October 29, 2012:

Working on Inspiration

If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I'm pretty big on trying to articulate who/what/where/how I am inspired/get inspired etc. Last week, I met with a Visual Strategist for an Intensive All-Day strategizing session, the goal being to Align our social media with all aspects of our online presence and then marry this all back to our design business and our business goals/strategies.  I know that's a little wordy but suffice it to say we want to ensure we walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

I always find that delving into our brand, our goals and our vision with a consultant/coach/advisor leads to at least a few AHA moments. We first began working with a branding coach about 7 years ago now, simply because I wanted some new business cards. From the time we met with this consultant until the day we actually had cards printed - I swear it was like 3 years. We went from Red Heron Essentials Design Inc to Meredith Heron Design. It was a radical transformation both stylistically and mindset wise. We then began working with a business coach who was instrumental in helping us to achieve focus and alignment at the time. This of course, was all before Social Media. Social Media hits and then this blog and my voice became amplified. I'm not any different than I was before but when you are amplifying your voice, things are bound to change.

I've changed. I've grown more confident and more than that I understand myself and our business much better than I did five years ago. There are still things, however, that are out of alignment for me so it was time to invest in a new plan/strategy call it what you will. It was time.

I'm very good at identifying things that don't work. I think that's actually one of the key reasons for hiring a designer. I've also watched clients over the years hire us to "fix things" but then find themselves unable to relinquish control and nothing gets fixed, in many cases the design just spins its wheels and then falls flat. I too knew this going into a session with a coach/consultant. You have to be willing to disclose the warts in order to get them cured. You also have to recognize that it's not up to said professional to right all the wrongs, you have to be willing to do the work necessary to make solutions possible. A collaboration of sorts.

I know that there are people out there that knew we were participating in this session and are eager for information. It's kinda like a therapy session so I don't want to go into too many specifics for fear you will think me crazier than you already suspect I am... however I will say that we discussed a lot about FLOW. Getting rid of the negative or the drains in order to allow the good to flow to you. Interestingly enough, we were in the midst of doing just that during our session and I found that re-framing my own viewpoint allowed me to relinquish the negative in favour of focusing on all the great things going on right now so that I could be present for these and not worried about the energy suck elsewhere. This actually enabled me to be more efficient on my must dos and enabled me to meet with two new opportunities that ultimately, were the better fit in terms of aligning to our goals both creatively and business wise.

Whoa. Talk about starting the week off heavy.

If you are reading this on the East Coast, I hope it is with power and that Hurricane Sandy turned out to have a way worse bark than actual bite. I also wanted to take a moment to gloat about the fact that Pantone announced that Monaco Blue is going to be the IT Colour for 2013.  Even better, I'm working my tail off to get into the glossy pages of some of my fave magazines proof that I was way ahead of the Blue Train but then again, if you read this blog, you know that I have been having a torrid love affair with anything and everything blue FOR.LIKE.EVER.

New project that will be commencing - RIOT. OF. COLOUR. I seriously did an imaginary backflip & a whole lotta jumpy claps when the clients showed me their inspiration pics/tear sheets. Lets' just say that....


This was one idea for colour scheme inspiration. Anything with th word Balenciaga in it can't be wrong right?


These fabrics from Beacon Hill would go swimmingly with that bit o' inspiration non?


I am now dying to use these barstools. Like Holy FORSHIZZLES aren't they insanely amazing? I don't think I've used enough adjectives to describe how obsessed I am with them. Also, isn't Tangerine Tango way better as a slight wink or a nod instead of a full blow explosion in a room?


Client loves Christopher Guy. I'm hit or miss with him but these are a few of my faves. Definitely not going to be a "clean straight lines, minimal or beige/brown" kinda project. See, open yourself up and things will align as they should.