​I just wanted to share an amazing opportunity for Professional Designers in Canada to showcase their mad skills… DXV is looking for entries using a classic story as inspiration to design a storefront window display for the DXV booth at IDS AND the winning design will also then travel to NYC to be installed in the DXV storefront window. It is truly SUCH a fabulous opportunity to gain both national and international exposure.

There are prizes too. $5000 worth of DXV product not to mention the social media exposure that DXV & American Standard will put into this. I adore working with this company. The team is stellar. Please visit the competition website - there should be a link you received from the IDC & Designer’s Walk email blasts that have gone out. I’ve attached the mailer that was sent out!!!

You have until December 5th to enter and yes I AM a JUDGE!!!!!!!!

Click HERE to read all of the deets!!!

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November 18, 2014

​Today is #IDMC2014 and I am probably at the Sheraton Hotel sharing oodles of design secrets with my colleagues. If you are in Vancouver or the surrounding area, I’ll be there next week to give the same, but better talk!! Would LOVE it if you would join us.

I keep using the following term to describe the direction I’m trying to drive various projects toward - “Rock ‘N Roll…” Edgier. Modern Trad but edgier. This usually means a bit of ugly, randomness and almost always the unexpected. In some ways this is contrived but the tension I’m trying to create in spaces actually makes for a more harmonious design. Bold. Impactful. Dynamic. Yet we often pair these against something that is Calm. Restful. Luxurious. I’ve got some favourites. For darn tootin’ sure. The Giò” Royal Oak Marquetry Cabinet by Achille Salvagni that I opened with KILLS me. So many great things come to mind possibility wise with this piece. We’re fortunate to be using a dining room table that is VERY much in keeping with this look and feel for our #Ridgewood project.

​Modern Arabic continues to be massive for us. This door profile is actually inspiration for our #MadisonDecoration master bedroom and hookah bar. Please be certain that these are not one in the same room.

​Blonde woods. OBSESSED. I want this piece for my house.

​Art Nouveau and this particular door way keeps killing it for me. Killing in a WOW amazing kind of way vs. the bad dead. There’s good Dead and bad dead. I try and only speak about the former.

​I’m warming up to some Brutalist so long as it feels more Bad Ass Rock n Roll than the entire friggin space (KW I’m looking at you and your merry band of knock off artists). This table caught my eye at market and is a possibility for our newest project #YongeLoft

​Blonde mixed with mahogany. The layers in this space by Ryan Korban KILL IT. Love. So. Much. I’d totally use a different chair with some curves but again, love the unisex base that one can add masculine or feminine layers to to achieve a desired outcome.

​Fringe, sequins, embellishment and not just because it’s the Festive Season. Folks get out your Bedazzlers and dust em off. Things are definitely about to get sparkly.

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November 16, 2014

Hoping everyone had a restful weekend. It feels as if the switch is about to flip and it will be full tilt from here until the 25th of December at this point. I’m trying to prepare myself for the onslaught it always sneaks up on me.

On Friday, we had our #Silverthorn client in town to meet with us from Regina SK. It was great to meet our client in person finally but even more so it was great to hash through the creative process with her and arrive at a truly stellar plan. She’s already purchased some really amazing pieces but nothing felt pulled together which was sad only because they pieces themselves were truly fab they just need us to weave together the ties that bind.

​Our client had previously commissioned a piece from Molly Bright her work above. She paints portraits and then adds pop caps to them. Friggin amazing. Our client commissioned a Daphne DuMaurier, her favourite author. You can see the results here. The great thing about the final piece is that it actually gave us the opportunity to take the colour palette in a different direction than we had initially started out with and to be honest, this is what is going to make the room spectacular. We knew we weren’t quite hitting the spot but our client left our office a VERY happy camper and we’re super excited about the organic way things took a different course. The painting opened this blog. KILLER.

​This was the result of our hard work. We’ve got pillows galore, new seat fabric for a stunning chair and drapery. We also have silk wallpaper and a custom MHD Rug. The rug was meant for this room using the colours I designed it with but we’re going to tweak.

​I really love this piece for over a console. At the back of the living room which is actually the entrance from the foyer, we have a console on one side and a grand piano on the other.

​I like this one for over the console as well and then the other one behind the piano or vice versa. I’m going to think on this. There is still a lot of wall - though the silk wallpaper will help to reduce the effect of too much wall not enough art. I’m super excited can you tell???

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November 13, 2014

Sometimes Thursdays are the busiest days of the week. You’ve got only one day left until the weekend and in our case Celia was leaving for a long weekend as her bestie is getting married in Miami! That means a lot of things getting pulled together so that we can move projects forward faster and with my #IDMC14 talk next week and a big shoot the day after, there isn’t going to be a lot of time to put our heads together. So we schemed. We schemed hard.​

Opening Photo: Karen Knorr

​So the plaid in the middle from Ronda Carmen we LOVE but when you need a zillion yards for drapery it becomes a major investment. When the person who’s room it is is 5yrs old, I understand why a parent would be gun-shy making such a major investment. Trust me, Tuition for a year of university kind of investment. SOOOO we are looking for a drapery alternative. I love the Diamonds on the left. The green plaid a contender but probably a bit TOO much…

​Our same clients from our #MadisonDecoration project aren’t loving the Chaing Mai in the kitchen so we’ve changed it up. Note to self - send this photo in an email to the clients. We went blue on blue and then added this rich luscious red velvet as pillows. Let’s see if the prefer this.

​Sent this off to our #Charlotte client who loved the diamonds as well. Modern Rustic with a sophisticated but kid friendly twist happening here. The top diamonds in the hair on hide is actually a pillow from my Rug Line. It’s also a rug. I think it’s my new favourite hide rug.

​My pants fit! Well they could fit a bit better but I did them up! SUCCESS.

​I stalk Mallory Page. She is probably my favourite artist of the moment. I had put this palette together for our #StudioCity client which I love but she wasn’t so sure about it. I love the drama and the luxe of this and then I saw this picture tonight and it really IS the palette I put together. As you can see the purple gets richer into greys and eventually into indigos and then black and the blush deepens into an eventual russet. THIS is what I want the condo to do. Same rich tones - strong feminine.

​See not too far off is it? I sent her a note saying we’re going for a Moulin Rouge dressing room or that of Josephine Baker… imagine the silk dressing gown hanging on the back of the door the makeup and jewelry and music and soul…

​Then I saw this picture and boom it’s really what I think the space needs and it works the variety of neutrals already happening in the space. Friday we have our #Silverthorn client in from Regina so that we can nail down the final selections. I love a creatively heavy week!!!!

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