April 14, 2011:

Delayed Gratification…

Admittedly, I don't do well with such a thing. I find it entirely de-classe to have to wait for anything. The phrase - "Do you know who I am?" is lovingly exchanged between my husband & myself on a regular basis. Okay, well only one of us is saying it.... ahem. Moving on.

My house is in chaos, cabinetry is being installed today - I think we ran out of flooring yesterday and need to resolve that situation prior to the cabinetry being installed... errrrr Painting is done though - Yippee! Last night, we escaped from it all - left the kid with his big sister & her mother [that would be my husband's ex wife - who I am exceptionally fond of] and went off to Casinorama (it kills me to type that let alone admit it) to see Ricky Martin. I'm not ashamed of having seen Ricky Martin - he's a fantabulous showman - it's the location of the concert. I'm really not a gambler.

I digress.

Today's post is going to be a little tardy. But I promise - I will share actual pictures of some of the work thus far later today. Not just teasers!



April 12, 2011:

#ProjectKitchenChaos… a Prelude

The Kitchen is OUT. The wall is OUT. The space looks bigger already. The house is upside down but Gootch the cat & I tiptoed through the mayhem & are curled up on the settee amidst the chaos. Today the drywall gets repaired (MUST tarp off the living room) & the floor goes in... Meanwhile, researching local area restaurant fare for dinner.

April 08, 2011:

Zee Weekend….

The weather is supposed to be honest to goodness Spring-Like here in Toronto!! I have big plans again. Last weekend I accomplished um... nothing that I set out to do. Hoping that I can get a little room cleared out for the dressing room project & you know, maybe paint my front porch, front door & stairs.


Dreamer.... Nothing but a Dreammmmmer!!!!!!!!!!


March 29, 2011:

I Thrive On Pressure….

Two Deadlines Looming....


1. I have a rather important Photo Shoot upcoming & critical decisions need to be made. Not to mention a few rooms finished... okay started and THEN finished....

2. Blogfest 2011. What the HECK AM I GOING TO WEAR???? 3 days x 2-3 wardrobe changes. Does anyone know what the weight restrictions are on flights from Toronto - New York City on Porter?

March 29, 2011:

Do you know Kelley L Moore? You Can & Should!!

I was beyond thrilled when I got a DM on Twitter from the Fabulous Kelley L Moore asking me to take part in her Ramblings series on her killer blog: kelleymoorecreativemedia.blogspot.com. She takes entertaining  & event planning to the next level. Her creativity & spunk are a great resource for designers like me not to mention absolute inspiration!  Check out our little Q & A here: http://kelleymoorecreativemedia.blogspot.com/2011/03/ramblings-meredith-heron.html