​I’m trying to tie things up before I leave for Market on Thursday. SO much to do before then - I always hate this part of going away. It’s always great though to get sneak peeks of your projects as they are being installed so that you know you are leaving with things solidly underway.

​Before the sneaks.. the LAST thing I do on any project is to choose the paint colours. If I choose them earlier on in the project, when it comes time to paint I will revisit because often things have changed. My opinion for one. We’re choosing colours for our #DoradoBeach project which is about to be ordered. ZOMG the love I have for this project.

​We are opting for the grey on the left.

​Our #Rye #MountHolly project is in full swing - here we are in the Master Bath. We used our #Madison master bath floor again here because like Madison, this master bath has a rather unusual layout and this design helps to expand the space and make it feel more vast and spacious.

​Look at those shower walls!!!

​And for those who have been following along on Instagram with my wallpaper choices for the Butler’s Pantry… we have a winner!!!!!

Opening Photo: Michelle Wentworth

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April 12, 2015

​All hell breaks loose. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. On Friday last, it was good.

First off, I spent the morning volunteering in Luke’s class. Now the teacher wasn’t ready for me right at 9am so I walked to Starbucks to get a coffee before having to be back at the school. I get to the shoppe and of course, I forgot my wallet at home. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. I was so perplexed. The Barista didn’t take pity on me and well I walked away, dejected. Asa to the rescue, a registration online and voila I had a fully loaded Starbucks card on my iPhone (of course I wouldn’t forget THAT at home - ever) and my drink was a GO! While I was getting said drink, I got a text from Celia saying that our #MadisonDecoration clients had dropped off a cheque and that the plaster mouldings for the ceiling living room and the archways was a go. Well damned if I didn’t well up with tears I was so happy. I’m not one to normally well up but I was just so overwhelmed with the good fortune to have dream clients and a hot beverage. I managed to keep it in check and get back to the school on time and didn’t require a hip flask full of something stronger thankfully.

​This is the inspiration for our ceiling. You can totally appreciate why one would well. Non? Having clients trust your vision and encourage it beyond it’s wildest dream - THIS IS THE PROMISED LAND. It’s why we work so hard, care so deeply and worry and stress so much.

​So later in the day, Celia and I went out in search of more good fortune in the way of finds for some projects. I wasn’t meaning to find the perfect size of slipper chairs for my own house that only cost $75/chair but low and behold I did and we had a whole “Start the Car…” moment in the store.

​I’m wanting to downsize my console for my TV into more of a chic cabinet so that I can have each slipper chair flank the cabinet to allow for more seating in my living room. The rust velvet actually works for now but I will change. Not sure to what.

​We found this fixture for our #YorkMills project. We’re not sure if it’s too modern. We love it though.

​We also found this more traditional chandelier. It’s more befitting the panelling in the dining room at the moment but maybe we don’t want to work with that….

​This one is sort of a hybrid of the two come to think of it…

​We found this great mirror as well for our #DoradoBeach project in Puerto Rico. Would make for a TADA entry mirror if painted. I leave for Highpoint on Thursday so I’m tempted to just wait and see what I find there I have a feeling that it is going to be spectacular!!!

​LOVE this table for our #Coaldale project but it is more expensive by double than what we’ve spec’d and we’re already trying to shave off on the budget.

​This dresser/side table is divine. I love French Moderne. The grey is exquisite. If only there were a pair!!!!

The Opening Photo is Venus Envy by Mallory Page. If anyone is looking to buy me an early birthday present… this is a HELL YES PLEASE!!!

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April 07, 2015

​I’m asking for a friend… I swear.

​Two options. Here’s some context. We have THIS going in our Butler’s Pantry in our #Rye #MountHolly Project.

The lighting isn’t the best here but….

Here it’s BANG ON….​I mean DAMN right? HIGH GLOSS LACQUER STRIKES AGAIN!!! So if you had your choice - which wallpaper would you use? Is there such a thing as TOO much wallpaper? I don’t think so.

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April 07, 2015

​As you know, I’ve had some major updates #ChezMoi in the works for a bit but the weather didn’t exactly conspire in our favour and so I’ve had to resort to a Zhush in lieu of the bigger plans we are toying with. We had a video shoot for Carpet One here at our abode late last week and the house ended up looking so spiffy that we decided to shoot it ourselves and I’m sharing that here now for your viewing pleasure.

​What did we do? Well we changed the rug from a persian we had to our new ELLWOOD rug from our collection. It’s wool and silk and feels glorious under foot. Our previous persian was mostly navy in the centre which meant it was less likely to show everything and I’ve become my mother incarnate and keep picking little bits of fluff off of the rug obsessively. It’s the only time I really feel in touch with my Virgo side. We also changed out the pillows on the sofa. Goodbye Pomegranate and Coral and hello Periwinkle, Silver and greys. Of course we didn’t want to leave the room in a monochrome limbo so we had to add in a bit of colour and just moved our coral stools back into the room and then added two of our FERRI fabric pillows on to the chairs so the room is book ended with a dash and smattering of coral. Other than fresh flowers and some palm fronds (which I am totally adoring it feels almost tropical in here) it really was as simple as that.

​Here we took out the stools to showcase the rug a bit more but you can see that the lack of coral at this end of the room leaves you feeling a bit sad. My bestie said that my layering of patterns in the room is genius (thanks G) but my response to that was that it was all a very logical and calculated decision on my part, though I will say that I do go about it in a visceral sort of way. When something feels right, it just sings, when it falls a bit flat (no stools) it feels off to me. So I strive to find that right combination. What that often means in my work is that my intended plan almost always migrates a bit off into its own direction. I trust this to happen but I will say that I routinely surprise even myself with what I land on.

​We got a new coffee table before Christmas. Oh so glad!!!

​This art is going to move to another location very soon and be replaced. I am amazed still by how much commentary it invites though.

​If you follow me on Facebook, instagram or the like you will know that I remarked that for someone who doesn’t really like orange I use a lot of it in our projects. It amazes me just how much I do use. There are some corals that I lose my mind over and other variations on the hue that make me want to impose an orange ban forever. Again, I’ll go with the fact that I decorate and style from an intuitive, visceral point of view and often take my head completely out of it. If you read the thread on my fb about Common Core math and how I can’t even imagine how people teach this let alone understand it, I bet my colour sense has something to do with the same way I understand math.

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