May 17, 2011:

A Wee Little Announcement….

If you stalk/creep/follow me on twitter you may have noticed that there was some talk last week about a little announcement. Now before I let the cat out of the bag, a little backstory.

Gretchen Aubuchon & I met on Twitter. By the time you're reading this, we've probably just met in person for the first time at Blogfest! We spoke on the phone for the first time, last week and I have to say that beyond being an absolute pleasure, it literally felt like this was someone I'd known forever and that we were picking up a conversation that we'd just left off. I love that about the interwebs. I met both my husband and my bestest friend online. True story.

About a month and a bit ago, Gretchen, who is 6 months pregnant discovered she was finally having a girl (she has two boys, that are mere toddler/baby the woman is certifiable if you ask me). Cheers of Pink went up on Twitter - so many of us were oh so happy for her and of course for the girly girl nursery that would undoubtedly ensue.

Effusive Estrogen notwithstanding, talk quickly turned to the possibility of two redheads (Gretch is a redhead like moi), both designers, pairing up to take on this nursery long distance.... long story short and.....

YAY!!! Finally a Little Girl Aubuchon. You know, I just realized I've never even had the dreaded "Whatcha Gonna Name Her?" talk with G yet.

I get easily distracted these days. My brain is still recovering from my own blessed delivery 22 months ago.

Two Redheads, a Nursery & an Impending Delivery around August all mixed together & the fabulous people at think that the mayhem, hijinx and inevitable battle of wills that will of course result are perfect for their August (conveniently the month Baby Girl Aubuchon is set to arrive) Kids' Month on their website. Join Gretch & Myself as we share the ups/downs/paint spills and all the gorgeosity one little girl can handle as we race to get this nursery done via long distance. #ProjectNurseryFabulous will be blogged about on both of our blogs.  We're saving the big reveal though for a 3 part series on!! So excited for this incredible opportunity!!

May 13, 2011:

Friday the 13th….. Dunh Dunh Dunhh…...

and a little bit of love needs to go out.

Happy Birthday Momma!!! I won't tell the world how old you are but you don't look it.

Love you! xoxoxo

Don't fret, I'm not becoming a yellow lover... my mom's fave flowers are yellow roses.

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May 11, 2011:

Exciting News!!!!!!

I'm so excited to share with you a project that I've been asked to be a part of and today it is launching.

Decormentor is the brainchild of my friend and fellow designer, Lisa Ferguson.  Lisa has spent the better part of two decades living and breathing all aspects of design. (I should mention that she looks like she's about 25 so um ya, hate her. Love you Lise xo) Instead of working in isolation, Lisa saw the need to create a community within the design world that creates bridges outward to allow anyone direct access to pure creativity.

Genius doesn't adequately describe it. Run don't walk.

I'm so so honoured to have been asked to be a Mentor. I mean just take a look at the company I'm keeping. Seriously, to die.

May 08, 2011:

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

This is only my second Mother's Day with my sweet lovely boy Luke. He made me a darling little painted pot of pansies & a card that pretty much rendered me a blubbering mess. I will cherish always even though he had no idea what he was creating.


I wish all of the mothers, hoping to be mothers, aunties and fabulous women who shape the worlds of children the happiest of Mother's Days. It takes a Village and each and every one of these women makes a huge difference with the smallest of gestures. Celebrate them!

April 07, 2011:

Thursday’s Musing….

that is all... Have a GREAT day! Quote via