July 21, 2011:

If You Read Blogs Regularly….

Like I used to do before I started writing this blog....

You will appreciate the following: You sit down at your computer with whatever ritualistic beverage/OCD habit you employ whilst reading your blog list and you go directly to your favourite blog first (mine of course in this case) and TRAGGGGGGGGGGGEDY strikes.


THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually have gotten in quite  snit when I don't see anything new posted. Like HOW DARE SAID BLOGGER IGNORE ME! SHEESH.

I'm not going to do that to you.

Okay, well I am. Sorta. But I have good reason. I do, I do.


I also have a new client meeting today at the end of the day which means that I probably won't have time to do a blog for Friday. I mean I could try and whip something up but if you are like me, you hate when a blogger phones it in and posts one picture & says wishing I was here. Right Kelley??? Right???

If you play your cards right though, you may get an extra special treat from #PKG Installation! Maybe - not promising but it's a good solid maybe. That will have to suffice.

I need a rain day to catch up and work on some blogs in advance. So many exciting new projects afoot at MHD. So many fabulous clients who are happy to push the envelope and live a little! Even better, clients who understand that the creative process is fluid and are giving us the room to move within their scope to achieve gorgeous results. I'm literally going to need to spend the entire month of October at this point just photographing everything.

Magazine Editors book me now - these projects are REDONKULOUS!


July 18, 2011:

Just a little Delay…

on the blog today.....

It was brutally hot last night. I got caught up in a Game of Thrones marathon. One can not follow along on GOT & blog at the same time the way you can say with Criminal Minds or So You Think You Can Dance..... constant vigilance. 

I'm also currently negotiating with a 2year old who is over the moon excited to be using a grown up commode shall we say, and consequently does not want to get dressed. My policy is generally, I don't negotiate with terrorists but he's pretty darn cute. I think he just dropped the F bomb though. Oh dear. Apple, not far from the tree on that front I must say. Okay, he's now repeating it over and over again. I investigated what was causing the slew of F bombs and it seems that he'd dropped his crackers all over the floor. Well, points for using the word correctly I suppose. Context was on the money. Related: I'm totally and utterly screwed. Now I have to watch my language. So going to blame his father on this one - I think he was the last one to say such an expletive as a reaction to something ... I think.

In addition to trying to get the naked but caped crusader dressed, I have to take public transit to the office today. Always good for some sort of Twitter Rant on my part. If you see my perchance, struggling with a stroller up a flight of stairs on to a streetcar, with the driver looking through me and not helping, be a love, grab the front bar of the stroller and help a girl out... Muagghhhh!

June 20, 2011:

Travel Day…..

I'm heading to Louisville, Kentucky for a three day extravaganza with GE Monogram at their Experience Centre. Think of it as a Giant Tweet Up that will quite literally have us cooking with gas. I do believe there will be eating and of course it wouldn't be a trip to Kentucky without taste testing some Bourbon... and maybe some shopping too!

Not sure about the Wifi sitch so check back if I seem to go temporarily MIA.... Darn Canadian Cell Phone Providers won't offer decent Roaming Packages for travel to the US. They are quite literally in the dark ages when it comes to plans. We need a renegade to usurp them. There you go, a million dollar start up idea!!! Send royalties courtesy of Yours Truly........

May 15, 2011:

#ProjectKitchenGorgeous - Hiatus

Never to worry - it's just a temporary hiatus - I guess that's a bit redundant but whatevs...

Christine & I are on a plane to NYC for Blogfest & #DesignTVJoss Cocktail Extravaganza as we speak. I trust that Porter Airlines has seen to it that we have mimosas in our hands!

Undoubtedly, we are hatching the next phase of our #PKG blog series. We are oh so appreciative of all the feedback & love it has gotten from our readers. We promise that there will be lots more fab to come.

Stay tuned though... I have a new #Project........ somethingoranother that is about to launch here on the blog. Can't wait to share!

A bientot!

May 05, 2011:

Thank You So So Very Much!

All of your tweets, retweets & comments on my blog post re: Frustrations. I appreciate both the support & encouragement I received from so many of you. Please know that I recognize that the majority of the people we work with are a gift and appreciate our efforts on their behalf. I hate letting one situation get to me but in order to be able to let go, learn from it, sometimes you have to shout from the rooftops!

The success in this is that we at MHD are committed to revising our policies so that this sort of compromise doesn't happen and affect the work that we do nor the passion with which we do it. Onward and upward! We will not be discouraged!