​Lots of eye candy out there that speaks to me and you never know when it ends up influencing a design, fabric, palette or accent pieces. I love using inspiration from unlikely sources and here are a few things that caught my eye this weekend and well a sneak peek.

I think she’s a Duchess but Sophie in the green dress at Princess Charlotte’s christening - GAH!!! Want and need. It is so beautiful I can forgive Camilla for being in it because she just looks so utterly blah in comparison. Photo was found on Instagram via the Daily Mail

​Hello Gorgeous!!

​The pale grey periwinkle on the left from Pratt and Lambert. I still use their colours in my work all the time even though we can’t get their paint here. FREAKING LOVE IT. Astrachan you and I will dance!! SOON.

​When you can’t find what you want, you have it made. We had these spoon back chairs made for our #DoradoBeach living room and they are just divine. We are upholstering them entirely in a chinoiserie fabric except for the legs but we did consider doing the legs too but decided against it in favour of a lil show wood love. SO EXCITING!!!!

Opening Photo: Anthony Redpath; Bau Xi Photo Gallery

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July 05, 2015

Lots of interesting things are happening around these parts. We’ve got installs, styling and lots of exciting new things in the works. It’s been more than a struggle to find time in the schedule to blog sadly. When that does happen, I do hope you’ll visit us via Instagram @meredithheron to keep tabs on what is inspiring us and conspire with us as we plot to make the world a more beautiful place.

Early last week I jetted off to Winnipeg - land of two seasons I’m told - Winter and Mosquito Season. Our clients feel that Mosquito and Construction are hand in hand. I had never been to Manitoba before and it was absolutely delightful!! The house is a dream. A very interesting blank canvas on which we are being challenged to bring more than our A game. You can follow along on our inspiration journey over on Pinterest with our #CotswoldHouse board.

​We have big plans for this garage to be turned into a Carriage House. We would love to be able to add a Porte Cochere as well!

​We will also be designing the gardens for this project. I am LOVING this. I sadly do not know the designer. I saw the picture on pinterest and the designer wasn’t credited. It was a photo taken by Willmette Hardware.

​We want these floors. We will get them.

​Here’s the parquet version I think I prefer the herringbone. Not that either are a burden.

​Loving these walls done by Melissa Rufty. Lacquer Lacquer Lacquer baby.

Busy week ahead, meetings, installs, styling and general fabulosity awaits. Will try and find the time to share but if I’m quiet here you know where to find me!!!.

Opening Photo: Virginia Mak via Bau Xi Photo Gallery

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June 24, 2015

​I have had a long time love affair with green as many of you know. It’s gone through many iterations where I’ve favoured one particular shade over another but in the broad sense I love them all. I get particularly excited about certain hues and I have to say I’ve wondered how it is I’ve avoided doing a lot of green in rooms as say, major players up until this point. I mean I know that the 90’s hunter green game hurt the colour on the whole. That whole country crap we did, ::SHUDDER:: I’ve been looking at real estate in Niagara on the Lake recently and man that whole Tricia Romance decorating is still going strong there. I mean, take $100K off for that shit.

One of our favourite furniture mfgs is in the process of discontinuing the perfect green leather. We have some chairs being done in it for our Puerto Rico project but we had hoped to use it in future projects. We’ve managed to secure enough of it to do two leather tufted chairs - the most perfect and comfortable chairs EVER thank you very much but our clients are still reeling from the sticker shock on them. I mean they aren’t cheap. But I’ve sat in them in the leather and know that they are pretty much an out of body, heavenly experience. We’ve been given the blessing for one of them and well if you can only do one, then it is still worth it.

We’re trying to figure out what drapery to go with this scheme. Well we had figured it out initially but the husband isn’t so sure of our bold choice and would like to see some other options and so we’ve obliged.

​Alrighty so if you start on the left the dark charcoal is going on a pair of custom sofas. The green leather is as shown. ISN’T IT GLORIOUS?? The floral on the far right was our first choice and the other two choices have been sent. If this project doesn’t love them I have another project where these could also work!!! I don’t get hung up on when a client passes on something. It’s a waste of good energy and creativity to get your knickers in a twist over it. Move on and let the universe provide you with the right client for it. I firmly believe this. It is also amazing the number of clients who will come back to your suggestions after you’ve moved on because they have design remorse…. I can often time the email arrival on those.

​We also thought we’d give our clients a safe option. Never met a greek key trim that I didn’t like we could pair this tape with a simple cream linen and bob is your uncle. In fact, since I began typing this, the client has approved THIS option. While I know that the others will be fabulous they will need to be the faboosh in someone else’s life. I wish however that as compensation we could paint out the coffers in something like this…

​Love this room by Celerie Kemble. I’m thinking I’ll do the same in my own den which has coincidentally enough, the floral that we first spec’d the drapery in on a sofa from Van Gogh. I think this emerald green will dazzle. We are going to pair it with a cream white grasscloth from JF Fabrics. So see… one door closes and another opens. The coffers would be pretty damn spectacular though non???

Opening Photo: Geoffrey Baris

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June 22, 2015

​As promised yesterday, I am excited to share that we are starting a new project #CotswoldHouse and yet again, I’m finding myself on a plane. This new project is a Tudor Manse that needs to be re-imagined from top to bottom inside & out in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This is going to be the first time I’ve ever been to Manitoba and my bucket list of working on a new project in every province and territory in Canada is getting smaller and smaller!!

Our clients are actually past clients. We have done a home for them in Toronto almost a decade ago and their corporate offices to boot and I am just thrilled to be working with them again. They spread such joy and fun in everything they do and well we have BIG GOALS for this project. Expect to be dazzled beyond belief in the coming months with sneak peeks.

​It’s a beauty isn’t it???

Where does one start when it comes to looking for inspiration? I either go with an overall look and feel that speaks to me viscerally or I focus in on specific details and build out from that. Not having been to the house yet, I’m not 100% sure about the flow that we are going to be creating so I’ll start on little details that speak to me in terms of inclusions that I’m looking to add and then I’ll circle back to create a big picture feel. As always, you can follow my inspiration journey along on our #CotswoldHouse board on pinterest and of course on Instagram using the same hashtag.

Shelley Johnstone Paschke did an amazing job on this room and while it may not be everyone’s colour cup of tea I love it to the nTH!!!

​I’ve long since had a crush on this dressing room by Hirsch Bedner Associates. It’s just SO luxe.

This kitchen by Matthew Quinn for the Atlanta Symphony’s Show House last year is pretty much perfection. Wrap it up and send it to Manitoba please and thank you. I absolutely want to recreate this very kitchen for this project. It says EVERYTHING I want it to say… I mean HELL TO THE YES GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY must must must do.

Modern Traditional with a zesty luxe and cheeky twist here we come!! I’m having my fur coats taken care of in anticipation of the install which will most likely be rather chilly.

Opening Photo: Paul Edmondson

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