​I’m always on the look out for palettes that catch my eye and will inspire a project. I hoard them to be honest. Waiting the right client, the right space to execute. The photo above is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul. It’s pretty much the scheme I’m using for my own living room. Of course then I go and see this bad boy and think to myself - “Am I making the right choice in the den???”

​To be honest, green velvet sofas are totally my jam these days. I love the rich saturated hues in this photo. I used Tin Eye and Google to try and track the image source down for this delicious space but no dice. 6.22 billion images searched and it came up with the big fat ZERO. The Mosque photo was found on about 6 billion Tumblrs but not one credit. If you happen to know either of the credits for these two photos I’d love to take a stab at adding them at the very list to pinterest. Still inspiration worthy and I want you to know that I did take the time which wasn’t very much to do a reverse image search for both. We all need to start doing this more often.

UPDATE: Thank you so much to Keri in Florida who sent me a note letting me know that the photo of the green sofa is from HERE

​Here’s a palette we put together in rich jewels & neutrals for our #CollingwoodSkiChalet project. We are pushing to get this baby done by Christmas!!!!

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September 16, 2014

​If you recall we posted a week ago about a remote consultation we were doing for a client in Ohio regarding the exterior of her home. I put together this fancy lil sketch and gave her several different scenarios with C2 paint.

​This was the option that the client chose after consultation with me about the pros and cons of the lighter options which she did LOVE. The problem with a light brick exterior in a city -DIRT. I can attest to this on my white window ledges which I am perpetually dusting. My handrails on my porch also need to be washed on a weekly basis. It is amazing how quickly the dirt will build up. So I said that if we were being practical and if there was any chance of this client having OCD then we should stick with the darker palette. Here’s the before.

​As you can see from the start of the post - the change has been DRAMATIC. So much fresher and crisp the new palette is isn’t it? I swear the house price shot up $50,000 based on the refresh alone.

​Next summer I want to see Boston Ferns hanging from the porch roof and modern traditional woven porch furniture with a great fabric scheme to match. This now should become a gorgeous outdoor room.

​Even the back looks like a million bucks!!! We are in talks over the lighting changing up to something swankier and of course all the little accents which really make a huge difference. I am certain though that this client is now the envy of the neighbourhood!

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September 16, 2014

​“Dear Meredith,

We love fashion. Colour. Pattern. Animal Print….”

Meredith swoons with euphoric glee.

I seriously got this email from our new clients at #MadisonDecoration and I practically wept tears of joy. I think as an artist, finding people who appreciate your area of expertise or your style for that matter does something to you psychologically. It’s an acceptance that you seek, an appreciation of the skill it takes to put things together and yet make it still feel like it is the client’s own taste you are catering to.Working on identifying our ideal client has absolutely made finding Alignment much easier. Then the true challenge begins - the challenge to better yourself, your last project. Up your game and take it to the next level. I’m a competitive person by nature - I’ve now channelled that into competing against myself. Box what box? Why do you need to think outside of a box if you don’t start with a box to begin with. So our inspiration and challenge is to use the runway and elements of drama found in nature and translate these into an interior.

​So the living room. We designed the living room with two focal points: A fireplace and a TV wall. Our clients prefer to not have the TV in the formal living room but they do have a pretty sweet glossy black piano that will be our second focal point. Because the goal of this room is to entertain in we want the seating to be open on both sides of the room and seat as many as we can as well as be able to use this room as a music room.

​Celia and I get very set on using specific pieces and we’ve plotted out our design using these items. We’ve shuffled the clients’ existing pieces throughout the house but the living room we’re starting fresh with…

​Animal Print you say? Well by all means let me help you with that. Dining Room. We are looking to potentially refinish the clients’ existing dining table and this is how we imagine it to look. If they don’t want to go that route, then we are going ahead with this table in this finish. It’s a win win we think. Animal print on the walls and the chairs and then dramatic Citrine silk drapery on the windows. I think the room needs a Meredith Heron custom rug too don’t you??????

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September 14, 2014

​Our website hosts dropped the ball and our site was down for three days starting last week and only came back online on Saturday night. Coincidentally, it returned right around the same time I started to tweet about their asshattery. hmmmm

Anywhoooo I put the time I would have into blog writing and other adventures into working on a newsletter - god they are painful I have to say and diving into a new project. Yes! A new project that isn’t so new - our #Madison project has a sister if you will. The house SOLD! HOORAY!! Our clients are very happy but better than that, the buyers have gotten in touch and we are going to be taking on the decoration of the house which has us over the moon. The project was such a labour of love, being able to steward the decoration of it is such a gratifying experience. We’ve been dreaming of the possibilities for this house for the last year and now we have actual people and their stories to fill in and see this house through to completion.

​We had always thought the third floor would be the kids’ floor but there’s a change afoot!! The East Bedroom is now going to be a home office - an amazing one at that. The Third floor Kids’ Lounge is going to be a family lounge and the West Bedroom will be a guest room. The office will need built ins as well which I have a few thoughts on…

​Our clients have a young son and he will be taking the room on the 2nd Floor we’ve always called the Guest Room. We are going to design a built in desk/library for him. I’ve already figured out how I’d love the room to look - I hope they like my thoughts on the matter.

​The biggest surprise in the requested additions to the house is a wine cellar in the basement. I have so many ideas on how this can develop. I’m looking at a few unusual options because I love how the basement feels open and airy - I’d like to harness this and keep this feeling all the while adding in some functionality and more storage.

So while we are putting #Madison to bed we are introducing you to #MadisonDecoration so please follow along on instagram, pinterest and our other various social media channels.

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