March 28, 2011:


Does this hashtag look familiar to you?

If you stalk, I mean follow me on twitter - it should. You see once upon a time Christine from & I both belonged to the Mutual Admiration Society via Twitter of each other. We then got to talking about her kitchen. One thing lead to another & a beautiful partnership was born. We've decided to try something new - Co-Blogging the experience between Designer & Client. Please check out Christine's blog for the first instalment of our series...

As I said, Christine & I met on twitter, moved to DM (direct messages) about hardware choices & quickly found ourselves exchanging emails. She summed up the courage to send me some designs she had already commissioned for my professional opinion. My immediate impression was that the design missed the mark. From reading Christine's blog I knew that she was romantic, whimsical loved juxtaposition especially the ugly with the incredibly pretty. She is drawn to glamour & likes the unexpected. One look at the design she was considering & I knew we needed to throw it out, start again & give her a kitchen beyond her wildest imagination (which is pretty wild let me tell you!).

On a purely selfish note: this is a project that Designers like me DREAM ABOUT. A client who is absolutely game for anything & who challenges you regularly to out do what she is able to conjure up. It's absolutely a race in our office to stay one step ahead of Christine. I've got my eye on her... can we say INTERN OPPORTUNITY???

Inspiration: Lanvin came to mind when I thought of the perfect space for Christine. Love the idea of a kitchen that looks & feels more like a showroom or parlour than a place for menial labour. Via

I can't help but think most redheads have an unlimited amount of chicness. Totally biased. Christine has two gorgeous redheads of her own. This picture absolutely captures the vibe we are going for. The chandy in the background - just you wait for the literal & figurative Vision Quest that Christine embarks on.... Via

Here's a little sneak peek of the dining settee I've been working on for the project. Snakeskin.Nailheads.Utter Fabulosity.

March 27, 2011:

This May Look Like a Blog…....

But between you & me, it's fair to say that it's probably more like a diary of a mad woman... I'm okay with that. I embrace the insanity that is my creative mind. I spent a long time avoiding writing a blog because I wasn't sure what it was I wanted to say. Hard to imagine me without having something to say, I KNOW, but really it was trying to find the right balance between filter/candour. Never one to do something just for the sake of doing it...

On the eve of 2011, it occurred to me whilst everyone & their cousin was sharing their resolutions for the year (something I try & avoid) that this would be the year to grow roots. Professionally, personally, (I won't scare anyone by adding spiritually in there) & creatively. Social media has become a meaningful way for me to express myself, establish relationships I value & trust & has enabled me to grow in more directions than I ever thought possible, all at once.

My blog is a culmination of all of this & more. And for those in the peanut gallery, yes this is the beginning of my new career as author. I smell a book series don't you?