June 07, 2012:

For Sale….......

If you've seen my office, then you may be familiar with my sofa. It's for sale. $2800.00 and it's yours. We've put it on Kijiji. Man the responses on that site make me question our Education System. Seriously, barely intelligible at times.

If you need a refresher course on what it looks like....


It's practically never been used.

I've got bigger and better plans for this space.

Stay tuned for a new series on Bespoke Furniture starting next week!!!

Budget crunching, a surprise reveal for a client and a zillion other things happening today.

New favourite colour scheme ALERT!

Courtney Lake. I think we need to keep him in Canada. Hiding his passport now. Hmm I do want to visit San Fran first though and well he's got room + an extra car. It's a Tercel though. Not sure how I feel about that. Fabulosity Oozes out of this guy. He will go far.

I woke up and swore it was Friday today. I'm a little sad that it's not. I also have a sugar/dairy hang over. Seriously. Can not cheat on my diet. I'm wrecked as a result. Good hair day though.

June 05, 2012:

Contemporary Project - Sneak Peek.

We're back at a client's house for a new round of Design Projects. Our first assignment was 2 years ago which involved a total redo of the living and family rooms.

This time we are back to do bathrooms. 

I LOVE designing bathrooms. LOVE. There will be a lot of bathroom design coming your way between this project and a few others that involve bathrooms. We're doing almost a dozen of them at the moment. Holy Cow. That's a lot!!!

I took a few sneaks though of the living room with some of the additions to the space that we've added in since we finished.

We designed this buffet to tie into the curved backs on the sofas as you will see...

here. Walnut veneer on a curved back and show wood base.

The clients wanted contemporary. The Luli Sanchez bullseye pillows were the only pattern in the room.

We recently finished the sides of the fireplace which we'd clad in Calcutta Marble after changing the whole thing over. We repeated the walnut veneer on the sides of the fireplace returns to complete the room. So thrilled with how it turned out.

When the bathrooms are done - this project really needs to be shot. It's a different look for MHD and I'm so smitten by it. 

June 04, 2012:

Dressing Room Faboosh

If you've seen my house in Style at Home - you've had a little sneak peek into my dressing room.

If you haven't, go HERE.

Now for a little confession: That was probably the first and last time that room has looked like that.

You see, I'm a Piler. I'm also a Taker Offer & Tosser. These are technical terms when it comes to designing a dressing space for someone. Whenever a client balks on a bench at the end of the bed or chair in the bedroom, I quickly ask about how they disrobe at the end of the day. Bold? No. Necessary. If the client is OCD and hangs back up or sends out immediately for drycleaning, additional furniture is not required (unless of course we go with a plethora of throw pillows that need somewhere to be thrown at the end of the day). More often than not, one half of any couple sharing a bedroom needs somewhere to Take Off & Toss too..

I do however, aspire to have beautiful little vignettes in my dressing room. I just step over the mess to take them.

And you think I'm joking.

NOT the dressing room but what discussion about dressing rooms would be complete without my now infamous Kate Spade Bag?

A little Instagram Filter and oh la la... so chic. Please note: I DID dust these shelves before I took these pictures. Again, this is an improvement. I need staff.

Ahem. A recent aquisition. Shh. This is not well known information if you know what I mean.

Did you read my Tonya Harding blog? If no go HERE for  a refresher. It's a bit of a light read and YES I'm that scary. Ha ha I mean I'm a pussy cat... come on. Well Zac Posen loved the blog and as a wee bit of a consolation prize sent me that divine clutch you are seeing in this picture. I use it but it's given a place of utter reverence in my dressing room. I don't let just anyone touch it either.

I like shiny bags. I love animal skins on items preferably NOT the animal. Must be dead. I'm not all that brave when it comes to wild life. Totally different story in fashion and decor. I do have to admit that with all the Lemmings/BandWagoning over coral this past year, I really don't like using this bag that I bought Feburary 2011. Makes me feel so trendy. Gah. Talk about #FirstWorldProblems. I know I know I'm being petulant. 

I posted this on instagram yesterday and someone said - GO FOR IT - they are TOTALLY you! HA! She was right. They are me. So much so I've had them for awhile. Patent is vintage got it at Christie's Antique Fair with my previously loved Mink Coat. The Animal Print - more Kate Spade. Love them large.

I love a colourful shoe. Especially given all of the black I wear. A little peekabo toe colour part of my #Uniform.

My friend Katie loves to paint ceilings a different colour. I put the colour on the ceiling in here too so it would glow. Pretty.

Umm by the way, I think I'm kinda trapped in here now buried under a mountain of clothes I've yet to put away on top of a pile of clothes I took off & tossed. Send help. Stat.

June 03, 2012:

We’re Halfway Thru 2012…. (okay ALMOST)

and what an exciting first half it has been!

We had a few post migration snafus with the blog last week that have been resolved. We were busy finishing off our #TrexRooftopMHD project in time for yet another    Chloe Magazine shoot. This one was a Design meets Fashion shoot. I snuck a few shots in end of last week for you. A few more in progress shots are forthcoming here today. The spread will be in their Summer Issue available this July.

The week ahead is exciting for a few different reasons; First Courtney of Courtney Out Loud infamy is flying his fabulous self all the way to Toronto to um, be my intern for the week. Yes, you read that correctly. After a year or maybe more now of teasing me about wanting to intern for me, he took the redhead by the horns and asked if he could shadow me in my own element. I am still recovering from the shock that his sweet sentiments were actually serious and more so that he is making it happen. I hope I don't scare him off of Design Forever.

We're in the middle of installing a contemporary residential project. Sadly, the client has requested that it not be a part of the blog but I will be sharing some of the conceptual aspects of the job that will give you some insight into the range that MHD has. We're very excited about how it is all coming together.

We're also trying out Area Rugs at our Kingswood 2.0 project this week. SO. MUCH. FUN. Area rugs are always a wild card for me. I've mentioned this before but I always choose to do area rugs last in projects. Then we pick a bunch to try out and I kid you not, rarely is my first choice or favourite the one we end up loving in the space. By we I mean the client and I. I often love rugs that don't speak to the client in the same language that is speaking to me. I especially love when we put down a rug and Jumpy Claps happen.

Major meetings moving our #KellysBakeShoppe & #81Yorkville Salon projects this week too and The Permit Gods finally got their arses in gear and finalized Permits for our #SnugBistro project. The clients for that have decided to change the restaurant name (I'm not disappointed) I think it's going to be #25Liberty but I will have to get back to you on that.

Here's what all this looks like in pictures...

I had initially planned for white on white with some black and blue. That so didn't happen. I can't quit colour. Especially magenta Colour Corrected Antique Rugs from Weaver & Loom. This rug will be perfect in our #Boston project.

Blue still happened. Elephant Ware from West Elm. Spectacular.

Buddhas are so cliche at times. Here is an exception. Love this one.

I've started a wire chair craze on Instagram with these bad boys. Yes they are Ikea. They were purchased before Ikea_Gate. I love them too. They are remarkably comfortable and everyone who sees them swears they are a vintage find. 

There was cheating on Saturday. Amazing Burger was had. The fries - well they are not the best I've ever had. I think I'm more of a frites girl. Had the best garlic frites in Boston. I need again.

We went to the Dave Matthews Band concert Saturday night. Love him. The Fish Tacos I had before the show though may have actually stolen the show a bit. Food Truck licenses need to happen in Toronto. The quality of food had here from Gastronomo Vagabando is better than most restaurants in the city.

Fish Taco Faboosh. Stalk these peeps. They are all over. You need their food in your life. TRUST. I may have to locate them while Courtney is in town. He's going to die for them. I hope he makes me his world famous donuts while he's here... hint hint.

For those of you following my diet journey on Twitter & Instagram - down 25lbs in less than 7 weeks. 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. This week, I'm adding Kettle Bells to the routine. I'm sooo going to hurt. I know this. Get the Traumeel at the ready.

June 01, 2012:

Fashion Style Pairing in the Making….