August 31, 2012:

We’re Growing!

Meredith Heron Design is fortunate to get a plethora of resumes sent to us regularly. Sometimes we are looking actively, other times we're considering it and of course other times we are not even remotely considering adding to our team.

We are currently entertaining growing our team.

Purchasing Team

We are looking for a team player who enjoys collaborating on both the creative and technical aspects of design. You need to worship spreadsheets and org charts. Rigidity is not a good thing and a sense of humour is a MUST.  If your strengths are in organization, logistics, numbers, computer systems and of course winning friends and influencing people please send your resume to His name is pronounced EH-sa. Not ASS-a. Just a heads up.

Design Intern

We currently are looking for a design intern who wants to know the glory that is Schlepping. Self-starters with a background in design or art history are welcome but we are also happy to meet with candidates who have a strong organizational or logistics/quoting background. Again, spreadsheet obsession is very desirable as is a fast learning. This is not a paid position currently. A minimum of 2 days a week are required and must be consistent half days are also negotiable. Consistent & reliable essential. If you are interested please email and put DESIGN INTERN in the subject line.

Only successful candidates will be contacted - thank you in advance for your interest in working with Meredith Heron Design Inc.



Have a Fantastic Long Weekend!!!!!

May 17, 2012:

Toile Sur Rendezvous WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to lucky #22 - Tara Turnbull - @taraturnbull who has won our first ever give away!!!

These beautiful Quatrefoil hand towels will sooooo compliment your abode! Please send me your contact information and I will get these mailed out to you as soon as possible!!

Thank you to all who entered. We've got another exciting give away coming up very shortly!


February 28, 2012:

Lights Camera… Action - Design Bloggers Conference Style


Got to LA on Sunday, still here but I have a glass of wine and a laptop and an actual wifi connection that seems to be sticking around so I thought I would whip together a little glimpse of LA Blogger Style. My fabulous roomie Katie Rosenfeld of & I are hanging out in our room, drinking wine, pesudo napping (she's now packing).

So the little bit of news I have... this blog, this very one that you are reading right now just won Best New Design Blog and has been inducted into the Design Bloggers Conference Hall of Fame.

To quote The Zoe - I DIE.

This blog isn't even a year old. This time last year, I was talking about making it happen and had set the wheels in motion to get it off the ground.

Winning, I had to give a little speech. I wasn't prepared to do so. Not like THAT has ever stopped me before.

As a Canadian, I am so proud to have achieved this. So many of the blogs are American so I feel a little extra special to have received this award and we all know that I am still fighting to get parity with shipping/pricing etc between our two countries within the industry so it's special to me.

So many individuals have supported this blog and me personally in this endeavour including my fabulous husband Asa and team at MHD. Anne & Celia are great at encouraging me with post ideas, achievements and well they like my snark. I mean they have to live with me... so it's kinda important non? HA! I kid. My lil man Luke who also encourages and supports his Momma's blog writitng  at times - it's the only way he'll let me stay downstairs after he's gone to bed. He understands that it's important that Momma work on this. Gawd he is really the best. I cried when the tres adorbs Kelley Moore interviewed me after winning. She asked me what I am most proud of - Luke - lost it on camera. I think that means I'm officially a mom well not just any mom, MY MOM. My goodness. I really hope my mascara didn't run.

I am a very lucky and blessed woman to be surrounded by so many wonderful friends - including my bestie Gina who has encouraged me to speak up, speak out and be proud but to always think with my pocketbook. I have learned so much from her and am so fortunate to call her my sister. So, now that my reputation as a right biotch is blown to hell and back... Sap that I am...

Thank you for reading;, for  laughing with and/or at me; for supporting the work that I do and celebrating my passions with me; for challenging me to work at being a better designer and blogger always. I am grateful and humbled.

And now I have to go to the Ivy and hope to stare agawk at some famous person and paparazzi.

Because I'm in Hollywood y'all.....


November 18, 2011:

Design By Committee…

aka Too Many Chefs in the Kitchen.

I've worked with Design Committees before. Simply put, they are work - though I have had some fabulous experiences with a few so it is possible to overcome the difficulties. However, it can be a traumatic experience  -especially for the creative mind in the collaboration. Trying to satisfy multiple needs/wants/neurotic tendencies it's exhausting. What's worse - the secret committee. The secret committee can be comprised of a hidden CEO who actually makes or approves all decisions. That's tricky because you are totally blind to the needs/wants/budget buttons that need to be hit in order to have a successful project. There is also the secret committee confidante. This person is an influencer of the decision maker. The confidante is often a wild card. No vested interest in the actual outcome of the project but a hidden agenda. The confidante often undermines the whole process & plants seeds of doubt, creates a rift and for what? Have you ever watched "Say Yes to the Dress?" I always cringe when the bride shows up with an entourage - which is our last committee type. This one isn't so secretive. Have you ever tried to make a presentation to a group of people aka The Entourage - all bent on influencing the decision maker? It's a circus at best. Stake Holders Only, 3rd Party Opinions need not apply.

There's a reason why many designers charge an up-charge for projects that will involve a Design Committee. A 25% surcharge in fact. Some days, I think it should be more like 50%.

So here's my free advice for the day: 

If you feel the need to involve others in the decisions that will make your house a home please step back and ask them why they are making the choices that they are when it comes to advising you and keep their input to a minimum. Keep in mind that you've hired or are hiring a design professional who has education, experience and an ability to synthesize a variety of needs/wants in your project. If you establish an us vs them dynamic with your design professional, you undermine your own project. Personally, my advice would be keep the influencers out of the process entirely. It's your home - not theirs.  You are running the risk of watering down your project, compromising on items that speak to you personally in favour of an idea/thought/whim that someone else has planted there vs one that has occurred naturally.  You are also making your design professional do more work, which WILL cost you more both financially and creatively. 

::Steps down off of soap box::


October 28, 2011:


Don't you hate when people dangle carrots and then make you wait for the results/surprise??

Ya, I'm so doing that to you.

I have a rather HUGE post coming on Monday you are NOT going to want to miss this... but you have to wait. Suffer. Salivate.

It's worth it.

I promise.

Have a great weekend - pondering what the hell I'm talking about.

Ya I'm a biotch like that.