has honestly been in the works since March. Well I was strategizing about it long before that but we only got the official word just after I got back from Rome and we had to pull things together lickity split. Being sick, meant of course that I had to rely heavily on the fabulous Celia to oversee details which she did in spades. I'm insanely excited for several reasons - most of which were firsts. First time working with this uber talented photographer & her team. Check that off the bucket list. First time being featured in this magazine. Check. Check. And I got to work with some of my favourite clients & not to mention the spectacular editor who made it all happen. Blessed beyond belief. Now the even better news is that we won't have to wait a full year for this to come out. March 2013 people. I may have started a countdown clock on my computer. Maybe. 

Have you gotten your copy of this month's Style at Home yet? You need to. I'm going to keep reminding you. It's taking all I have to not share the pictures of our shoot that is featured on pg 102. My ridiculously handsome and talented friend Jonathan Legate is featured in the spread just before. LOVE being bookended by this guy! Love him to pieces. You will have to make sure to get the January issue of Style at Home too... a certain KITCHEN ahem... #pkg people #pkg is going to be featured. You will weep tears of joy at the beauty that will unfold.

I'm in the office all by myself this morning and it feels like a luxury I'm not gonna lie. I'm actually looking forward to writing proposals for new projects and catching up on mundane things that I have missed. HA! I also have to find out which female is singing The Scientist by Coldplay on my radio right now. WOW she's good. How's that for a non-sequetor?  Is that even how you spell that? If it isn't don't burst my bubble. Let me enjoy the day spelling mistakes and all.

Have a great weekend!! I'm looking forward to WINE!

If you haven't already entered our Give Away for Kathryn Ireland's new Coffee Table book Timeless Interiors please do... the thread is over on ye' ol' Facebook Page here - a comment letting u know what you consider to be a timeless and classic addition to any decor. You can also follow us on instagram @meredithheron and pinterest Meredith Heron again to increase your chances of winning! Contest closes next FRIDAY at midnight. The draw will be held by Handsome Man Luke...

Totally going to pitch this idea to a client who I think can be tempted.... In fact I'm dying over how this could be a total possiblity. YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!