I’m laughing to myself because when isn’t it a time for a refresh in the life of a designer. I mean the whole point of what I do is refreshing, redoing or building from scratch. I get bored of my own spaces pretty quickly and have pretty much got things to a point where I can do a quick refresh on the fly without having to reinvent the wheel. That’s what people mean when they talk about Good Bones.

Where am I refreshing you ask? Well I’ve got things going on two fronts at the moment. My kitchen, as you may recall is about to get a whole lot more bling in the form of a Tecnogas Superiore Matte Black and Brass Range + Hood AND we are finally getting our new sideboard in our dining room which I have designed to fit the tiny space. It’s replacing the old Ikea Upper Cabinets which we had suspended on the wall to act as a bar and catch all for LIFE. I couldn’t make my house any wider when I renovated it so I couldn’t make the buffet any deeper than 12” which I know is bonkers but it’s enough. As I type this our amazing cabinetmaker texted me to say “Let’s install it this Friday!” GLORY BE!!!!

The design is a little more contemporary than I’m perhaps known for but I always love that edge. We put traditional bones in our Victorian and juxtaposing it with more contemporary lighting and occasional pieces of furniture were the essential Mix I was looking for. Because the layering is becoming self evident now (I’ll admit it was lacking the first few days things were installed #ChezMoi) so I’m happy but it means I’m likewise turning my attention to my other home away from home, my office. As you may recall, my focus for 2017 is on EDITING - walking the walk and talking the talk and I think it’s time that my office speak more to where my designs head - Layered Luxury. To that end, we’ve got new dining chairs for our marble meeting table on the way and I’m thinking of some dramatic fabric treatments to delineate office space. More Drama. More Layers.

In my own office, well things need to be livened up. For our first Fabric Collection Launch, I opted for corals because I felt it would photograph better and speak to the possibilities the fabrics offered. I routinely protest that I’m not an orange person, but I use it all the time but I need to change how it is in my office. Now the crazy thing is that this all got started because of a light fixture that came into my life. Dyson Canada has recently launched a lighting collection and I’ve had the opportunity to visit with them not once, but twice to see the technology in action. The first event we attended was the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) and I was blown away with their pendant lighting the CU Beam - one LED bulb lit up the entire hall. I mean DAYYYYYYYYYYUUUUMMMMMM. So impressive. The floor and desk lamps were the sexiest lamps I’d seen in a long time and I was immediately smitten. When the Floor Lamp found it’s way to my office - ELATED. Now it’s a surprisingly lil number I must tell you - I’m usually the girl with the alabaster, substantial lamps but this just was the perfect 180.

Let me introduce you to the CSYS Task Light..

​I linked to their website above because it’s very straightforward and I met Jake last night and I have to tell you, my eyes often glaze over when people start going on about the Tech Specs on things. I mean I want PRETTY lights but I found his talk very engaging and hopeful to be honest. Perhaps it is all the doom and gloom in the world right now - the fact that he was able to create something which seems SO SIMPLE gives me great hope for what else can be achieved. We asked about a few things to make things even more awesome and well they got cagey which leads me to think that they are ON IT. Specifically, being able to control all of these amazing lights from my phone…. I get giddy thinking about this.

​I mean HELLO LOVER right? What I’ve learned from hearing Jake speak and my own experience with the light (which comes in both desktop and clamp versions) is that this light really provides what I need and doesn’t waste a lot of energy illuminating areas that don’t need it. The sexy slide features, remind me of my slide ruler and again are functional as I’ll get out. I love the architectural lines of the lamp juxtaposed against my Thibaut wallpaper and that Louis chair. I mean HELL YES. So much win. The CU Beam hasn’t been released but it’s also ridiculously functional with all sorts of different settings - it’s a need vs a want. Now before I come back to the other changes I want to make in my office, I need to share with you one other picture. Now the space was designed by my friend Alison Habermehl. I helped her style a project that was being shot back in the summer and when I saw the space, I knew she needed to borrow my CSYS lamp. I only have one picture to tease you with, but you will immediately see that a trad vignette really gets elevated with the lamp.

​SO GOOD. Perfect for so many applications the mind boggles.I love the sleek gloss components to the lamp which got me thinking about what else I could add to elevate the office to something more sophisticated and luxurious and then I came across this.

​I mean DAMN right???? This is from a 1stdibs ad for a settee and I love the colours and how they will juxtapose with the coral and the wallpaper and of course the light!!! I’m thinking drapery. As much as I love the look of the settee (which I have pretty much), I think the drapery in my office will JUMP UP AND DOWN AND POUR CHAMPAGNE for you.

I’m going to need to do a few new pieces in here as well but I’m working on that still.

So that’s how a light changed my life and sparked a refresh. It’s dangerous being me.

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verb (intr), informal

1.To move or walk in a showy way; parade.

2. To strut or flounce in a showy manner.

Once upon a time we had a Design Forum on our website. A member (who exactly, escapes me) coined the term “Sashay” to describe the excitement that was experienced every time a client/forum member received a package or had a “Reveal” from Meredith Heron Design. I love the visual I get whenever I hear it spoken or see it written..

Here’s hoping every day includes time for a little Sashay!


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