October 13, 2011:

Breaking News!!!!!!!

At approximately 7:30pm on Thursday, October 13th 2011, I Meredith Heron, admitted to Client "E" that she was RIGHT and that I was wrong about moving a mirror and an armoire in her living room.

Fair's Fair.

It finally happened & was duly noted for all to see.


August 18, 2011:


Just in case you are hiding under a rock, don't follow me on twitter and have been away from all forms of Social Media for say the last six months,  I've been working on a long distance project with the darling Gretchen Aubuchon for her sweet baby girl born yesterday - Lucy! Here's a link to the big reveal over on the HGTV.ca website...

Labour of such love - please give us your feedback directly on HGTV's website. The more comments, the more likely we will be able to dazzle you with our antics on a future project or projects.... dunh dunh dunh...

August 17, 2011:

I’m Baccccccccckkkkk!

Oh how I have missed blogging! New York was an insane and rather soggy whirlwind. Met up with so many fabulous people - I literally felt like I should have set up a hospitality suite at my hotel. Hmmm Eventi Hotel - you should SO sponsor that my next trip back there!

So much inspiration in NYC - I can't wait to share it all with you. My brain is buzzing. Sadly, (not really the appropriate word here, but let's face it - I got home at 2am thanks to Air Canada gracious clusterfarkery with their planes the fact that I'm able to string words together that resemble a sentence is really a huge kudos to the Starbucks I had administered via IV earlier) I have a million and one critical client project details that need tending too including a budget which may be hazardous seeing as it's akin to operating huge machinery while under the influence of some sort of sleep inducing medication... ya get my drift?

Here's what's coming down the pipe though...

Artwork. Oh my sweet baby jesus. Did I find the motherload of inspiration in NYC. I'm actually tempted to keep it all to myself so that when my projects are published by my favourite shelter magazines - you will all clamour to hire me just so that you can get the same sort of brilliance in your own homes. 

Pillows. You know I'm a pillow hoarder right? The Gift Show was like falling off the wagon. Talk about a pillow bender. Lawdy Lou. Just you wait My Precious. Just you wait.

Can we just agree to let this whole Distressed Belgian Farmhouse thing go? Also, fake industrial Steam Punk - I Quit you. Divorce Divorce Divorce. You are dead to me. Done. You've all been properly put on notice. Consider this your Giant Memo. I literally turned my nose up in disgust as I passed by booth after booth that featured this crappola. I mean the odd piece fine sure. That's not a problem but a whole room. It's like espresso to 2003.

Dunes & Duchess. Google. Just you wait and see what I have planned for them. Stacy and I are in kahoots. You will die. DIE! That's all you will get from me about that. For now.

Also - female security guards at Javitz & Piers buildings - lose the tude. Your male counterparts were significantly more helpful and supportive of a swollen momma and her darling 2yr old boy asleep in his stroller. Women, we've gotta stick together. To those who assisted me in getting my stroller past Fort Knox thank you so very much. It was very much appreciated that you made the exception and helped me out. I will repay in kind and support your fabulous vendors both here on the blog and with my American Express card.


Bruce... I found THIS for you and your powder room... 


August 11, 2011:

New York New York…. Again

I'm about to love you!

Of course, whenever I'm about to go away from the office, my work load triples, quadruples and whatever comes after that..

I'd love to blog about it all but I'm literally up to my eyeballs in budgets, ordering, finalizing this, that & the farm. No, there is no farm. Maybe a Grove but definitely not a farm.

Thank you so much for all of your comments regarding my Den. WOW - so many coral & mint fans out there. Chinoiserie seems to be the consensus. Gotta say, I'm leaning towards a hybrid of all the palettes you saw. I know, I know. I'm horrible. I also want some Philip Jeffries grasscloth in there I think. Maybe. I don't know. 

What I WOULD love some direction on though is where to go/shop/hang out in New York City. I will have a 2yr old with me please keep in mind. He travels well I should add. Where do I need to go to see Design Shops/Vintage/Otherwise - favourite haunts. I've done ABC Home it's fab but I want little hang outs and haunts.  I have also seen that there are some flea markets over the weekend so any info on these would be great. My promise in return of course, is to blog about my trip, my finds and the people I run into/stalk/visit with etc.

Oh and if you are very good - maybe I'll sneak you a peak of Christine's Countertop installation tomorrow - you know before I show her. #ProjectKitchenGorgeous is getting even more gorgeous today!!!

June 11, 2011:

Fabric Remnant Sale - Today!

Just a reminder that we're having a wee little remnant sale along with Robert Allen Fabrics at their showroom in Designers' Walk today. 170 Bedford Ave, Toronto or here if you are GoogleMap dependent.

Fabrics $10/yard or less!

Ankasa Pillows & More!

Hope to see you there!!!