September 14, 2012:

Thank GAWD It’s Friday…

I'm writing this under duress. I'm currently typing this whilst being stalked by a mosquito. I've been recovering from at least a dozen heinous bites that have risen up like welts. I'm sensitive to them as a redhead but I think my RA medication makes them worse so I'm determined to NOT get bitten. Lil Bastards.

Our #Boston project begins installation on Monday. I'll most likely NOT be blogging next week so consider yourself forewarned. I mean, I probably WILL still but don't think I've gone and walked the plank or some such thing. Stalk my instagram and twitter meredithheron & @meredithheron for pure design porn.

MAJAH progress chez moi this week. I am excited to share the fabulous in progress shots thanks to Para Paints. TOTAL and utter facelift make that TRANSFORMATION!!!


New Hardware has arrived from Fieldstone Windows & Doors. It's POLISHED BRASS BABY!!! Cannot wait.

THAT PORCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What I think I love most about it is that it's the same blue as found in my living room drapery which you get a sneak peek of through the front window. It's also in the same family as my St Boniface wall paint in my bedroom. Also from Para Paints!!

September 12, 2012:

Random Musings Version 59338503.1

I may have mentioned that I had a presentation that I was giving this morning to the Trade on growing one's design business. I think it went very well. Feedback seems to suggest this. It was also unexpectedly cool to see my name up in big lights at the Internation Centre. I would have taken a picture but I got all shy suddenly. It was actually shocking in a good way.

I'm pretty passionate about this design biz thing so it was great to hang out with people who suffer/celebrate/struggle with the same things I have or continue to waggle a finger at. If you are in the Trade in and around the GTA (sorry it's not open to consumers) you should really check out SOFA. Great things in the works there. I totally look forward to speaking there again. My mind is in overdrive...

Speaking of overdrive okay well driving actually. As I was driving back to my office I was thinking about last night's So You Think You Can Dance or #SYTYCD. I was incensed by a comment that Nigel Lythgoe made to Cyrus. Now if you don't know what I'm talking about the skinny on it is this: Cyrus is an Animator. No I don't mean he draws pictures and makes them into cartoons - it's a type of dance. Not quite hip hop or B Boy but there are definitely similarities at times. Think Hip Hop in slow motion. It's insanely cool. Like brilliantly so. Moreover, this guy has the biggest heart and oozes charisma. He is beyond watchable. His competition is fierce and equally as talented. In fact, the top 4 on the show should all win if I could make it so. However, only a top guy/girl can win.

So why on earth am I blogging about this?

I love love love the show and evil Fox Network reduced the series from two shows a week to one. It has sucked this season format wise especially with SO MUCH TALENT. Fox you guys are morons. Okay that's not why I'm blogging but I'm taking the opportunity to tell Fox to sod off. Jerktastically. So Nigel, big judge/exec producer for the FIRST TIME EVER told Cyrus that he wasn't going to vote for him (despite the show being about America's favourite dancer not best dancer) and that he was voting for Chehon. I think that's how you spell it. He apologized to him for it... you know in the way I'd say to Nigel - "Hey Nigel you are BRILLIANT for coming up with this show but in this case MAN are you DIM for saying such a thing to someone...." You see how I did that. I was chuckling to myself in the car as I drove because I came up with that. You see I tweeted to him last night to tell him what an ASSHAT he was for saying that to Cyrus who had to stand there and basically be HUMILIATED . I mean what can a dancer say to that. He had to stand there while Nigel was unburdening himself while atop a soapbox. I had other dim types tweet to me saying that he HAD apologized. I mean these gene pools aren't so deep ya know??

Anyway, perhaps my own wading pool needs to be refilled for blogging about this but I JUST HAD TO. I hope it backfires against Nigel. Though Chehon is the most gorgeous dancer I'd let both guys win over the girls who are amazing as well. I just really like the guys this year.

If you haven't seen either of the guys shirtless, I totally recommend. I mean HELLLLLLOOOOOOOO.

Me thinks it's time for an early day here at MHD. Je suis Le Fried.



September 10, 2012:

Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God

This is what came out of my  mouth when I saw this yesterday.

Like I welled up and almost cried from the pretty.

I mean it's redonkadonkdonk.


And I designed it together with my husband. 

It's like our love child or something but legit.

Now to give you a sense of scale - it's 80" to the underside of the box panel. That's almost 7ft tall.


There's still another 13ft to go!!!!!!!!!!! Now don't hate me if the sneaks start to dry up. I'm getting ready to pitch this project and I'm going to have to get choosey. It doesn't mean I don't love you. Thinking with my editorial brain first!!! Oh but if you see me in person, I'm likely to whip out my phone and share all the goodies with you. Because I'm a proud designer like that. May be a quiet blog week for me. I'z gots things that need doing. Make sure to follow me @meredithheron on Twitter and of course meredithheron on instagram & pinterest!!!


September 10, 2012:

Why Hello Monday…. #Designer Trade Secrets!!!

I've got a yard sale hangover today. Full weekend, full on. It's like putting your private life out on your lawn to be judged by those who are worthy and I'm not going to lie, a few who are not so much.

I actually refused money from some people because their counter offer was well deemed to be unworthy.

I'm all for barter but don't insult me. Ya know?

The good news - we made a good return on investment AND more importantly we unloaded stuff to free up space. That was entirely satisfying when we packed up the leftovers/passed overs. In some instances, we got money for things I can't believe people gave us money for - TRULY. Hell, people even offered to pay for stuff out of your donate pile. Incredible. Amazed though that the Eames chairs that we priced to GIVE away are still in our possession. Some people don't get value. Same goes for the pair of silk embroidered drapery panels that are 108" long that we still own. I mean REALLY people? BARGOON.

Crazy week that I thought I'd designed to be quiet has exploded on me before 10am this morning. I'm giving a talk this week on How to Grow Your Business Outside of your Area Code this week at SOFA- out at the International Centre by the airport. If you are a designer or in the trade and would like to come you can register HERE and read more about it as well!!! I'm really looking forward to meeting some of the people I tweet with regularly!!! Make sure to introduce yourself AND give me your twitter handle. It's amazing how you only know people by their online personas!!! Names aren't my strength - so consider yourselves warned!!!

One month today and I will be with my best friend in Italy. I can't even begin to put into words how excited I am by this.

One week today we begin installing #Boston. EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


While in Italy, we will be discussing/plotting/planning how best to make Kim Hersov's Bedroom shown here in Oct 12 Elle Decor, happen in my bestie's bedroom. Her husband is a dresser hoarder. I kid you not. I think going Boho Eclectic will totally hide this fact. Isn't it just BEYOND I love it. We've already got the lamps picked out. I had them in my store room - mid century modern find, now I'm going to go uber decadent with the lampshades. I'm thinking some bullion fringe. HA!


September 07, 2012:

Chez Moi - Exterior 2.0

Oh yes, it's back to that again. I am determined to make over my exterior and follow through on all items this time.

Let's see if I can getterdone.

I'm thrilled to be partnering with Para Paints on the Colour Revamp. I was not happy with my last attempts and this time, it will be different!!!!!

If you are in Toronto and head to Cabbagetown this weekend you may see that I'm hosting a yard sale of epic Design Proportions. Lighting, pillows, fabrics, Christmas Decorations for days, electronics, clothing, purses etc. Please disregard the current status of the exterior. It rained all week so I couldn't paint or have painted.



So we already have a similar screen/fence which is a charcoal but could use a facelift. I love the classic lines on the white house but we've got Victorian Orange Brick. I would kill to paint it an almost black/navy but that's not gonna happen any time soon. So black glossy on the door. Fieldstone Windows and Doors will be eventually changing out our door for a new one (next fiscal cycle) but for now I'm getting my Brass on with new hardware from them.

Sadly it can't be done before the weekend for our big Yard Sale Extravaganza but maybe I'll do the porch myself... amazing what you are willing to do when you have a deadline looming. The rain can stop any time now.


Eenie Meanie Miney Mo which crestings should I Cho? Okay Cho isn't really going to catch on... choose it is. This is for the bay window roof line. Needs to be pimped up.


I think I've narrowed my lantern choices down to these bad boys. I'm toying with spraying them a colour. What colour you ask... ??? Well I'm open to suggestions......